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Essays on Book Reports

Cantebury Tales
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... became the personalities that created these tales of a pilgrimage to Canterbury. The Christianization of Anglo-Saxon England was to take place in a relatively short period of time, but this was not because of the success of the Augustinian effort. Indeed, the early years of this mission had an ambivalence which shows in the number of people who hedged their bets by practicing both Christian and Pagan rites at the same time, and in the number of people who promptly apostatized when a Christian king died. There is certainly no evidence for a large-scale conversion of the common people to Christianity at this time. Augustine was not the most diplomatic of men, and ma ...

"A Wrinkle In Time"
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... for a midnight snack when a most disturbing visitor arrives. ‘Wild nights are my glory,' the unearthly stranger tells them. ‘I just got caught in a downdraft and blown off course. Let me sit down for a moment, and then I'll be on my way. Speaking of ways, by the way, there is such a thing as a tesseract?' Meg's father had been experimenting with this fifth dimension of time travel when he mysteriously disappeared. Now the time has come for Meg, her friend Calvin, and Charles Wallace to rescue him. But can they outwit the forces of evil they will encounter on their heart- stopping journey through space" (L'Engle 215)? The story begins with the unsolved disapp ...

Jack The Ripper
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... ago. Everyday there would be an editorial or a chronicle in the newspaper about the activities of the Ripper or the police. Many of you remember this and reading about the Ripper and know what I am talking about. The press was a big part of the whole case because we informed the public of the killings and it seemed that this was all new to everyone only because it was the most publicized case. This type of thing has happened before, but no one knew about it and now you know the real world. The press had created the “boogey man” and many myths and puzzles for the public. The Ripper was thought to know a great deal about anatomy because the body’s were sla ...

An Analysis Of The Lord Of The Flies
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... are forced to learn how to live on the land without any resources or adult assistance. The group chooses Ralph as their leader and gives him the responsibility of guiding the group. Ralph's main enemy and adversary is Jack, the appointed leader of the savage hunters. The boys go through many trials and hardships while on the island including the dangers of the jungle, finding food, and remaining a functional group. The novel's main focus is on Ralph and his experiences on the island. As leader of the group, Ralph has a great deal of responsibility and must learn how to work with this responsibility. Through the course of the story, Ralph changes from an adoles ...

Comparative Essay On The Lord
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... is paid to the evil forces for the wrongs society had to endure while they were allowed to dominate. This system allows opportunity for physical and mental development in the characters and the aspect of fantasy to come to life. During the character’s quest, weather they were headed to the Lonely Mountains or to the Cracks of Doom, they always experienced a form of heroism. In the story The Hobbit, we see heroic deeds being accomplished by the main character Bilbo. This occurs when the companions do battle with giant venomous spiders in Mirkwood forest. Bilbo finds depth and strength in his nature that he was surprised was there and smote these villainous creatu ...

An Analysis Of The Novel Candide By Voltaire
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... During the confusion of war Candide manages to escape. Time passes and Candide meets some other interesting individuals and has one bad experience after the next. One day Candide meets a woman who takes care of him and this is none other than Cunegonde. They amuse each other with stories of misfortune and travel around the world. At every place Candide goes something unthinkable seems to happen to him. Candide meets several people along the way who all have their own interesting story of misfortune and the inhumanities of mankind. Candide ends up on a small farm, married to Cunegonde and living with two philosophers. He argues with others at the e ...

All Quiet On The Western Front
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... demonstrates Baumer’s disaffiliation from the traditional by emphasizing the language of Baumer’s pre- and post-enlistment societies. Baumer either can not, or chooses not to, communicate truthfully with those representatives of his pre-enlistment and innocent days. Further, he is repulsed by the banal and meaningless language that is used by members of that society. As he becomes alienated from his former, traditional, society, Baumer simultaneously is able to communicate effectively only with his military comrades. Since the novel is told from the first person point of view, the reader can see how the words Baumer speaks are at variance with ...

Beloved-water Motif
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... her boys. Sethe, along with Denver, was sent to prison and spent three months there. Buglar and Howard, her two sons, eventually ran away. After about eighteen years, another ex-slave from Sweet Home, Paul D., came to live with Sethe and Denver. A few days later, while coming home from a carnival, Sethe, Paul D., and Denver found a young woman of about twenty on their porch. She claimed her name is Beloved. They took her in and she lived with them. Throughout the novel, Morrison uses many symbols and imagery to express her thoughts and to help us better understand the characters. Morrison uses the motif of water throughout the novel to represent birth, re- ...

Billy Bud: Contrast Between Good And Evil
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... manipulated Billy Budd as did the "wisdom of the serpent" manipulate Adam. Evil always tries to antagonize what is good. Therefore, Claggort was Billy's antagonist throughout Billy Budd. Also symbolic to the novel is the actual demise of both Claggort and Billy Budd. Claggort's death is very short and appropriate "to his navel grade." In contrast, Billy's death occurs during the dawn where " Billy ascended; and ascending took the full rose of the dawn." Claggort's death completely contrasts with the pure death of Billy Budd. Billy's death is portrayed as good, conquering, and symbolic, which directly foils that of Claggort's. Not only using symbolism, Melvi ...

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
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... in Mr. Hyde because Dr. Jekyll’s will has an unusual clause that stipulates that Edward Hyde is to be the sole beneficiary of all of Jekyll’s wealth and property. After some time, Utterson meets up with Hyde entering the door, and he starts a conversation with him. Hyde gets suspicious and hurries inside the door. Utterson then walks around the block and knocks on Dr. Jekyll’s door. After talking to the butler, Utterson finds out that Hyde has complete access to Dr. Jekyll's house. A few night’s later, Utterson goes to a dinner party at Dr. Jekyll’s house and stays late so he can question Jekyll about his will and Hyde. Dr. Jekyll gets aggravated with the d ...

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