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Essays on Creative Writing

“Noises In The Dark”
Download This PaperWords: 2468 - Pages: 9

... the past three nights, and it was time for mummy and daddy to share their bed alone tonight. "Well Timmy," she tried to sound sympathetic, "our bed gets really crowded with the three of us in it. That bed was only made for two, you know." Timmy's lips bunched together and his large, round, blue eyes rimmed with tears. "Besides, you've slept with us for the last three nights already. Don't you think it's time you stayed in your own bed?" Timmy shook his head "No". "There, there kiddo," his father soothed, sympathetically tousling the soft locks of blonde on Timmy's head. "Where's my tough little soldier, huh?" Timmy averted his eyes, attempting to avoid his f ...

Personal Writing: Christmas Memories
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... Christmas odur engulfs me, and makes my mouth water. As I yell "HELLO" I hear voices laughing, talking, and asking who's at the door? In the next second "Millions" of relatives are giving me there greetings and gladly inviting us into the house. As my family and I are quickly made comfortable, I look around..... Plates full of Christmas pastries, Christmas decorations, and Christmas music lightly penetrates the air as the family socializes with each other. The constant murmer of the voices, serves as a background for the music. My cousins are running making their laps around the living room while playing tag and laughing to their hearts content. I hear a voic ...

Hobby And Sport
Download This PaperWords: 424 - Pages: 2

... to the new world of errorlevels, internal and external commands etc. The first programs I made were simple and useless. For example a sequence which generates random circles, at random places, in random colors on the screen. Or a program which asks you how old you are, and how many cigarettes you smoke everyday. Then it tells you if you smoke too much. These programs are not useful because they don't satisfy any of the two demands: 1) It doesn't fulfill any of my needs. 2)It's not suitable for a wider audience. Today, the list of programs I have made, satisfy in a much more professional way those simple requirements. I have made, in cooperation with a friend, ...

A Picture Painted By Nature
Download This PaperWords: 525 - Pages: 2

... palette of colors including vivid blues, smart greens, and tantalizing reds has taken its place. the colors seem to come alive in the sunshine, portraying that sunlight seems to be theperfect compliment to this picture painted by nature. Once you step across the threshold seperating my patio from my yard and stand outside you can actually grope the image of my backyard with your eyes, it is clear that grass is the most abundant commodity here. there must be at least a billion blades of healthy green sheathes penetrating up from fertile chocolate brown soil. the only discoloration that is visible on each blade occurs on their tops. these tops were once a ...

My Stock Track Portfolio
Download This PaperWords: 1831 - Pages: 7

... real Intel. I didn't actually know anything about the company, but people in class were talking about it so I figured I would give it a shot. All the kids in class were buying stock in computer software and upcoming telecommunications companies. I really didn't know anything about them so I bought a stock called Nextlink communications. I have no idea what the company is about, but it did pretty well so I was happy. Then I bought NPC International Inc., just because I wanted more stocks and it sounded good. I bought Music Land stores because I play the guitar and I love music so I had to buy that stock. I already own Walt Disney stock in real life. My gra ...

Spy Games - Creative Essay
Download This PaperWords: 8781 - Pages: 32

... lying. We preferred to refer to it as clouding the truth. Many of us wanted to become employed in the intelligence area. So really, we though of it more as an act of deception. We took our game very seriously. In fact we never even referred to is as a game. Mostly because we were working our maneuvers on real people who didn't know we were just a group of teenagers pretending to be spies. Every week we'd have at least one meeting at my house to talk about how things were going. Sometimes depending on the case or goal we were pursuing, the meetings would run on into the late of night. I guess it could be said that I was leader of our group. The meetings ...

The Real Sucker
Download This PaperWords: 467 - Pages: 2

... got the name "Sucker" from being so gullible. One time he jumped off his garage roof with an open umbrella because Pete told him he would float down to the ground. It turned out all that happened was Sucker got a busted knee. Sucker was like any child his age. He talked to himself when he was alone, he would fight off gangsters and also pretend he was a cowboy. He was a healthy kid but he kept to himself mostly. When Pete met Maybelle Watts this had an immediate effect on Sucker because Pete was actually treating him nicely. Sucker was flamboyant, talkative and always had a smile on his face when Pete was around. One time when the two of them went to bed th ...

Personal Writing: Life In Junior High
Download This PaperWords: 752 - Pages: 3

... circumstances I had to switch school districts. No longer did I see my friends, I was like a little duck lost in a big pond. There were different faces, different looks, and a different feel. I can truthfully say that the first day of school was one of the worst days of my life. I had never been so far away from my friends. That year, nevertheless, still saw me pass with a 3.5 grade point average. Still, something was missing. My best friends were all gone. While they were busy enjoying high school together, by contrast, it was hard for me to make friends. I was so caught up at leaving my old friends that being sociable seemed non-existent. I was insecure ...

Creative Writing: The Ice Cave
Download This PaperWords: 142 - Pages: 1

... down, the icy walls creates a shiver at the slightest touch. The black, elusive ground, makes a sound like a quivering stew. All around the foundation, bloody clawmarks indent the frosty barrier. Fingernails screeching fills the dark space. One, two, three, steps more, and the tail of a snowy bushed monster creeps out from around the corner. It's ample structure growls throughout the barren, frozen lair. Once it's boisterous voice has echoed throughout the entire cavern, the mysterious creature peers from around the enclosed corner. Waiting, watching with hungry eyes and a ravenous mouth. ...

My Cultural Experiences And Their Influence
Download This PaperWords: 428 - Pages: 2

... the less fortunate people, I was truly ecstatic. It is a great feeling to know you contributed in helping the community. My cultural experiences in life taught me many of the great lessons in life. My Thai culture influenced me to become who I am. I believe that in order for a person to clearly understand their own culture, they have to go research and experience it themselves. Playing Thai traditional instrument manifests one of my researches. I learned to cooperate, function and focus with other people. I also learned to try my best as a leader of the band with full responsibilities and never give up. My other research would be my relation with my religio ...

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