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Essays on Creative Writing

Creative Writing: Friends Till The Very End
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... leaned into the light breeze, preparing to skip it across the harbour waters, but stopped abruptly, remembering that the gods did not like land removed from the island. As the stone slipped from his fingers, his eyes followed the ripples that glided on and off the grey beach where he stood, then rose almost by habit to gaze once more at the Arizona Memorial stretching white and graceful, remembering painfully that this would be the last time that he would ever walk along this beautiful beach. As his eyes watched the waves, and how they caressed the muddy shoreline, he began to think of the future. His thoughts were quickly disrupted. “Hey bud, how's it going? W ...

My Trip To China
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... traveled by car, we reached home, it was about 1 o*clock, we were very hungry, they*ve already cooked the lunch for us. After lunch, we walked around in the village . When we back home, we chatted until dinner was ready. There was on toilet there, so my grandpa and me cannot eat more and more although all things were very good. After a terrible night, we went to another village. We went in the bus about 3 hours, after we reached there, it was about 4:30pm. I don*t think we could walked around the village again. The house that we lived was designed by my grandpa, we lived happily (very happy) there. -We had water, Town gas, light, TV * * Oh, great! We went ba ...

Creative Writing: Time Travel
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... weeks. On the way out Jeff's family gave him dirty looks and he knew saying sorry was not good enough. Lying in bed Bryan cried thinking there was no hope. He knew that he needed to be punished. He broke the law and whether he did it on purpose or not, he had taken a life. Bryan knew he would go to jail but he did not understand the manslaughter charge. If he could only make things different. Then he remembered his crazy Uncle Leon telling him a story about time travel. Leon was strange and no one believed his stories but Bryan was desperate. He went to his Uncle's house praying that there was some way he could help him. Leon carefully listened to Bryan as ...

Creative Writing: The Quest
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... with a teller, so I could exchange my money. She looked down and thought about this for a few moments, then ever so slowly, she brought her head up with a dumb look on her face and said, "The telephones are around the corner over there." Dumbfounded by the stupidity of this woman, my friend and turned around and walked away, laughing. When we were out of earshot, in a mocking tone, I said to my friend, "Hi, I'm an American, I'm a dumb-ass!" With that defeat behind us, we continued on our quest for some American money. Eventually, by wandering aimlessly about the mall, we managed to find an information desk. I walked up to the woman behind the desk, and ...

My Changes Over The Years
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... against all forms of authority, in general, I did not think anyone had the right to tell me what to do or where to go. Along with that belief came the outright rebellion against the normal. Also, a whole anarchy thing was in my life for a long while. I do not know why I believed in it at all, I just did. It was probably from the whole rebellion aspect of my life. I started to slack off a little in school and my attitude was changing a lot, for the worse. This got a lot better as time passed. Ahh the present, the me as I am right now. Just recently I have gotten a massive dose of reality. I do not know how, or what from, or anything like that. I woke up one day and ...

“The Night”
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... Scott lives right down the street from Mandy. She believed me and allowed me to go, so it was a go for the weekend. So the plan was on. My friends and I were to party this weekend. Finally Friday came but it seemed like an eternity. By the time I sat through six hours or boring nonsense at school, I knew the fun was coming, slowly but surely. I Finally got on my trip down to my buddy Scott’s house, it seemed like a long trip because I had to ride my bike there. But he lived right down the road so it wasn’t that bad. Also I knew that it would all be worthwhile when I arrived there and we went to Mandys. After a while of watching television, Scott and I de ...

The Change
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... hour’s drive from our houses, it was the best we could find on such short notice. A classic here-goes-nothing like return to nature is the only true way to fully understand your belongings and grasp the overwhelming majestic beauty of nature. I didn’t realize how hard it would be to tear apart from civilization this last weekend, it greatly affected my conceptualization of the powerful world we live in. Looking up at the evening sky and observing a broad expanse of thick clusters of stars, without artificial light, breathing in cold, fresh, and pure air, absent contaminated, and seeing no signs of humanity only solemn nature is as a moving and uplifting experien ...

Training My Dog
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... response (CR). I will condition the unconditioned response (UCR), shaking; the unconditioned stimulus (UCS), tapping his leg, by using operant conditioning and liver treats as positive reinforcement. Day 1: I began by acting like I was going to grab Max’ head. Just as I suspected he put his paw on my arm. I tapped his leg and I gave him a treat as a positive reinforcer. I am using operant conditioning at this point in order to establish an unconditioned stimulus (taping Max’ leg) and an unconditioned response (putting his paw in my hand). Once I have shaped this behavior I can then go on to the second phase using Pavlov’s classical conditioning. Day 2: After ...

The Cask Of Amontillado: Creative Writing
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... leave." I realized this was a waste of time and decided to go. Later that night while eating dinner I decided the next morning I would go back to the crime scene to check for clues. The next morning I called Mr. Machiano and asked him to meet me at the palazzo. As I approached the body I began to feel a little queasy from last night's dinner but luckily I brought some herbal tea to help soothe my stomach. Anyway, I began to search the ground around the body hoping to find some clues. I noticed a gold bracelet on the ground near the body, and it read Montrsor. I decided to do a little more research on this man. I went to the station and asked the secretary to ...

Personal Writing: All About Nothing: The Story Of My Life
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... the news paper business, is the ‘big time.' But there is little point in even mentioning these things, because they have not happened, and thus, I am left topicless. I could try to fool you with some far out, totally unbelievable story about how I was in a car wreck involving at least two dozen cars, including the president's limousine, and how despite having broken two legs, an arm, in addition to various other body parts too numerous to mention, I managed to drag myself out of the wrecked car (A job for the Jaws of Life, for sure, had it been any other person but me in that car), and then how I managed to haul all of the other survivors, among them the president ...

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