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Essays on Religion

Myth In The Bible
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... reenactment of the stories we achieve participation in the truth-content and reality-content. Thus there are two forms by which the literature in general can be viewed. The two forms are in dialectical and analogical imagination. Dialectical imagination is to look at something for what it literally is. Generally, Protestants view their bible in this way. Analogical imagination is to look at the words and consider them to be metaphors for what is really meant. The Catholics view the bible in this way. We use metaphors in this way to confront the world, and the scripture is written this way. Older myths of creation that are more primitive and ultimately cl ...

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... He calls all people to believe in Him and worship Him. Because He is also just, on the Last Day He will judge every person according to his deeds. On the Last Day, all the dead will be resurrected and either rewarded with heaven or punished with hell. The life of each Muslim is always within the community of the faithful, all are declared to be "brothers to each other," with he mission to "enjoin good and forbid evil." Within the community, Muslims are expected to establish social and economic justice. They are also expected to carry their message out to the rest of the world. In the early ic community, this meant the use of force in the form of jihad, or hol ...

The Church Is Foundation In Christ
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... embraces body soul and spirit so that they can become the vessel of God's Word" (Figures of the Church, p. 199). The Incarnation is possible through Mary who, by virtue of her faith, is "pre-redeemed." She accepts an Incarnation and the redemption inherent within it. Her assent is made possible: …by the Incarnation and the Cross (in her "anticipated redemption") and which is, at the same time, one of the conditions required for the Incarnation, accomplishing the unity of the conditions required for the Incarnation, accomplishing the unity of 'one flesh' and yet laying the foundation, precisely therein, for the radical opposition between head and body, L ...

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... name : for he shall save his people from their sins" (Matthew 1:21). said, "I am come in my Father's name," and, "The Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost,...the Father will send in my name" (John 5:43; 14:26). Thus by baptizing in the name of , we honor the Godhead. "For in him dwelleth all the fullness of the Godhead bodily" (Colossians 2:9). Luke 24:45-47 records that just before His ascension, opened the disciples' understanding. It was necessary that their understanding be opened, and many today need this same operation in order to understand the Scriptures. Then said to them, "Thus it is written, and thus it behoved Christ to suffer, and to rise from the de ...

Revealing The Mistakes Of Puritanism
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... to condemn the rigidity of Puritanism. For example, Hawthorne uses a wide variety of diction to create a mystical and hopeless mood. As Brown walks into the “dreary” forest, an “ uncertain” feeling comes over him as he looks ahead to the “gloom” awaiting him. The forest is very dark and dreary and these words help create the eerie mood. These words create an insecure and unsure feeling in the reader's mind. The reader feels as if he stands right there on the outskirts of the forest along with Brown. That type of feeling scares even the bravest of men. Hawthorne also describes the events taking place in the forest as “devilish,” “horrid,” and “evil.” Evil c ...

Judaism And Christianity
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... in Judaism people didn’t reject the existance of the other gods in the beginning but they believed in only one god. Unlike Judaism, Jesus refused to accept the existance of other gods. are similar religions interms of basic concepts. Both in Christianity and Judaism, there is a baptism ceremony which cristians perform a ceremony of sprinkling a person with holly water. Baptism was important for both religions because people are purified from orignal sin. Easter, which is a resurrection of Christ, christmas and eucharist, which means a ritual meal of bread and wine distributed among the members, are the rituals in Christianity. On the other hand, Judaism has circ ...

Ancient Greek Beliefs Of Religion And Death Differs From Other Cultures
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... of war and wisdom, is discussing the matter of Odysseus with Zeus, the head god and god of sky (Homer 10). Of course these are not the only Greek gods and goddesses. Other examples of Greek gods and goddesses are Apollo, god of music, poetry, medicine, archery, and young unmarried men and Hestes, goddess of the home. As you can see, the Greeks believed in many gods unlike the people of the Jewish fate who believed in one god. The Jewish god does not have an emblem that which it is represented by. The belief is that the god is represented by everything. For example, members of the Jewish religion believe god is everywhere, in everything, and represented by eve ...

The Existence Of God
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... and scientists of our world. I will show that there is no sufficient proof or comprehensive arguments for . God generally refers to one supreme, holy, personal being, The divine unity of ultimate good-ness and of ultimate reality. St. Anselm of Canterbury developed what we have learned to be the ontological argument. He began his argument by saying that even a fool can grasp or understand the concept of “a being than of which nothing greater can be conceived.” He continues to state that a fool would say that the concept of this being’s existence is only in his mind and in the mind of others but not in reality. However he also admits to the possibility of this bein ...

Eve And The Apple
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... her eyes would be opened, knowing both good and evil. But at the time Eve made her decision, she did not have the knowledge of good and evil. Eve did not know the serpent could be Satan incarnate, nor did she know that her desire to become a goddess would be a sin. The main reason Eve eats the apple is because she wants to become a Goddess. The serpent said that he was a beast and after eating the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil he became more human like. Eve was enticed by the words of the serpent who said that "If the fruit makes a serpent like a man, it should make men like gods." (Line 710: "That ye should be as Gods, since I as man, In ...

The Unholy Crusade
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... actions. The movie Platoon reenacts this theme in a modern true life event. After World War II, America demonstrated itself to be arguably the most powerful nation. When communism threatened Vietnam, America acted to defend its democratic belief by sending troops over to thwart the communist attempts. Stone uses the war to portray the failed attempt due to the exploits of the American soldiers. In one scene, Barnes (Tom Berenger) and Bunny (Kevin Dillon), mercilessly kill several innocent villagers. Later in the same scene, some soldiers are caught raping a village woman. The actions taken by the soldiers are Stone's comparison to the Spanish explorer ...

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