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Essays on American History

Destructive Generation: Second Thoughts & The 60s: Years Of Hope - Comparison
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... different descriptions of the era of which they were all a part. Even in the beginnings of the works, the differences are very noticeable. Collier and Horowitz begin by trying to describe a "summary moment" (Collier and Horowitz 11) of the decade. This "moment" involves a revolutionary group known as the Black Panther Party. The authors seem to criticize this group by commenting on their appearances and their actions in certain events. For example, at a cocktail party, one Panther spit in the face of an army draftee because he brought a black friend from the army home while on leave. When the Panther returned to the party, the people present pretended not to ...

Analysis Of Rembrandt Joseph A
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... with me". Joseph refused and left the house leaving his cloak behind. Potiphar' Wife screamed for help saying that Joseph had attacked and tried to sleep with her. When her husband came home she told him the same false story. Potiphar was so angry at Joseph he had him locked up in Pharaoh's prison. "But while Joseph was in the prison, the Lord was with him." This is the subject matter for which Rembrandt choose to do his representational painting by. The content of the painting all reveals Rembrandt's interpretation of the story This is the account from the Bible of the accusation of Joseph by Potiphar's Wife. Rembrandt Van Ryn chose this particular story as the su ...

Ku Klux Klan
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... to suppress the violence, fearing that they would provoke outright race war if they sent their mostly black state militias against the Klan. In many areas Democratic law-enforcement officials were themselves Klan members or sympathizers. Even where local officers took action, Klan members sat on juries and acquitted accused night riders. By 1871 the violence was so serious that Republicans in Congress gave President Ulysses S. Grant authority to use national troops to restore order in affected districts. Faced with trained soldiers empowered to arrest suspects and hold them without trial, the Klan collapsed with surprising swiftness. Although Southern whites resor ...

The Downfall Of Music Today
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... of rock, alternative. This style of music produced bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Alice and Chains that revolutionized rock and roll. Some of these bands are still around today but are over shadowed by the trendy pop and rap The rock and pop groups of today are primarily concerned with an image they are trying to achieve through music videos. Bands like Limp Bizkit and Korn are chief examples of groups who try to attain a hard-core image but are failing. They claim to have a large underground following but in reality they are just another MTV band that is identified by its multi-million dollar music videos. If you have to spend that much money on a video ...

Analysis Of The Use Of Lighting In THE GODFATHER
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... top of his head, which is bald, but there is no hot spot or reflective element which is good because reflection here would be aesthetically displeasing. The lighting causes dark areas under the manís eyes, which emphasize the passion and eventually the hatred of what he is talking about. The scene is lit so that the background is completely black, so that the only thing we can see is the man. Even though this is logically unrealistic, the stylistic decision to light in this manner is warranted, since this or any other good film draws heavily upon our expectations and imagination to convey a message or meaning. We as audience accept the unrealistic elements, i ...

History Of The Panama Canal
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... importance of the Canal. The Panama Canal and the Canal Zone (the immediate area surrounding the Canal) are important areas used for trade. Even before the canal was built there were to large ports on both sides of the Isthmus. Large amounts of cargo passed through the Isthmus by a railroad that connected the two ports. The most important cargo was the gold mined in California before the transcontinental railroad was completed in the United States. It has strategic significance because of its location, acting as a gateway connecting the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. This allows for rapid naval deployment between fleets in either ocean. These two facets ma ...

The Invention Of The Airplane
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... period of active experimentation begins in 1891, when noted German engineer Otto Lilienthal began experimenting with hang gliders. Lilienthal took seriously the ideas advocated by Sir George Cayley almost a hundred years earlier. Through an extensive study of birds and bird flight, Cayley realized that the lift function and the thrust function of bird wings were separate and distinct, and could be imitated by different systems on a fixed-wing craft. Lilienthal began his work on heavier-than-air craft not by developing a complete airplane, but instead by focusing his efforts on a fixed-wing glider. Lilienthal brought a much-needed respectability to the enterprise of ...

Alfred Stieglitz
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... mother insisted on upon starching his shirt after he had begged her not to (Lowe 23). Edward would later meet Hedwig Warner and they would have their first son, Alfred. Alfred was the first of six born to his dad Edward and mom Hedwig. As a child Alfred was remembered as a boy with thick black hair, large dark eyes, pale fine skin, a delicately modeled mouth with a strong chin (Peterson 34). In 1871 the Stieglitz family lived at 14 East 60th street in Manhattan. No buildings stood between Central Park and the Stieglitz family home. As Stieglitz got older he started to show interest in photography, posting every photo he could find on his bedroom wall. It wasn't un ...

Augustus Of Primaporta
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... for political propaganda. The arrangement of the locks of hair, although not powerful, is a sign of divine status. Each strand is articulate and exact in form and direction, yet very natural in pose and position. The overall smoothness of the marble radiates a smooth flowing humanism, but does not steal away his position as a human demi-god. His face is warm and inviting, exhibiting an almost warm, fuzzy feeling in the viewer once again, without threatening his power to command and control the great civilization of Rome. The shoulder-clasps of the cuirass (breastplate) are in the form of sphinxes: the Sphinx was the image on Augustus' seal (later he used a ...

Comparing A Painting By Fra Filippo Lippi And Dante Gabriel
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... new patrons of the arts. They were rich but not as rich as the church or the patrons of Lippiís time. Therefore, the artists could not enjoy the protection of this new class for years. Consequently, an artist had to sell pictures in open competition with his rivals on the walls of a salon or an Academy. This competition naturally led to a variety of styles. Some turned to history or exotic arts and others sought new ideas. One of such artists was Dante Gabriel Rosetti he turned against the neo-classical traditions of the Academy and looked for different inspiration. He wrote in 1901 that "an artist, whether painter or writer, ought to be bent upon defining and e ...

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