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Essays on Social Issues

Christmas, Retailers, And The Santa Claus Conspiracy
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... old fat man in red underwear arrested for putting their child on his lap and whispering to them to tell him what they "really" want (strangely enough there are some parents out there who actually pay money each year to have this abuse inflicted upon their children). The whole idea of Santa Claus is one of the scariest I've come across and yet we embrace it. The entire story sounds like something you should threaten your kid with if he doesn't want to eat his veggies. As I understand it he's supposed to be a fat man wearing red underwear who is capable of sliding down your chimney unharmed in order to quietly slip into your house while you're sleeping. If he re ...

Animal Testing-Inhumane Or Neccassary?
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... testing, have argued that it is the only way for us to safely resaerch the drugs and chemicals that us humans put into our body. They argue that because animals have functions similar to humans, that it only makes sense to use the animals for testing. By looking at both sides very carefully, both for and agaisnt animal testing can one make their own opinion on what they feel is right and wrong. Many will say that the use of animals for testing is both inhumane and should not be allowed as an effective way to test products such as cosmetics and laundry detergents for our homes. There are many reasons as to why the animal rights activists feel this way. Fo ...

Homosexuals: A Suspect Class?
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... are fighting for civil rights in the courtroom and in Congress, there are gay characters on prime-time television shows, well- known public figures openly discussing their homosexuality, and there is virtually no one who can claim that they have never had contact with a homosexual. In the middle of all this publicity, there lingers a pending Supreme Court case in which the fate of the homosexual lies: Romer v. Evans, a case that dominated Colorado that has come to "symbolize the controversy over gay legal rights" throughout the nation. This paper will trace the elements behind that case, and attempt to focus on the steps the Supreme Court will follow to determi ...

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... beliefs. Hippies came from many different places and had many different All Hippies were young, from the ages of 15 to 25 (Worldbook). They left their families and did it for many different reasons. Some rejected their parents' ideas, some just wanted to get away, and others simply were outcasts, who could only fit in with the Hippie population. "Under 25 became a magical age, and young people all over the world were united by this bond" (Harris 15). This bond was of Non-conformity and it was the "Creed of the Young" (Harris ...

The Homeless: What Has Been Done To Decrease The Problem?
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... government has done with regard to the homeless problem, I have to doubt that everything is being done to eradicate it. The United Nations implemented a universal declaration of human rights. Article 25 Section 1 of this declaration states: Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing, and medical care and necessary social services, and to the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control. This is a step in the right direction. However, this i ...

How To Overcome Shyness
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... it, shyness. Sekou, I hope you do not mind to let me approach you of my experienced . Okay, Miss psychic! The shyness you feel is more common than you think. The fact is the majority of people are in the same boat as you. Some people are just better at hiding their insecurities and fears, making them appear to never exhibit shyness. Once you begin to understand “The spider is more afraid of you than you are of it,” then you will begin to excel in your relationships with other people around you. First step: begin by saying ‘hi’ to 5 new people everyday. Not too long ago, I noticed that I even did not know how to perform the simple of saying ‘hi’ to people. Then, what ...

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... the four major programs. These programs are Medicaid, Aid to families with dependant Children, Social Security, or Supplemental Security, or the food stamps program. I will discuss the four programs individually. Medicaid provides free medical care to the poor people. Funds vary from state to state. In some situations, people who may be able to pay daily needs, but can't afford large medical bills may also be able to receive Medicaid. Some services paid for are bills such as doctor's visits and nursing home care. Most Medicaid funding comes from the federal government. The rest is supplied by the state. Each state runs their own Medicaid program. A.F.D.C. provides ...

Dangerous Driving And The Effects On Youth
Download This PaperWords: 1975 - Pages: 8

... Danielle Orichefsky, were killed in a dangerous driving accident. The driver was Ralph Parker, a twenty year old man from Halifax who lost control of his sports car as he attempted to make a turn on the corner where the girls were sitting. This article involves the day of Mr. Park's conviction, the reaction of the girls' parents and also the reaction of Mr. Park's mother. The problem of dangerous driving as viewed from a theoretical standpoint can easily be identified with the social control theory. The control theory questions not what motivates individuals and society in general to indulge in societal deviant behaviour but rather examines what is within th ...

Pollution And Its Consequences
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... eventually breakdown if they are overloaded. The well-being and survival of the earth is linked to the environment. The lives of those from future generations and are own depend upon us handling the earth with care. Knowing how sensitive the earth can be corporations are not doing enough for the environment. Belching chimneys, strong detergents, smoking incinerators, exhaust fumes from automobiles are the cancer of modern society. Poisoned by carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide is the air we breathe. Our rivers are filled up with industrial waste, trash and broken bottles, and stained with oil. Each and every year the pollution of the air and water ...

Television Violence And Its Effects On Children
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... or not behavior is affected by the violence. However, Josephson tends to rely more on the idea that it is affected and feels that more research should be directed to this area. Mostly, attention is focused on factors such as the disinhibition effect and cue-triggered aggression. Josephson aims to differentiate these two areas and how they are affected by television violence. The overall purpose of her study is to research the effect this violence has on boys' aggression. Special emphasis is placed on factors such as teacher-rated characteristic aggressiveness in the boys, timing of frustration (before or after watching the televised violence, and violence rela ...

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