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Essays on Medicine

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... much less efficient until it stops working altogether. The first drug that was approved by the American Food and Drug administration for use in treating the AIDS virus is called AZT, which stands for azido-thymidine. AZT was released under the brand name of Retrovir and it's chemical name is Zidovudine, or ZDV. The structural name of AZT is 3'-azido-3'- deoxythymidine. AZT works by inhibiting the process of copying DNA in cells. More specifically, AZT, inhibits the reverse transcriptase enzyme, which is involved in the DNA replication process. When DNA is replicating in a cell, there is a specific enzyme that works along one side of the original DNA strand ...

Abortion - Pro-Choice
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... as the "land of the free", as sung daily by many in "The Star Spangled Banner". Knowing that many women's autonomy has been taken away, how can we, Americans, who claim to be people of liberty, say the words of "The Star Spangled Banner" in good conscience? Females have been told what to do with and how to treat their bodies. If the right to self-determination is taken away, what will be decided for us next? What we can wear? What we can read and what we can say? Possibly even how we can act? This is not the American way! In fact, it is unconstitutional. We must be aware of this lack of freedom and see to it that women receive it. Sadly, there are man ...

Anorexia Nervosa
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... to be perfect, sometimes obtaining an obsessive-compulsive disorder. Many anorexic people are usually good students, and involved in many things, to keep them busy and moving. However, the pressure comes out when a grade drops, or when an emotion triggers. Many anorectics seem to be part of a very close, constricted families, having a special relationship with one of the parents. Anorectics are often highly conforming people an anxious to please, even obsession in their habits. There are also many problems caused by . Girls with stop having their menstrual periods, which is also called amenorrhea People with anorexia have excessively dry skin, and have thin ...

AIDS: US Made?
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... back to a destruction or a functional failure of the T4-lymphocytes, also called 'helper cells`, which play a regulatory role in the production of antibodies in the immune system." In the course of the illness, the number of functional T4- cells is reduced to such an extent that new anti-bodies cannot be produced and the defenseless patient remains exposed to a range of infections that under other circumstances would have been harmless. Most AIDS patients die from opportunistic infections rather than from the AIDS virus itself. The initial infection is characterized by diarrhea, erysipelas and intermittent fever. An apparent recovery follows after 2-3 weeks ...

Memory Systems
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... in STM through rehearsal is gradually absorbed into LTM. Unlimited capacity or tip-of-the-tongue phenomenon is a temporary inability to remember something you know. Forgetting due to proactive interference (past information interferes with access to new information), retroactive interference (newly acquired information interferes with access to old information), and lack of an adequate retrieval cue. A study plan that I would use to improve my ability to remember class and textbook materials would be to become organized, physical, clear, and smart. Being organized would be to learn from general to specific, getting on overview as a framework on which to han ...

Pesticides And Their Harmful Affects
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... from the people who are supposed to protect society? These questions when asked only lead to more questions. Until things are done to change the systems of pesticide usage universally, society can never be sure as to the long term effects on our environment and what they are eating or giving to the future of our world, the children. In some foreign countries pesticides are used more frequently with legislative control than in the United States. In Mexico and South America, for example, many of the pesticides that the United States and Europe have banned, wind up being used on a majority of their produce crops. The largest problem with this is that Europe and the Uni ...

Anorexia Nervosa
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... concern with dieting is established. Nobody knows what triggers the disease process, but suddenly, losing five to ten pounds is not enough, the anorectic patients becomes intent on losing weight. It is not uncommon for someone who develops the disorder to starve itself, until she weighs just 60 or 70 pounds. Throughout the starvation process, the patients either deny being hungry or claim to have full stomach after eating just a few bites. This disease occurs at any stage of development, but emerges first in adolescence. Recent estimates suggest that out of every 200 American girls between the ages of 12 and 18, one will develop anorexia to some degree. While mos ...

Lucid Dreaming: Asleep And Aware
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... dreaming was first used by the Dutch psychiatrist Fredrick van Olen in 1913. It simply means "clear dreaming" (Blackmore 363). Surveys and research have shown that 50 percent of all Americans have had at least one lucid dream in their life that they could recall (Lucid Dreaming 365). When a dreamer becomes lucid there are physical changes on the outside of the body and brain patterns also change. There are usually pauses in breathing and changes in heart rate. The amount of brain activity is more heightened than that of a regular dream, but less than when waking. It has also been observed that a person having a lucid dream shows more brain activity than a ...

Legalizing Physician Assisted Suicide
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... of dying quickly, rather than being forced to stay alive and endure a condition of medical degradation that is irreversible. This end of life decision returns the matter of choice to the patient in controlling the kind of treatment received in the final days of life. The dying individual regains dignity and respect in this difficult right to die issue. There are several terms related to euthanasia that must be understood. In this country the most widely used right to die policy comes in the form of refusing medical treatment. This term is known as passive euthanasia. This is the allowing of the disconnection of life support equipment or stopping of life- ...

Use Of Marijuana As Medicine
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... internal pressure of the eyes of glaucoma patients, and to prevent the “wasting syndrome” in AIDS and cancer patients (“Marijuana for the Sick” A10). As an alternative to using actual marijuana, modern science has developed a synthetic form of THC, the active chemical in marijuana. However, this synthetic drug, called Marinol, is useless for most everyday treatment because it has the unpleasant side effect of being a powerful sedative. A member of Milwaukee's AIDS community, said that a friend of his was taking Marinol to increase his appetite: “He spends the whole day laughing and watching movies...He can't even drive a car because he's so out of it.” (3/25/97) ...

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