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Essays on English

Jane Eyre 3
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... interested enough in the novel to keep reading. The mystery is a mystery itself, there is a secret at Thornfield and Jane can sense this. Then there is the mystery of the person who committed this act of violence. Jane suspects who it might be, but she is not for sure. To find out the mystery of the house and the person who did it a person has to solve it. Finally, there is the characterization of Bertha. From the way Rochester talks about Bertha at first she seems pretty normal, but he says how she become after they get married. She turned into someone he did not know, a crazy psychopath, mad woman. Rochester wanted to hide this from everyone even Jane, Bertha care ...

The Great Gatsby
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... and ambition were the driving forces. "He stretched out his arms toward the dark water in a curious way...and distinguished nothing except a single green light" (Fitzgerald, 26). This shows how Gatsby was striving for his goal, trying to accomplish it but not finding it to be within realistic reach. This quote relates to Gatsby's daily agenda and how in his earlier days he upholds the pure American Dream: "No wasting time at Shafters, No more smoking or chewing, Read one improving book or magazine per week, Save $3.00 per week, Be better to parents"(Fitzgerald, 181-182). Nick says, "I became aware of the old island here that flowered once for Dutch sailors' ey ...

Dream Of A Long Fur Coat; Judg
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... has on her back 150 hours of torture.” This is an opinion that has no factual evidence to back it. Drews also feels that it is immoral to raise fur bearing animals because they are prevented from carrying on their life as the would in nature. However, she fails to mention that common animals such as cattle, goats, pigs, ducks, geese, and sheep have been domesticated to live in pins the same ways that animals being used for fur are being domesticated. She also forgets to tell her audience that these animals were once wild animals captured and bred for food and clothing in the same way the fur bearing animal are. Drew also states “as high as 95% o ...

Persuasive Essay Gay And Lesbi
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... and activist groups around the country. They are not fighting for gay rights, but for human rights. As stated in the Constitution of the United States, "All people are created equal." These organizations are fighting for equality. We all deserve the same basic rights whether we are gay, straight, black, or white. No one deserves to be judged, discriminated against, or treated unfairly. These groups also try to strengthen the gay and lesbian movement at the state and local level while connecting these activities to a national vision of change. All they want is freedom to live their lives, to perform the same rituals as heterosexuals, such as hold a job a ...

Fifth Business
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... Dunstan by Diana after Saint Dunstan. Dunstan’s study of saints becomes his passion and he later travels around the world in search of information about several living saints. During his search for saints, Dunstan coincidentally comes across Le grande Cirque forain de St. Vile and Illusions, a circus where Paul Dempster preformed magic. This clearly indicates how Dunstan is related to both magic and religion. Paul Dempster, another character in the novel illustrates the relationship between magic and religion. Paul is the son of Mary Dempster who Dunstan considered to be a saint. His father, Amasa Dempster is the Baptist parson of Deptford and is considered to ...

Atticus Finch In To Kill A Moc
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... family is not wealthy. This shows he wants his children to know what is going on. Another reason Atticus shows he is a great father is he is a good role model for his children. Atticus shows this when he can walk away from tough situations. Such as when Mr. Ewell spit in his face. he remains very calm and cool about the situation. When this happened you could tell he was trying to hold back not fighting in front of Jem Atticus Finch is also a very good Christian. One way is he is not a racist man. He has dedicated himself to defend Tom Robinson. Not even thinking twice about his race. This shows that he has very good morals. In hard times Atticus Finch kept faith. ...

The Danger Of Having Been Blac
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... with a certain realism. Sometimes I explain to myself that the history ofsegregation could not be otherwise. It would have been difficult for the master to accept equality with the former slave. However, the way that Maya has described the situation in the book tells how horrible it was at that time. First of all, growing up black and female as she said was very painful. At Stamps, where as a child she was raised, the first act that made her burst in tears was when the three little powhitetrash girls were mocking Momma her grandmother. They were calling her by the first name instead of the last name. " Bye, Annie." Although, they were living o ...

Mark Twain - Huckleberry Finn
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... family moved to Hannibal, Missouri, a small town on the west bank of the Mississippi River. The Mississippi River and the towns along it were used as the setting in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. In his novel, he used the familiar dialect he was exposed to. He stated at the beginning of the novel, “the Missouri Negro dialect; the extremist form of the backwoods Southwestern dialect; the ordinary Pike County dialect... are used to wit...”. In Huckleberry Finn, as they traveled down the Mississippi River, the values of Huck and Jim were contrasted against those of the people living in the southern United States. Huck (the narrator and one of the ma ...

Summary Of Slaughterhouse-five
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... travels with Bernard V. O'Hare in Dresden in 1967. While in a taxi, they see the slaughterhouse where they had been kept as prisoners during World War II. We are slowly introduced to Billy Pilgrim, who was born in Illium, New York, in 1922. He is tall and weak, and not ambitious. He became rich partly by his good fortune an partly because he marries a rich woman. Billy was in the infantry in Europe in World War II as a chaplain's assistant. He was taken prisoner by the Germans, and kept in the slaughterhouse along with Vonnegut in Dresden. He survived the Allied bombing along with Vonnegut only because the meat locker where he was kept was under ...

Viderunt Omnes By Magister Leo
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... Ensemble Organum (C. 1990), features a much freer rhythmic approach. These will be referred to as "metric" and "free" respectively. The metric version has a Western feel that would seem more "correct" to ears of European leaning (or learning). Much as we tend to view the past through the prism of today, those who eventually set these ancient chants in standardized notation saw them through an equally tainted gaze. The Benedictine monks left most ornamentation out of their chant settings (C. 1900) because they viewed it as an 18th Century tradition.1 This bias, along with a need to have an easily learnable piece of music, tended to simplify, rather than embe ...

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