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Essays on Economics

National Income As An Indicator Of Standard Of Living
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... for itself to buy with itÕs given income (we must also consider imports and exports). From this perspective National Income statistics should therefore give at least an idea of the standard of living in a country. This is why this statistic is widely used in the USA and Japan. However, there are some criticisms of National Income statistics. The first major criticism is that of accuracy due to difficulties in the measurement. E.g. Second hand deals go unregistered. The second criticism which is linked to this is that sales in the black economy will also go unregistered even though they may have significant effects (both good and bad) on a personÕs standard of ...

The History Of Hewlett-Packard
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... year, will remain with Hewlett-Packard Co., including its printing and computer division. The measurement company, which has not yet been named, will comprise Hewlett-Packard’s test-and-measurement components, chemical analysis and medical businesses.” The guidelines for the split is based on financial analysis gathered over the last two accounting years. The company’s stock price growth has lagged behind the overall stock market with in this time period and HP stated “that revenue growth was weak and reported softness in some of its business.” The buzz on Wall Street is one of enthusiasm over the planned split. Hewlett-Packard stock was up $6.37 ½ to $72 ...

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... Frictional employment of this kind increases every year. The effects of this kind of is that there are more and more young job seekers out there, while the average level of formal education and job expectations of these new entrants to the labour force is very high. But the most important effect of all is the reduction in the rate of growth of new job opportunities. Frictional can only be reduced by better career counseling, guiding school leavers into areas which have great number of jobs, by offering subsidies to employers, and by breaking down artificial barriers to certain trades and professions. The second cause of why there is is due to variation ...

Industrial Transformation: Economic Development Between 1865-1900
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... at the end of the century. The rail was just coming about, while the canals had been there for a while, but they did not produce profits to owners like the rails did. During this time period, there were also only two cities in the whole Union that produced over $100,000,000 a year, when at the turn of the century there were individuals that were worth more then that at some point in there life. The first rail roads were not made till 1828, but in 1870, they were making more in a year then there was prior put together almost. Towards the 1850’s the fastest transport to the west was the Pony Express, but in the 1870’s there was the Trans-Continental rail road, an ...

The Relevancy Of The Heartland - Hinterland Distinction In Canada's Economic Geography
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... service industrial heartland and reveals the metropolis or dominating city of the system. At a national scale, the Canadian metropolis is Toronto, and the region with the most influence is the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Lowlands. But while immense influence radiates outward from the metropolis located in the heartland, the relationship between hinterland and heartland is one of intimate mutual dependency. In modern Canadian economics, neither region can exist without each other, and the well-being of one directly affects the other. These two regions show remarkable contrasts, yet they are to a large extent interdependent on each other, clearly suggesting that the ...

Labor Unions
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... In the past, they had taken great pride in their handicraft skills, and now machines did most of the work, and they were reduced from the status of craft workers to common laborers. The were also replaced by workers who would accept lower wages. The Industrial Revolution meant degradation rather than progress. As the factory system grew, many workers began to form labor unions to protect their interests. The first union to hold regular meetings and collect dues was organized by Philadelphia shoemakers in 1792. Soon after, carpenters and leather workers in Boston and printers in New York also organized unions. Labor's tactics in those early times were simple. Member ...

Why Sign Up For Enterprise And Innovation
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... up for Enterprise and Innovation. With this edge a job should be easier to get and more enjoyable. The goals that were set for this course are quite simple, relative to each other, and helpful. My major goal is to comprehend an edge and understanding in searching for a job and/or running a successful business. This goal also branches off into many smaller goals or steps. One of these steps is to gain experience by taking this course. The experience I will gain is about running a business and by getting knowledge of our economy to help get a job and help keep or get a job promotion . Another step is to seize more experience in interacting with people in a busin ...

Developing An Effective Sales Training Program
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... directly and immediately. You want your people to learn from those who are continually seeing action in the field, who are constantly using the skills they’re teaching, and who are learning more about these skills every day. The best trainer has excellent presentation and communication skills, but also the sales background and practical knowledge that only real-world experience can provide. When deciding how to educate your sales force, you don’t have to pick just one type of training, or just one trainer. Many different methods have evolved over the past years. One way is to set up a mentoring program, also known as the “buddy system” (Anderson, Hair, and Bush, ...

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... Robert Goodman, Urban Planning professor states: “Newly opened casinos suck money out of the local economy, away from existing movie theaters, car dealerships, clothing shops and sports arenas” (Popkin). Casinos take money away from existing businesses. In Atlantic City, where casinos were supposed to save their failing economy, over 900 of their 2,100 small businesses have closed and the number of restaurants was reduced from 243 to 146. By providing everything a person needs, the casinos are designed to keep people inside. The truth is casinos drain money out of an area into a far away bank account, most often never going back into the community. Casino r ...

Business Leadership
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... the pertinent question is, what is leadership? True leadership in business today is not as much about control and command as it is about service (Yow). A leader is one who can: look into the future and identify a challenging yet attainable goal; articulate this goal and the actions required to achieve it; and inspire others to share and commit their energies to attain the vision. Keys to successful leadership in business are (Gardner): Aiming High Involving Others Challenge the Status Quo Lead by Example Aim High: A vision, by definition, is an ideal. In developing a vision, consider all the strengths of the company: the people, products, service ...

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