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Essays on Book Reports

Race Relations With Huck Finn
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... In The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, the novel shows these classes really well. In the beginning of the novel, we see a little bit of the black class, and how they were treated. “Miss. Watson’s big nigger, named Jim, was setting in the kitchen door, we could see him pretty clear” (14). Jim, Miss. Watson’s run away slave in the story, is part of the black class. We see the sub ordinance that blacks were placed in America, because blacks were not allowed to be in the house, because they were uneducated, and had to be working in the fields. Another example of the classes we put each other into is when Huck, the main character, and ...

All Quiet On The Western Front
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... or virtually anything else; on this basis Paul and him grew quite close. Paul's unit was assigned to lay barbed wire on the front line, and a sudden shelling resulted in the severe wounding of a recruit that Paul had comforted earlier. Paul and Kat again strongly questioned the War. After Paul's company were returned to the huts behind the lines, Himmelstoss appeared and was insulted by some of the members of Paul's unit, who were then only mildly punished. During a bloody battle, 120 of the men in Paul's unit were killed. Paul was given leave and returned home only to find himself very distant from his family as a result of the war. He left in agony knowing tha ...

Their Eyes Were Watching God: Summary
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... ugly caterpillar that kids would go around squishing and people would flick from trees when given the chance, went on to be an ignored sack secured to branch. Nobody pays attention to the fact that beautiful butterflies are the results of these common eyesores. As the caterpillar grew older it matured and changed, from being stuck on land to airborne, from being ugly to beautiful, from being young to old. All living things mature, all things change, wherever time is a variable identities are changing. Janie is no different from these things, she too has a changing identity that can be traced throughout four main parts in the book. Janie is a young girl wh ...

Summary: Lord Of The Flies
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... and not fully aware of "the outside world" suited the characters' ages. The book dealt with our true nature as revealed by the freedom from the disciplinary boundaries of modern society. Chapter 1 The description of the lead character in the beginning of the story, was that of a light-coloured boy who was soon given the name Ralph. Ralph seemed a typical kid. His fair appearance and size made him likeable and gave him an inner-strength of self-confidence. His interaction with Piggy showed that he was not ill-natured. Although he laughed at Piggy's name, it was not with real malice for he had ridiculed his external appearance. Piggy's rather unique att ...

Catcher In The Rye: The Quest For Love
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... somebody or anyone to allocate his love to, but realizes finally, that this love is not necessarily expressed through saving “ the children in the rye” from the time of trial, but actually caring for them and being their friends, during the time of trial. The quest of finding the true love of people is an ongoing dilemma in the lives of many people all throughout the world. The constant need for love is overwhelming, and the tragedy of this great world is the fact that some people do not find the proper love that they deserve. Holden Caulfield is a perfect example of the striving to acquire a love sought all throughout his life. According to this quote, “He is simp ...

The French Lieutenant's Woman By John Fowles
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... valid an ending as the other to him. Traditionally, it would have been up to him to chose one ending and make it final. However it seems he was not able, or did not want to chose just one of the endings to the novel. It would seem that Fowles is trying to be fair to all of the characters by including the various endings which satisfy all of them. Fowles comments that the job of a novelist is "to put two conflicting wants in the ring and describe the fight", which is essentially what he has done. However it is hard to decide for whom to fix the fight in favor of when one owns both fighters. Fowles also briefly mentions allowing "freedom of characters" in his wr ...

Bless Me Ultima: The Growing Up Of A Young Boy
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... people, Tony realizes that good people get bad things. When Tony was playing a game with his peers in which he was the priest, he forgave his freind, Florence, for his sins, even though he stood up to all his peers to do so. When Tony ran 10 miles home to warn Ultima, a kind whitch about Tenorio, whose desire is to destroy her spirit, he realized he or Ultima could both be exterminated. During the run, Tony thought of the future, which he hardly thought of before this event. Almost every child Tony's age was preoccupied with activities, such as playing and horsing around, and certainly not thinking what the future could pertain. This proves Tony understood the ...

Huckleberry Finn: Prejudice And Intolerance
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... There are many other instances in which Clemens uses prejudice as a foundation for the entertainment of his writings such as this quote he said about foreigners in The Innocents Abroad: "They spell it Vinci and pronounce it Vinchy; foreigners always spell better than they pronounce." Even in the opening paragraph of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Clemens states, "Persons attempting to find a motive in this narrative will be prosecuted; persons attempting to find a moral in it will be banished; persons attempting to find a plot in it will be shot." There were many groups that Clemens contrasted in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. The interaction of these dif ...

Reasons For The Downfall Of Ma
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... girls didn't have this problem. They could distinguish between fantasy and reality. This failure to distinguish between the two was Emma's "tragic flaw.' Emma had read about these ideas in books, but instead of viewing these concepts as fantasy, she viewed them as reality, and later in life, acted as if that was the normal thing to do. Anything different, anything that deviated from her current life appealed to Emma. What was new was romantic, exciting, bold, and adventurous. She perceived Charles to be a character from one of her books when she met him. He was fairly attractive, but most of all, he was a doctor! He was a man of power to the meager peasant that Emm ...

A Review: The Day Of The Jackal
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... reader can sense the tension in the air and the feeling of accomplishment when Bastien says, "That's it! One hundred and fifty bullets will have passed through the presidential car by the time it comes abreast of the van. By God we've got it." All this points to Fredrick Forsyth's amazing mood setting talent in this novel. The reader feels at one with the many characters as they each take part in the many small ventures that give rise to the climax. In a scene where the Jackal is purchasing a fake identification card, the reader can tell that the man making the card is an expert. Not because it was mentioned, but because the man has such a large amount of informa ...

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