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Essays on Book Reports

Sympathy For Macbeth
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... he was bad luck, but because he wanted too. He liked to be around the old man and listen to what he had to say. When the old man would look at Manolin he would see himself at a younger age, someone who cared more about the elderly and their heritage than the new ways bestowed on them. Manolin symbolized the disciples of Jesus. The ones who would follow him to his death and then go out and preach his ways. He believes in the old man and takes charge and tells all the other fisherman to stay away from Santiago after his return. He would take care of the old man when he said to him “Keep warm old man. Remember we are in September.” Manolin only wa ...

Alice Munros Boys And Girls
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... a mandatory and necessary experience. Alice Munro's creation of an unnamed and therefore undignified, female protagonist proposes that the narrator is without identity or the prospect of power. Unlike the narrator, the young brother Laird is named – a name that means "lord" – and implies that he, by virtue of his gender alone, is invested with identity and is to become a master. This stereotyping in names alone seems to suggest that gender does play an important role in the initiation of young children into adults. Growing up, the narrator loves to help her father outside with the foxes, rather than to aid her mother with "dreary and peculiarly depres ...

Great Expectations- Morals
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... are, not for what they look like or how much power and money they have. Pip shows us the importance of how to use your morals to become a better person. I believe that Pip's telling of the story is pvitaols because it teaches us right from wrong. The first stage Pip went through in his moral development was fear. In this stage, Pip's main excuse for his actions was his fear of punishment. Pip displayed this because Mrs. Joe was constantly beating and threatening him. This kind of behavior made Pip very sensitive and easily swayed in his thoughts. A specific example of Pip acting out of fear was when he met Magwitch, his convict, on the marshes and was told to b ...

Themes Of Animal Imagery In... A Doll House
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... Nora decides to leave Torvald, saying that he "never understood [her]" and that he "never loved [her]." That, in my opinion was the truth. Nora Helmer was a delicate character. She had been pampered all of her life, by her father, and by Torvald. She really didn't have a care in the world. She didn't even have to care for the children; the maid would usually take care of that. In every sense of the word, she was your typical housewife. She never left the house, mostly because her husband was afraid of the way people "would talk." I do not know if but a few people knew about their marriage, and that was they way Torvald wanted it to be. It really wasn't her fault ...

Red Badge Of Courage
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... going to war as Henry, while Jim was confident about the success of the new regiment. Henry started to realize after a few days of marching, that their regiment was just wandering aimlessly, going in circles, like a vast blue demonstration. They kept marching on without purpose, direction, or fighting. Through time Henry started to think about the battles in a different way, a more close and experienced way, he started to become afraid that he might run from battle when duty calls. He felt like a servent doing whatever his superiors told him. When the regement finally discovers a battle taking place, Jim gives Henry a little packet in a yellow envelope, telling Hen ...

Kurt Vonnegut
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... philosophy has been his participation in World War II. During the war, Vonnegut served in the American army in Europe and was captured by German soldiers. As a prisoner of war, he witnessed the Allied bombing of the city of Dresden, in which more than 135,000 people died due to the resulting fires (Draper, 3785). This experience had a profound impact on Vonnegut. From it, he developed his existential personal philosophy and his ideas about the evils of technology. He states, "I am the enemy of all technological progress that threatens mankind" (Nuwer, 39). The influence of Dresden shows up in each of the novels. In Cat's Cradle, one element of his experience a ...

A Thing Of Beauty Is A Joy For
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... I can only agree when Cedric Watts wrote that it is a `richly resourceful yet alert and unsentimental’. Keats creates a sumptuousness which reflects the beauty he has found in Autumn. The intonation within the first stanza is almost of excitement, as if this beauty has suddenly unleashed itself onto his senses, its effect is more powerful than the drug induced mood in `Nightingale`. The first line introduces us to the personified autumn. The exclamatory phrase `mellow fruitfulness` heightens the syntax tone immediately and prepares the reader for a stanza rich in tactile and visual images which intensify this opening. The beauty of autumn is emphasised ...

Book Report: The Hot Zone By Richard Preston
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... Zaire virus. Ebola Zaire is the most lethal of all strains of Ebola. It is so lethal that nine out of ten of its victims die. Later, the geniuses at USAMRIID found out that it wasn't Zaire, ! but a new strain of Ebola, which they named Ebola Reston. This was added to the list of strains: Ebola Zaire, Ebola Sudan, and now, Reston. These are all level-four hot viruses. That means there are no vaccines and there are no cures for these killers. In 1976 Ebola climbed out of its primordial hiding place in the jungles of Africa, and in two outbreaks in Zaire and Sudan wiped out six hundred people. But the virus had never been seen outside of Africa and the consequences o ...

The Last Of The Mohicans
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... romantic writing. The novel takes place in the American frontier. It is a place of “…wild and virgin nature.” (Roundtree 52) The immense beauty and threat of danger from its’ terrain creates an exotic impression on the reader. The mystique of the frontier entices the reader and allows their imagination to soar. Fred Lewis Pattee expresses his feelings on the use of the setting in “The Historical Romance: Cooper’s ,” when he says: At every step throughout the romance the reader finds himself in dim, mysterious forests that stretch on every side into the unknown. All of the nameless thrills of a wild life under the ...

The Devil's Shadow
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... education, they did not understand many events that happened in their daily lives. Many things that went wrong in their daily lives would be blamed on witchcraft or sorcery. Such common things as burnt bread or broken plates would be blamed on the supernatural. Many people, especially the uneducated, firmly believed in the existence of witches and warlocks. They believed that such individuals had the power to perform "black magic" that caused some kind of trouble. Every time something bad happened they would blame it on witches and witchcraft. Main Characters: One of the main characters in this story was Tituba, an African slave woman from Barbados. She was ...

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