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Hamlet And King Lear: Villians
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... character. It is this moral worth which gives a character depth; the audience can feel sympathy and hatred at once for a villain who feels remorse. Whereas a character of pure evil lacks depth in that he only has one purpose; to better himself at the expense of others. Upon comparison of Edmund and Claudius' language one witnesses a stark contrast in the moral worth of each character. Although one might argue that both are cruel murderers, there still remains a large moral gap between Edmund and Claudius. The choice of language by a character often reveals insight into his character. The use of literary devices such as symbolism, irony, and double meaning all ...

Stuck In The Middle
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... movies. It depends on how you look at it. I'll set-up the scene in the movie where it is being played, try and follow me... The five criminals hired go by color-coded names . During the heist the cops show and things got out of control. Two of the robbers were shot and killed after Mr. Blonde, the "on the edge" gangster started shooting up the place when an employee triggered the alarm. Mr. White and Mr. Orange (an undercover cop) escaped the scene and headed for the hideout where all the men were supposed to meet. On the way to the hideout Mr. Orange was shot, he was bleeding severely but the injury was not life threatening. Shortly after their arrival ...

The Crucible
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... out of mind. I’ll not be comin’ for you more.” (1045) Abigail insisted that Proctor still wanted her, but he said, “…I will cut off my hand before I’ll ever reach for you again.” (1046) This only made Abigail angry. She then started blaming Elizabeth and others in the village for blackening her name. At this point in the story, Abigail really started to show her evil nature. She wanted no more of Elizabeth, so she could have Proctor all to herself. She drank blood, the charm, and danced in the woods as a means of witchcraft to end Elizabeth’s life. Abigail said: I want to open myself! I want the light of God, I want the sweet love of Jesus! I danced for ...

Julius Caesar: Conspiracy Theory
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... spouting on about "the common good, and the honor of Rome?" Most, if not all of them, seem to have the ability to gain from Caesar's demise. Even if they were all acting for the greater good, no man can be held accountable for crimes he might commit in the future. In a tragic play, the protagonist is plagued by a "fatal flaw" in his or her personality. Usually the flaw leads to the protagonist's demise or downfall. Brutus' fatal flaw is that he is too trusting. Brutus is an honorable man, who foolishly believes that those around him are just as honest and noble as himself. He just wants what is best for the Republic, and the conspirators convince him that C ...

Motion Picture Directing
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... equipment needed to produce a film. A director must constantly be checking with costume, lighting, and set designers(Ruthven). It also contains knowing how to use a camera and use it to film scenes in many different cases. Jeanette Ruthven states that a director will have to review the script, meet with designers, pan for filming times, and set many events which takes many types of skills. A director must also know how to deal with a cast and it's many problems. These skills and talents that are required to direct a single scene or an entire movie is entirely up to the director. A director has many jobs that must be known and taken care of in order to produce ...

The Taming Of The Shrew: Katherine
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... No one wanted to marry Katherine until Petruchio arrives in Padua to find a wife. “I come to wives it wealthy in Padua; If wealthy, then happily in Padua” (ShakespeareIii76-77). He and one of Bianca's suitors, Luciento had a conversation. As a joke, Luciento mentioned to Petruchio marry Katherine. Petruchio though of the profit and thought it could be great. “Petruchio can have no illusions about the fabled shrew, Katherine, for others are quick to tell him quite frankly what to expect”(Vaughn27). Petruchio and Katherine's father meet and decide that Petruchio will get twenty-thousand crowns if he weds Katherine. Petruchio and Katherine meet and they do not start o ...

The Sea Dogs... Puppets In A Political War
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... that he accumulated the most wealth of anyone in the pirating business (Wood 102). Sir Walter Raleigh was another sea dog, but he didn't prove to be as successful (Cochran 32). Another pirate during the Middle Ages was John Hawkins. He robbed the Spaniards of slaves and riches (Cochran 26). Together these three men were accountable for what would be worth millions and millions of dollars being converted from Spanish hands to English. These three sea dogs were not just part time pirates though. Pirating was their main job. William Wood stated that, “...(Spaniards) they were only naval amateurs, compared with the trained professional sea dogs.” Drake alone was ...

Hamlet: Contrast Plays A Major Role
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... and the graveyard here, which further intensifies the effect. The clowns chatter about their work in a carefree manner, even going so far as to play with a riddle ( " What is he that builds stronger ... carpenter" V,1,41-42). Shakespeare even went so far as to include his puns in this grave scene (V,1,120). Hamlet himself experiences a temporary lightening of mood from listening to the gravediggers' conversation. Their carefree treatment of death singing while digging graves, not to mention tossing skulls in the air) is a parallel to Hamlet's newfound attitude. After having committed himself to his cause in Act IV, he is no longer bothered by the paradox of ...

Romeo And Juliet: Chance And Its Role
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... it was fated to happen and they would still die if they were going the speed limit. I believe that Romeo & Juliet dug there own holes with bad decisions. Chance plays a major part in the story. Everything starts in the very beginning when Montegue and Capulet servants just happen to cross paths in a public place. This is a chance meeting. Coincidence cannot be involved now because it is too early in the story. Also by chance, the servants are talking of their hatred of the other family and there unwillingness to bear insults. The opening line of the play is, "Gregory, on my word, we'll not carry coals. "(pg.6)" Meaning he will not stand for any insults ...

A Midsummer Night's Dream: Role Of Puck
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... is trying to fix something he disrupted, hence the name Goodfellow When compared to Oberon, King of the Fairies and Titania, Queen of the Fairies and the remaining fairies of the play, Puck does not seem to fit in as well. While Oberon and Titania belong to the forest and the world of dainty fairies, a small village setting seems more appropriate for Puck. He is the type of fairy that likes to be around mortals and cause them trouble, as opposed to other fairies. This is why Puck's little job with a love potion and a young couple is perfect for him and he perfect for the job. Puck is a likable character who tends to create mischief around himself. Eve ...

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