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Essays on People

Ludwig Van Beethoven
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... able to compose music as wonderful as the Choral symphony while being unable to hear the music except in one's head. It wasn't surprising that many people thought that Beethoven and his career were over. Beethoven, too, at times was close to total despair. After short time he withdrew from most of the social contacts. Once he even tried to commit suicide. However, he overcame his feelings and fears and continued to compose music. By 1820, when he was almost totally deaf, Beethoven composed his greatest works. These include the last five piano sonatas, the Missa solemnis, the Ninth Symphony, with its choral finale, and the last five string quartets. In the fall of ...

Symbols In Poe's Writing
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... At the University he had an excellent scholastic record. Almost at once he ran into difficulties. His foster father did not provide any financial support for school fees and other necessities. Poe became homesick. At school he began to drink. Soon he was in debt for over two thousand dollars. Poe discovered that he could not depend on his foster father for any financial needs. John Allan refused to pay for any of Edgar's debts, therefore he had to withdrawal from the University. In May of 1827, Poe enlisted in the army as a common soldier. Poe enlisted under the name of Edgar A. Perry. He was stationed on Sullivan's Island in the Charleston Harbo ...

Ann Frank
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... sometimes annoying to her family because she was so full of energy. She talked a lot and always stated her opioion about things even when her opinion was not asked for. Sometimes Ann would hurt her mothers feelings because she did not listen. Ann said she didn’t mean to be bad or hurt her mother. She felt like the good Ann was inside her. Ann was compassionate she cared about other people’s feelings. She wanted to make Hanukkah special during their time in the annex. Ann had no money so she had to use her imagination to come up with special gifts. She thought about each person individually and made a personal gift for each one in her family and t ...

Albert Camus
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... apartment with his two uncles. The only way Albert "escaped" from this harsh reality was on the beaches of Algiers. At the age of fourteen, Camus was diagnosed with the first stages of tuberculosis. This disease plagued him for the rest of his life. At age seventeen, Albert moved in with his uncle by marriage, Gustave Acault, who provided Albert with a better environment as well as an actual father figure. After enduring the hardships of his childhood, Camus began writing at age seventeen. Camus wrote many influential works and gained much success, starting at age seventeen, when he decided to strive to become a writer. Albert's first "literary ...

De Tocqueville
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... to gain power that they have no real right to hold. Old things often become stagnant and rotten, as did the aristocracy when families intermarried beyond their genes capacity, as well as becoming corrupted. ’s second point is that the aristocracy have great lineage and pay homage to their ancestors, “A man almost always knows his forefathers and respects them;”. This is quite true, however does not mention that because of the family “blood”, wars have been fought, and many lives lost. continues to say, “He willingly imposes duties on himself towards the former and latter [ancestors and descendants], and he will frequ ...

Pierre Elliot Trudeau
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... Grants to Universities, The Practice and Theory of Federalism, Separatist Counter-Revolutionaries). Throughout all these documented personal accounts and critiques, the reader learns that Trudeau is a sharp critic of contemporary Quebec nationalism and that his prime political conviction (or thesis) is sporadically reflected in each essay: Federalism is the only possible system of government that breeds and sustains equality in a multicultural country such as Canada. Trudeau is fervent and stalwart in his opinions towards Federalism and its ramifications on Canadian citizenry. Born and raised in Quebec, he attended several prestigious institution ...

The Life And Times Of Edgar ALlan Poe
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... boxer and also a superior swimmer. At the age of fifteen or sixteen he swam six miles in the James River under a hot June sun, partly against a strong tide. Edgar obviously made a good impression on other people. Thomas Ellis, the son of John Allan's business partner once said: "No boy ever had a greater influence over me than he had." At the age of fifteen he became a lieutenant in the Junior Morgan Riflemen. As second-in-command he was reviewed by the popular Marquis de Lafayette whom two weeks earlier had praised Edgar's grandfather, General David Poe, for his good work. Edgar was, when he returned to Richmond, known as Edgar Poe rather than Edgar Allan, to ...

Eli Whitney
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... methods. When Eli Whitney built his first factory in 1798, he allocated a great deal of his precious resources to providing housing for his workers as well as ensuring that they were well off financially. This consideration marked his entire career as an industrialist. He wanted to "employ steady sober people,"tied to his factory and part of a community of industry. He intended to create a sel -sufficient village, producing goods, and populated by well educated, happy workers,Whitneyville. He also affected the industrial development of the United States , in manufacturing muskets but most of whitney's own guns parts do not in fact interchange. Nevertheless, Eli ...

Simon Bolivar
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... and was crowned as King of Italy. In 1808 Napoleon conquered Spain and chose his brother Joseph as the King of Spain. This created a large revolt in Spain known as the Peninsular Wars. In Spain many small groups were formed to fight against the new king. On the other hand in S. America the groups were formed to fight against the Spanish King and Joseph Bonaparte. That year Caracas, Bolivar hometown, declared independence from Spain. BACK IN S. AMERICA In 1808 Bolivar, Bello and Mendez were sent to England on a diplomatic mission. It was a failed attempt to gain an alliance. He returned to Venezuela in 1811 and won a battle in Valencia. Quickly he looses ...

Pierre De Fermat
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... modest because he thought if he published his theorems the people would not believe them. He did not seem to have the intention to publish his papers. It is probable that he revised his notes as the occasion required. His published works represent the final form of his research, and therefore cannot be dated earlier than 1660. Mr. discovered many things in his lifetime. Some things that he did include: -If p is a prime and a is a prime to p then ap-1-1 is divisible by p, that is, ap-1-1=0 (mod p). The proof of this, first given by Euler, was known quite well. A more general theorem is that a0-(n)-1=0 (mod n), where a is prime to n and p(n) is the number of integers ...

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