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The Silence Of The Lambs
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... nights to escape the nightmares that she so longs to end. She believes deep down that if she catches Buffalo Bill herself she will sleep soundly in the silence of the lambs. My first interpretation of Clarice was that she was very bright and observant. She reads people very well and is quick to make an accurate judgement, as in with Frederick Chilton, the prison warden. I believed that she was a very strong woman and was very careful to appear that way to others. Clarice Starling did have a large change in herself. She began the story with a careful mentality; a risk would have been unheard of. She was always making sure she was doing something to the ...

Review Of Musical Singin In The Rain
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... and vain, a combination which he privately despises while they show a united, romantic front to their adoring public. After the successful showing, Don is forced to escape from his voracious fans by leaping into a passing car driven by Kathy Selden (Debbie Reynolds). She is amazed but plays it cool, pretending not to recognise Don and putting down the talents of movie actors. Although Kathy pretends to be a real stage actress, her abilities become obvious to Don when she leaps out of a cake at the after-show party. An even bigger upset occurs when studio owner R.F. Simpson (Millard Mitchell) shows a new talking picture, which is dismissed as a passing fad ...

The Media
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... that the only reason that big news companies just need filler for their network, so they go to another country to find some story on miserable people. If I was in some tribe in Africa or something I would not want anyone bothering me by putting a camera in my face. I would want the money to buy food, but if someone over in America just needed my story for filler, I wouldn't be too happy. It should be the tribe's leader that should have to get the tribe out of trouble in any way that he could. It is not our business to send them our money to get food for the people that got themselves into trouble, but I think it makes people feel good to donate things to nee ...

The Fool In King Lear
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... father that she loved her father as a daughter should. Enraged at his youngest daughter's reply, Lear drove her into exile and divided the kingdom between his two eldest daughters. However, his two eldest daughters infuriated him with their cruel treatment thereafter. Hence, the king went in search of his youngest daughter. His youngest daughter had married the king of France while she was gone. His youngest daughter returned with him two Britain and helped him to regain hi throne. Shakespeare utilized this British legend to create what is arguably one of the greatest tragedies of all time. Shakespeare took this British legend and conceptualized it to fit his au ...

Springer Vs. Winfrey: The Battle Of The Talk Show Giants
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... and are going to confess. But the boyfriends are in for yet another surprise. It turns out some of the women have been seeing other women instead of other men. Another episode dealt with a man who cut off his genitals because he claimed his homosexual neighbor was stalking him. Shocking, but the list of dangerous love triangles, broken homes, devil worshipers and the popular talk topic of the Klu Klux clan goes on. The Springer show is a display and misuse of societiesí moral tragedies. Yet people love to be voyeurs to the moral dilemmas of others. Oprah Winfrey was once a follower of the same trash TV format, but her long running popular TV t ...

Othello: Iago - "O, Beware, My Lord, Of Jealousy"
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... partially by Roderigo's jealousy: he is infatuated with Desdemona and has been for some time. He is willing to do anything to win her love. He is jealous that Desdemona loves Othello and not him. In accordance with the definition of jealousy, Roderigo desires the possessions of another. It is this jealousy which moves him to do many evil things in the play. He pays Iago large amounts of money to conjure up a scheme to acquire Desdemona. He gives in to Iago at the beginning of the play. In effect he has become the villian's disciple. By doing this, he himself has adopted the green-eyed monster image. In act two, he is prompted by Iago to cause a commotion ...

Paul Bernardo
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... At the time film was enough to feed his growing desire for kinky sex. He was content to just watch and not act out what he saw on the videos. Through the steady diet of grotesque video's he became of aware of the type of women he wanted through what he saw. He lusted a women who was submissive and eager to please. This was the beginning of his abnormal sexual behavior. One year out of high school, Paul began his journey into the world of sexual control were he dated a sixteen year old high school student. This girl perfectly fit the description of Pauls ideal in being naive and unsophisticated. Over the three and one half years Paul was with her he used her ...

Oedipus Rex
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... still a child. The kind old shepard could not bring himself to kill a innocent little boy so he gave him to a passing messenger to take as his own. When Oedipus was older he learned of this prophecy and left home because he loved his foster father who he believed to be his real father. A while after he ran away he traveling down a road when he saw a coach coming. It contained his true father, King Laios of Thebes and his bodyguards. When they almost ran him over Oedipus attacked them killing the bodyguards and his father, thinking that they were highway bandits, and by doing so he unwittingly fulfilled the prophecy. When he realizes this he is devastated. ...

Macbeth: Superstitions
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... have several beliefs in superstitions. Some of these superstitions include that they believe in witches, ghosts, destiny, and the foretelling of the future. This essay will investigate superstitions and how they are used in the play Macbeth. Witches were believed by many people in Shakespeare's day. The supernatural was believed by everyone from the educated to the non-educated. When something was not explainable they would relate that problem to the supernatural, even though today that same problem was explainable in scientific terms. The witches in this play are named by Shakespeare as the "weird Sisters". These witches had all the features of witches in ...

Movie Review Of My Dinner With Andre
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... objects, including those that are inanimate. In this situation, Andre explains how in order to ensure that everything is treated with equal respect, everything deserves a name. He describes how, in his travels, he "met" a refrigerator who was named and a stove that was names something else. He said that in naming these objects, you would refrain from taking better care of one than the other or taking them for granted. He even made the parallel between the respect you have for these objects and the respect you would have for your wife. With all of this in mind, one must understand that this interpretation is one of the most common of the modern world, a wor ...

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