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Essays on Geography

Vienna Vs. Virginia
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... to the middle or are a circle around the center. While on the other hand VA was established in the 1500ís as a colony. Filled with great plantations and fields for growing tobacco or food goods. Many cities in VA lack a randomness, since they were made with horses in mind, and now cars. Here the streets are wide and either made of pavement or asphalt. Viennaís roads are narrow and many are still cobble stone. Language is very different even though English was made from mostly German. Americanís have over 900,000 words to choose from. A great many more that the 500,000 the Germans have. The chief reason form this is because where English made a new word, German spe ...

Ural Mountains
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... River the southeast; most mountains rise to 3300-3600 feet above sea level, although the highest peak, Mount Payer reaches 4829 ft. The next stretch, the Nether-Polar Urals, extends for more than 140 miles south to the Shchugor River. This section contains the highest peaks of the entire range, including Mount Narodnaya which reaches 6217 ft. and Mount Karpinsk Which is 6161 ft. These first two sections are typically Alpine and are Strewn with Glaciers and are heavily marked with permafrost. Farther south come the Northern Urals, which stretch for more than 340 miles to the Usa River in the south; most mountains top 3300 feet, and the highest peak, ...

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... The mining industry has been a major force in Canada's economic development in the past and is still the main force in the advance and economic activity and permanent settlement into the northlands. The principal minerals are petroleum, nickel, copper, zinc, iron ore, natural gas, asbestos, molybdenum, sulfur, gold, and platinum; in addition extensive beds of coal, potash, uranium, gypsum, silver, and magnesium are found. Fresh water covers an estimated 756 276 sq km or 7.6% of Canada. The many rivers and lakes supply ample fresh water to meet the nation's needs for its communities and for irrigation, agriculture, industries, transportation, and hydroelect ...

Ireland Or United Kingdom?
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... people intermarried, until today there is little or no ethnic division among the people of Ireland. For many centuries the language spoken throughout the country was Gaelic. Gaelic, or Irish, is one of the oldest languages in Europe. Gradually, this beautiful language was replaced by English, which is now the common language for almost the entire population. For more than fifty years, all of the governmental leaders of the republic have tried to restore Gaelic. So far, they have had little success. Today, it is spoken by only a few people. Religious and moral training is a basic goal of Irish education. Almost all primary education is run by religious ...

Jamaica: "Jammin," Life In Jamaica
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... control of the United Kingdom, but on August 6, 1962, they broke free and became their own sovereign nation. But as with any small country trying to live without aid from other countries, they had their problems. Under the leadership of their Prime Minister, Michael Manley, Jamaica began to build up their economy and eventually made the quality of life better than anybody could remember. Manley started building up his country from their most valuable and most wasted resource: bauxite. The Jamaicans were basically getting scammed by the mining companies. Manley started to raise funds by raising the tax on Bauxite to 10 times its former amount, with the huge ...

Australia's Future
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... republic, a drastic operation fraught with danger. Changing the constitution is tinkering with the foundations of law and order, and can easily explode out of control, plunging the nation into anarchy or tyranny. Any rational nation would need a compelling reason before embarking on such a perilous undertaking- we have none, however we do have several good reasons to defer such dangerous indulgence. Immediately north of our spacious continent is a group of islands that are burgeoning with humanity. Our neighbours are very different to ourselves in race, creed and religion. Their booming economy is dominated by a military regime that grows stronger as the nation g ...

Chisholm Trail
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... they armed themselves with shotguns to convince the cattle ranchers to find another trail north. There was a large increase icattle by the end of the Civil War. Over 1,000,000 cattle roamed the open range. At this time, people in the north had money to buy beef and cattle which was in great demand. A cow that cost 4 to5 dollars a head in Texas was going for 40 to 50 dollars a head in the east. Ranchers hired cowboys for the cattle drives north, realizing the great opportunity for a large profit if they could reach the railroads in Abilene, Kansas. Joseph McCoy, a stock dealer from Springfield, Illinois, decided a new trail was necessary ...

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... councils in Java, and group communities concils outside Java. The government of Indonesia is based on a constitution written in 1945. A president serves as the head of government. The president apionts a sheet of advisers consisting of top military leaders and civillians. In theory, the peoples console assembly is supposed to establish a general direction of the government's policys. A house of peoples Representatives is the nations parlament, however, in practice neither the assembly nor the house has real power. Instead, it is the president who makes all of the important decisions. The president is elected to a five year term the Peoples Consulat ...

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... This helped to improve the whole economic situation. This policy led to an average annual growth rate of about 6 % for the next two decades. By the late sixties it was realized, that the domestic industries have become lethargic and inefficient because of the shelter from international competition. 1965: The Maquiladoras Program To help its manufacturing sector, settled the 's Border Industrialization Program. The BIP allows US and foreign companies to ship components and production equipment into , free of duty, for assembly or processing utilizing Mexican labor. These Mexican facilities are commonly referred to as Maquiladoras, or in-bond assembly plants. The ...

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... suffrage. From this body is chosen a nine-member Presidium to exercise state affairs. Under Genghis Khan in the 13th century, Mongolia conquered most of Asia and much of Europe. In the 14th century the empire collapsed and came under Chinese rule. During the 1911 Chinese Revolution, Mongolia, with Russian backing, declared its independence; a republic was formed in 1924. Officially recognized by China in 1946, Mongolia became a member of the United Nations in 1961. In 1966 a Mongolian-Soviet assistance pact reinforced their anti-Chinese position. Since then Mongolia has developed closer ties with the USSR; relations with China have been strained, resulting in ...

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