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MacBeth: Prophecies
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... to become the Thane of Cawdor, Thane of Glamis, and King of Scotland, maybe Macbeth would not have went on this killing rampage and maybe order would have still been in Scotland. The only thing the prophecies did was, boost Macbeth’s ambition to be king and to control the future. When the witches told Macbeth all these good things, Macbeth felt as if he could not be beaten. He felt as if every thing was going like he wanted it to. That is until he hears the apparitions. The influence of Lady Macbeth also contributed to the fall of Macbeth’s character. Lady Macbeth's character in the beginning reveals that she is a lovable person. We find out later that in ...

Othello: Shakespeare's Most Tragic Play
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... people. “'Devil' he strikes her ‘I have not deserved this.'” (141). Othello changes even more dramatically because of the poison suggestions that Iago has given him. He goes out of control and eventually kills Desdemona thinking that she has did something wrong. Othello has many tragic flaws. He is a really gullible person, for example he was tricked by Iago; thinking that Desdemona was really having an affair with Cassio. “ ` Did he confess it?'” (134). He trusts Iago too much and totally relies on Iago therefore making him really vulnerable to Iago's evilish schemes. Othello's gullibility causes him to be jealous. He let's his jealousy take over, he l ...

Julius Caesar: Brutus’ Character Flaw
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... I, 75) Which means that if Brutus, his best friend, cannot sway Caesar, then no one can. His noble blindness is a bad trait because he is taken advantage of easily. Cassius knows about Brutus’ love for Rome and his closeness to Caesar and he uses that in his plans. Cassius gains Brutus’ trusts as soon as he mentions the danger Rome is in if Caesar becomes king. In all actuality, the main reason Cassius uses Brutus in his plans is for an “insurance policy.” The people know Brutus’ nobility to Caesar and they will think that there was a good reason for Caesar’s assassination since Brutus was the one that committed it. Cassius declares, “Brutus shall lea ...

Movie: Casper - Death And Growth Of Characters
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... killed. Dibs is always helping Ms. Carrigan and one day he gets everyone out of the house and this gives Ms. Carrigan the opportunity to find the treasure. Regeneration is all through the story and it could be called the theme. Regeneration is first shown when Cat’s father gets killed at the bar and they have to use the last of the juice that brings people back to life. But first they had to get it from the evil Ms. Carrigan. The second example is when Cat’s mom comes back for a short time to see Cat and Dr. James, Cat’s father. The last is when Cat’s mom turns Casper back into a boy so that he can dance with Cat at her party. With all the death in the ...

Othello: The Theme Of Right Judgement
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... be done about the expected Turkish invasion. He does not immediately act on the information he receives, instead, he thinks out the steps logically. When he states, "I do not so secure me in the error, but the main article I do approve in the fearful sense (I 3 12-14)," he is showing that he will not rely solely on the information he is receiving, but also use common sense, memory, and understanding, and therefore judge rightly. Only after right judgement was used did he take action, and therefore avoid disaster. The Duke is a model of right judgement who can be compared to other characters in the play to show their weaknesses and shortcomings. In the same scene, r ...

Othello: Discuss The Techniques Iago Used To Manipulate Others
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... technique that he used which didn't nearly play a role as large as the first technique but was important was he was always very careful, in being discovered and by covering his tracks. He knew how to take care of things in precarious situation. There was in my own personal opinion one more technique, and that was that he knew how to use all his options and could use his wits and cunningness. Iago's number one technique was his ability to make people trust him. He had just about everyone spun in Iago's web. Rodrigo, Othello, Cassio, Desdemona, Emilia, and etc. And he got every one of them to trust him, although he still hadn't got Emilia into his web fully. S ...

Can Media Inspire Violent Crimes?
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... Not everyone can distinguish fact from fantasy. Not only is it the irrational people who commit the crimes in our country, but our own children who may errantly be learning from day one that nothing bad will happen to them if they shoot their brother in the head with Daddy's pistol. Studies show that in one week of content analysis of prime-time output on seven New York City channels, there were 3,421 acts and threats of violence observed. Children's fictional entertainment programs had three times the frequency of violent acts or threats recorded in adult programs. (Gunter, p.13). many of these acts were committed without any compensation for th ...

Meet The Simpsons
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... being an exemplary father to his children. The mother on the other hand, was solely responsible for being a typical housewife, while not neglecting the rearing of her children. The children did not have any real responsibility, but they respected their parents and attempted to stay out of trouble. Television shows for the most part in this early era of programming followed among these lines.There has always been at least one show each decade that followed the evolution of American life. In the 1960's, there was the "Andy Griffith Show". In the 1970's, there was a different spin on family life with the show "All in the Family", which did not have the ...

Death Of A Salesman: Willy
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... being the man who does all of his business out of his house and dying a rich and successful man. Furthermore, Willy also dreams of moving to Alaska where he could work with his hands and be a real man. Biff and Happy follow in their father's footsteps in their lofty dreams and unrealistic goals. Biff wastes his life being a thief and a loner; furthermore, Biff, along with happy try to conjure up a crazy idea of putting on a sporting goods exhibition. The problem with Willy is that he never grows up and deals with his obstacles. Willy is also a very stubborn man. He is like a little child that wants to do something their way even though they know that another o ...

A Midsummer Night's Dream: Resolution
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... at hand until Puck mistakes Lysander for Demetrius and causes Lysander to fall desperately in love with Helena. This is the main conflict. Characters that are desperately in love are torn apart by forces they c annot control. Helena is in great anguish because she cannot have Demetrius and now it seems that Lysander is mocking her over this very fact. Hermia is also in terrible pain due to the sudden change of heart seen in her lover. Demetrius is still seeking Hermia with no hope of success and Lysander is trapped in the daze of love for a woman that is not his true love. It is with this feeling of utter helplessness that Shakespeare ends act II. Although th ...

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