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Essays on American History

Bombing In Oklahoma City
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... not only affected Oklahoma City but also the entire world. Many people wondered if there was prior knowledge. A very disturbing aspect of this case is the overwhelming evidence that some in the Federal Government had prior knowledge of the impending disaster in Oklahoma City. If this is the case, could they have done something to protect those in danger? Was a truck bomb allowed to roam our streets? And was this a “sting operation” that ended in tragedy? Officials deny these allegations, but evidence outlined here suggests they did know. Carol Howe, an informant recruited by ATF agents in 1994, reported that al least two months before the Oklahoma City bombing, ...

The Reformation
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... Jan Hus spread the ideas even more. The i ideas of Wycliffe and Hus influenced the most important reformer, a monk named Martin Luther. Luther had protested for years that many clergy were selling indulgences, which were pardons for sins without making it clear that people must sincerely repent their sins. He attacked the monk Johann Tetzel for decieving the people. Eventually, he became angry enough, and he nailed a complaint, called the 95 theses to a Church door. The 95 theses complained about the sale of induldgences and other corruptions in the Church. Luther also created new ideas against the Church. He rejected the authority of the Pope and said that ...

Father Of The Bride
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... intended reaction, the audience feels sorry for George. The theme is the fatherˇ¦s love to his daughter. The father does all the things for his daughter; he just wants his daughter to be happy. He spends a lot of money in his daughterˇ¦s wedding party. The theme is considered to be accurate, because the story is a truth that can happen in real life. The theme does not relate to any social issues. The story talks about George Banks who is middle aged, and has a daughter Annie Banks, who is twenty-two. Annie Banks decides to marry a boy who is twenty-six. However, George thinks his daughter is too young to marry, and also he doesnˇ¦t want Annie to leave him alon ...

The Boston Massacre
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... question and harass people just passing by. Parents were even getting worried for their daughters, because the soldiers would make sexual remarks towards them. Many red-coats were in search of different off-duty jobs, which meant they would be taking away jobs from the Boston laborers. Many times when the soldiers left their barracks and were walking about the town, carried large clubs, for the purpose of assaulting the people. Many would say that the colonists had every right to be mad and irritated. But what about the soldiers. They were just taking commands from the country that they are defending and fighting for. To them they were just doing the r ...

British Invasion
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... of proper English families, most being from aristocracy. The members of Oasis tell of their early drug days, shop lifting, and hard partying. Drugs were a major part of the bands early years and so was hard, ear blasting rock and roll. Matthews once criticized this behavior by Oasis as he proclaimed his own virginity in the drug world. In typical Oasis fashion, Matthews was dismissed with swear words and the raising of a certain finger. Perhaps the biggest difference between the two bands is their music and fan base. Oasis is known for literally playing at maximum level, while Matthews has a mellower and almost soothing concert sound level. He also has a ...

Todays Hip Hop
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... Hop. Rap is a part of hip hop. It is some of the music that comes out of hip hop. There have been M.C.s since before hip hop. Hip Hop brought emcees that perfected this art. Hip Hop is first people only see rap, r&b, and the other musics as Hip Hop; when these are only part of Hip Hop. Hip Hop is a feeling. You feel it everywhere, you're at a party and you hear that beat in your head, the tingle in your arm, and that feeling you get to jump out and say "hey shorty whutz ya name?" thats Hip Hop. Enough of the poetic disjustice. Hip Hop is not just a black thing. Yes I am black. Yes blacks created Hip Hop. Yes blacks perfected Hip Hop. Yet the people who lea ...

Conflicts Between The North And The South
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... The two sections had clashing views concerning each others way of making profit, The North felt that the South was growing too much cotton, were building too many plantations, and were too dependant on this one crop. They also felt that the South was destroying the Union by trading the cotton for goods with the Europeans and not enough with the North. But there was another side to this, the South said that they would trade with the North if they built more factories to process the cotton. The North bitterly opposed this idea. They felt that it was too risky to build more factories and lose a profit. The North would said that if they, the South, slowed down ...

Prisoners Of War
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... weather. 1 They had no real shelter, and kept busy by working, and the odd time even got a chance to play baseball, soccer or some athletic game to stay in shape. 2 They were surrounded by twenty-four hour guard surveillance in the middle of nowhere, so it would be quite useless to attempt to escape, especially at the risk of being gunned down at any given time. The POW were always having to turn their back and keep an eye out for one another. They were considered to be "hostages" and were treated like the enemy. The concentration camps were not very large but were numerous. They contained about 500-600 warriors and were divided into groups of under ...

The Roaring 20s
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... characters "MICKEY MOUSE" in 1928. During the twenties MICKEY entertained Canadians in such films as "Steam Boat Willie" (1928). Other great cartoon films done be Disney include "Skeleton Dance" in (1929). The silent movies of the twenties is nothing to compaire with the voiced movies we have today. The actors had to show alot of facial and bady expressions to get the veiwers to understand what was happening in the film. The most talented actor's in the twenties were Charlie Chaplai who was known for his "tramp" look, Keaton with his stone facial expressions (because he showed no emotion) and the famous romatic Radolph Valintino. These three and many mo ...

The Civil War
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... of all slaves in areas not in Union control.  Although the proclamation did not free all slaves everywhere, it was the action that would push Congress to pass the thirteenth amendment in 1865.  The amendment, ratified later in 1865, stated that "Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude . . . shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction."  It seemed democracy had triumphed by giving freedom to slaves, but the amendment was not complete.  It only stopped slavery, and made no provisions for citizenship; therefore, blacks were still not considered United States citizens.  The fourteenth amendment was the democratic expansion th ...

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