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Odysseus: Metis Is His Most Important Quality
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... for the poignancy of his speech: But whenever Odysseus of many wiles arose, He would stand and look down with eyes fixed upon the ground, And his staff he would move neither backwards or forwards, But would hold it stiff, just like a man of no understanding; You would have thought him a nasty man and nothing but a fool. But when his great voice arose from his chest, And his words fell like the snowflakes on a winter’s day, Then could no other mortal man rival Odysseus. (III, ll. 210-220). In addition, Agamemnon expresses his anger towards Odysseus’ deceptive nature during a battle by addressing Odysseus as “you crafty-minded Odysseus, excellent in civi ...

Pride And Prejudice
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... is taken. The superficiality of this idea goes so far as to break the bonds of love. Darcy is willing to insult a girl as he is proposing to her, just to inform her of the what he has to go through in order to stoop to someone of her level. Regardless of what Darcy thought his chances were at acceptance, he was still addressing a girl that barely knows him, and actually dislikes him. That is not a situation where insults are likely to bring results. This point is compounded because Elizabeth only gets slightly insulted by this comment. Her initial refusal of Darcy was based almost totally on his actions towards Jane and Bi ...

Identity In Sula
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... each one lacked something the other had." Morrison, thus, creates two completely different women yet allows them to merge into one. The sustainment of the two selves as one proves difficult and Morrison allows them to pursue different paths. But the two women's separate journeys and individual searches for their own selves leads to nothing but despair and Sula's death. Nel's realization that they were only truly individuals when they were joined as one allows them to merge once again. Morrison portrays Sula and Nel as binary opposites at the beginning of the novel. In our first view of Nel she is as conventional and conforming as a young lady can be: Under Helene ...

Going To College
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... comes to mind is being able to choose what you want to learn and to have the ability to pick classes which interest and challenge me. I also know that the power of choice can also hurt many students is the fact that you have a new freedom of deciding if you want to go to class or not and there are quite a number of student that abuse this freedom. I can only hope that the things I do in the next few years are the right things ant that they will help me live my college years to the full potential. Knowing that college is a big step is quite terrifying, but As I begin to start to fill out applications to my college choices I cannot help but wonder what the future hol ...

Mother Theresa Intentions Are Honorable, But She Also Causes Evil
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... her beneficiaries. This is unquestionably a good thing, yet it also harms the people. While their lives shall continue, they no longer know how to live. Those rescued shall become dependent on the food given them, and soon will not know how to take care of themselves. It would be far more practical to also teach them how they may help themselves, but one person cannot do all. One overwhelming influence on those that wish to help is Mother Theresa. These individuals doubtless wish to help, but for various reasons do not. When questioned, there is one response that is entirely too common, which is "I can't make a difference." Mother Theresa is a contributing ...

Medea Vs. Antigone
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... and the love between Jason and Medea, from beginning to the end. She also brings them to the present state Medea is in, which is of complete despair and depression after Jason remarried. “And she hates her children now, and feels no joy at seeing them.” (Oates, 292). In Antigone, one of the purposes of the chorus is to provide history to the audience. Although, Sophocles did change the structure a little. The first to enter the play are Antigone and Ismene, who are engaging in conversation over defying the edict forbidding their brothers burial, which brings the audience to the present time. Shortly after, the chorus enters and recounts the r ...

Death Perspectives From Dylan
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... "beast-" and "flower-fathering," and "all-humbling." This darkness is represents the nothingness from which the world evolved, and we also know it is a great power by the descriptor "all-humbling." According to this first stanza the same darkness will also mark the end of the world when the end of the world when the "last light" breaks and the seas are silenced. This stanza establishes a cycle of darkness before creation and a darkness after destruction that lays a symbolic foundation for the rest of the poem. The next stanza depicts Thomas as he himself enters this cosmic cycle and reveals this tremendously cosmic cycle to be death. Thomas's word choice ...

Holy Sonnet XIV
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... courtly conventions of the time. The sonnet is in the form of a love Sonnet. Although it mocks the conventional blazon it does not undermine the beauty of his mistress. Shakespeare tells us that he would love her even if "her breast were dun…." John Donne’s sonnet is quite personal as he is writing about his own beliefs but expressing publicly his views. Shakespeare’s sonnet is written for a wider audience as he is trying to get people to see his point of view. This is that the conventional blazon of the love sonnet is inaccurate and either ridiculous or impossible. The language used for each sonnet is both different and surprising. In Shakespea ...

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... can be looked at on several levels. First of all, death is frightening. It is something that is not understood completely by humans. Humans are scared of what they do not understand. This is portrayed in when the creature is shunned by society simply because he looked different from them and they did not understand him. People are scared of what they do not understand, which is why they were frightened by Victor’s creature. The desire to understand death leads to the desire to control it. Even though death is something that is out of the control of humans, human nature has the urge to be in control of everything. The novel fascinates people becaus ...

Charles Dickens Hard Times And
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... themes. The novel focuses on educational and economic systems of Victorian England, the industrial revolution, which spawned how industrial relations were viewed during the 1850's, and utilitarianism. I have chosen the two major themes of industrial relations and educational system during this period. Although, you can not discuss labor relations without bringing focus upon the class society of Victorian England during this period. I will use the Norton Critical Edition of Hard Times, the Sources of the Western Tradition, and the Communist Manifesto to support my analytical interpretation of Charles Dickens Hard Times. During this period Dickens wrote ...

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