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... who was very different to the dolls the kids played with at that time. The buyers were at first skeptical to the doll but when Mattel started to make tv-commercials to reach out to the buyers it was an instant hit. is still the most popular fashion doll ever created. That is because she is always changing when the fashion and trends change. She wears everything from the Paris fashion to the more youthful look. For example the creaters changed her when the Beatles were popular and they made a copy of Jackie Kennedy when she was popular. In the 1970s wore very different clothes just to be trendy. She for example wore glittery disco outfits and got a suntan. Her f ...

A Comparison Of Multi-Valued Orientation And Two Valued Orientation
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... you were for the communist party or you were against them. Hitler had the same idea. His views were that if you did not support him, then you should not live. So it ended up being supporting him and living or opposing him and dying. Multi-valued orientation is a scale of "in betweens". The extremes are not used. There are definate settings. Using temperature again, let multi-valued orientation show it's use. Hot and cold were used for two valued orientation. Those were the extremes. Instead of using extremes, the actual numbers are used. 74 degrees, 98.6 degrees, and -13 degrees are all examples of the multi-valued orientation. The option to not choose the extrem ...

Difference Between Micro- And
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... is basic common-sense used in for general situations in everyday life (Ritzer, 77). Exchange theory is a given relationship is found to be attractive whereas the rewards tend to outweigh punishment (Blau, 1964). Structural functionalism and conflict theory are two types of macro-theories. Structural functionalism (Perrucci, 1983) has three main ideas: 1) society is a system containing interdependent and interacting parts bound together in time and space, 2) shared values among members of the system are social “glue” that helps hold it together, 3) and systems have a need for stability and therefor attempt the parts working together harmoniously. C ...

What Do Employers Do,train Or
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... However this raises the question as to what employers are to do with their current staff. Retrain them or just simply hire new staff already equipped with the necessary skills? 1999 Telstra Business Woman of the Year, Sheryle Moon, has recently criticised Australia's level of IT skills. She stated that "companies need to train unskilled workers themselves rather than wait for university graduates to filter into the workplace" (Warning on IT skills crisis, Herald-Sun August 10th, 1999), otherwise we face an IT skills shortage. Ms Moon said the demand far outweighed supply and that IT was "no longer something that affects just a few people, it affects every ...

Federal Express
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... machine? This year marks the 28th anniversary of the founding of . These have been 28 remarkable years that have transformed the way the world does business. From their early Falcon flying days operating in a few U.S. cities, to the global express powerhouse they are today, they have remained dedicated and committed to providing their customers the best possible service possible. FedEx began operating in 1971, and is now the world's largest express transportation company. The founder of this company is Fred Smith, currently the President and CEO of FedEx. FedEx was founded with the goal to move packages. Fred Smith’s idea was different, his new company had an a ...

Education 2
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... are closely attached. He explains that much of the richness and beauty of life is derived from these close relationships which each person has with a small number of individuals -- mother, father, brother, sister, husband, wife, son, daughter, and a small cadre of close friends (Robertson 1). A mother’s love is a crude offering, and according to Kennell and Klaus in their book Parent-Infant Bonding, there is a possessiveness and an appetite in it. Some argue that attachment is one qualitative feature of the emotional tie to the partner. The operationalization of the construct (attachment) to determine the presence or absence has to be done by some measure o ...

Managing Overtime
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... has a Post Office. We are one of the most visible employers in the world. The U.S. Postal Service employs approximately 750 thousand diverse people. Many different cultures and nationalities come together to combine as an efficient workforce that gets the job done. The pay is moderate, so it would be pretty difficult to become independently wealthy working for the Postal Service. But, there are some employees that believe if they work, as much overtime as possible, maybe they can become rich. Unfortunately, this poses a daily obstacle to overcome for most managers in the U.S. Postal Service. The U.S. Postal Service is a production driven outfit therefore; e ...

Freuds Framework Of Dreams
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... cannot be known merely by examining the manifest dream content. There exists a filter, Freud argues, a mechanism that alters the dream's meaning so that it appears in consciousness as a disguised wish, a distorted impulse. This intervening mechanism Freud called the dream-work. The dream-work is continuously at work during an individual's sleep process. It is constantly preventing unconscious wishes, anxieties and impulses from infiltrating consciousness, or only permitting them to appear in the manifest dream in a distorted form. It follows from this that these latent wishes are unacceptable to consciousness, since they would challenge the individu ...

Gender And Communication
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... Men must be muscular and protect the “weaker” sex from harm. Though many of these traits are wonderful to have, realistically speaking, very few men will ever possess enough masculinity to feel worthy of being a man in our society. This truth leaves most men chasing an illusory goal of attaining a masculine identity. Most men will take every opportunity to show their masculinity and to declare to the world that they are indeed a “real” man. This fact is evident when men gather in a bar. The beer’s going down, testosterone is pumping through the veins, and the motto is, “I ain’t takin’ nothin’ from nobody.” Most males are looking for a brawl and are looking to ...

Human Cloning Is Beneficial
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... and it would help paralyzed people. Cloning humans became more than a possibility after Ian Wilmut’s announcement in February 1997, that a healthy sheep named Dolly had been cloned from an adult cell (Reilly 289). Less than a year after Wilmut’s discovery, the physicist Richard Seed said in a radio interview that he is planning to set up a private clinic for cloning human beings (Stock 61). The immediate response of the media and even of the president of the United States was hysterical and even more explosive than Wilmut’s announcement about Dolly’s arrival (Reilly 293). Perhaps some people ask themselves, why Dr. Seed, a physicist with no laboratory facilit ...

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