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Essays on Economics

Hawaii Fruit Industry
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... another 2800 indirectly. There is also 69,000 acres of recent sugar cane land available and highly assessable for potential farming of tropical fruits. Hawaii needs to export. There is nothing better than to bring money here to the local economy where it can cycle with in, and around the islands. Our state government needs to streamline this problem concerning the fruit fly. The people of Hawaii are natural farmers, and ranchers. The way I see it is, it is essential for the economy to grow, given its current state (poor). With the vast amounts of premium land and people who as they say are part of the aina. There should be no stalling in the sense that we n ...

General Motors - Financial Ratio Analysis
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... and a small bearing company, Hyatt Roller Bearing. With the Hyatt acquisition came Alfred Sloan, an administrative genius who would build GM into a corporate colossus. Sloan, president from 1923 to 1937, implemented a decentralized management system, now emulated worldwide. The auto maker competed by offering models ranging from luxury to economy, colors besides black, and yearly style modifications. By 1927 it had become the industry leader. GM introduced a line of front-wheel-drive compacts in 1979. Under Roger Smith, CEO from 1981 to 1990, GM laid off thousands of workers as part of a massive companywide restructuring and cost cutting program. In 1984 GM forme ...

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... Its main businesses include long distance services, AT+T Wireless Services, AT+T World Net services, AT+T Solutions consulting services and the AT+T Universal Card. AT+T has a very strong global presence tha t dates back to 1882 when it opened a plant in Antwerp ,Belgium. AT+T has approximately 51,000 employees based outside of the United States.In 1994, International revenues alone were 25 percent. You can see why AT+T has a presence in nearly 100 countries around the world, and does business in about 200 countries. In the last fifteen months AT+T has split into three separate companies. They are AT+T, a global communications company; Lucent Technologies ...

Floating Exchange Rates: The Only Viable Solution
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... or unwritten targeting are impossible to maintain, especially in an era of free trade. Complete monetary unification would be impossible to bring about without extensive integration and unification of international governments and economies, a task so vast that it is unlikely ever to be accomplished. Thus, the only option central banks have is to allow exchange rates to float freely. The European Monetary System, which virtually collapsed in 1993, was an attempt to fix exchange rates within certain tight bands, to coordinate monetary policy between member nations and to have central banks intervene to keep exchange rates within the bands when necessary. The re ...

World Populations And Development
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... ultimately to the stratification of these societies. Improved conditions of life led to somewhat longer life spans. Nevertheless population growth remained low due to high infant mortality rates. The impact of the neolithic revolution was not as much on immediate population growth (even though it did have a long term impact on population growth) as on the material and spiritual development of the human race. It is widely regarded as the beginning of civilization. Industrial revolution was another process of change. It was the process of substituting muscle power with machine power. It took place in the 18th century in Europe and is still happening in many parts of t ...

Do Companies Who Bankrupt While Owing Back Pay To Employees Have A Moral Obligation To Pay Out Employees?
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... administering a degree of disutility to the other party. Thus, there is an element of utilitarian calculus; how will the decision maker reason as to the greatest good for the greatest number? Act Utilitarianism would not provide sufficient normative direction for our dilemma. This suggests that an act is said to be right if it is as good as any available alternative, because without performing the calculus either action is equally good. In this case, this implies similar consequences would result regardless of whether decisions are made cognitively or not. Thus, because no other rule applies, we will appeal to the levels of rules to guide our actions. In t ...

Modern American Marketing Techniques
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... into a ruthless money hungry business. Corporations use marketing techniques to trick young people into buying their products by modeling their products around famous sporting stars even though the product has nothing to do with the sporting star and using false statements e.g. McDonlands released a burger called the MJ burger and used the slogan 'I wanna be like Mike'. Their marketing techniques can best be described as 'blind bullying' where they lure you in and take all your money. The marketing techniques used in Modern North America have undermined traditional sporting values of fair play, sportsmanship and the love of the game. Now a good sports person do ...

The Particular Features Of The Employment System In Japan
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... and temporary workers are a safety valve for Japanese companies that allow them to reduce costs in the short-term without firing permanent male workers. The second way Japanese companies reduce costs is by giving early retirement to senior workers at the company. Many of these workers forced into early retirement then take up farming as is the custom in Japan for retires. Getting rid of senior workers is one the most effective tools companies have of reducing costs because these workers have more seniority and thus make more money then the average worker. Japanese companies also are able to cut costs during recessions by reducing or eliminating bonuses paid to wor ...

Bombardier Report
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... Bombardier's most important industry. It accounted for 47% of sales and 33% of profit in 1995 and makes Bombardier the fourth largest civilian airplane manufacturer in the world. Bombardier's customers are spread out over the globe. They range from government and private commercial airlines to wealthy individuals and corporations in need of private jets. The products that are driving the growth in this division are the RJ, the Global Express, and the Lear-45. De Havilland, which was recently purchased with help from the Ontario government, produces the Dash-8 series of airplanes. The Dash-8 has had its production rate increased to 48 planes a year with about ...

Eastern Airlines Facing Bankruptcy
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... Wayne Yeoman, senior vice president for finance, had spent most of the time outlining the details of Texas Air's offer to buy Eastern. Frank Lorenzo and Frank Borman had been talking since December originally about consolidating the computerized reservation systems, then , as Eastern's problems deepen, about a possible sale. As Frank entered his office, he found his his loyal excutive assistant; Wayne Yeoman; and Dick Magurno, Eastern's senior vice president for legal affairs. For about 20 minutes the three discussed the fourthcoming meeting and the prospects for saving the airline. Negotiations were going to come aroun ...

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