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Essays on Geography

The Brief History Of Alaska
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... of Russians and Aleuts. They quickly defeated the Tlingit Indians and built New Archangel on the battle site, which later became Sitka. New Archangel soon became the largest town in Russian-America. The Russian-American Company prospered when Baranof was the leader, but after he was replaced in 1817, it declined. The people who took over were naval officers who hardly had any interest in the business, plus competition from the Americans, Canadians, and the British also made it hard to earn a profit. In addition, animals with fur were becoming more and more scarce, due to over-hunting. In 1824 and 1825, two separate treaties were signed by Russia, one dealing ...

The Country Of Italy
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... was Leonard Da Vinci. He is famous for his art, sculptures, inventions, and scientific discoveries. He drew the Mona Lisa, which is the most famous painting in the world. The real life Mona Lisa was the wife of an officer in Renaissance Italy. He also made prerequisites to the helicopter, tank, and sub marine among other things. He also invented the crane and an early day cannon, which he never made public because of the vile applications. Other artists such as Michelangelo painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, which was one of his greatest works. Galileo Galilei who was an astrologer made many sky maps, and discovered nebulas and created the theory tha ...

Report: Guatemaula
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... which is almost extinct, due to deforestation and poachers. Jaguar, ocelot, puma, jaguarundi and margay - and their assorted diet of deer, peccary and tapir - survive, though are rarely seen. The Pacific coast is tropically scorching, with temperatures often hovering around 38 degrees Celsius. The seemingly constant high humidity abates a little in the dry season. The highlands are freezing at night, dank and chill during the rainy season, and warm and delightful in the dry season (October to May). El Petén's climate varies only from hot and humid to hot and dry. Spanish is the most commonly spoken language in Guatemala, and Roman Catholicism is the principal rel ...

Hiking The Appalachian Trail
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... miles northeast of Mount Oglethorpe. In 1968 the Appalachian Trail became part of the National Park System and was officially renamed the Appalachian National Scenic Trail. To hike the Appalachian Trail, it is suggested to shop around for a good pair of hiking boots, a tent, and a sturdy backpack. Hiking the distance mentioned above obviously requires excellent footwear, and a light pack. Figure in fatigue and you need a comfortable tent to sleep in at night. Good boots are "solid" on the bottom, so that you cant feel rocks or stones through the soles. If you can press in the bottom of the sole with your thumb, the soles are probably too soft to give ...

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... along with fruits and vegetables. Italy usually suffers a trade deficit, but the difference is partly offset by its large and profitable tourist industry and by money sent by Italian citizens working abroad. Italy is a country far from being land-locked, with 9 major ports including Genoa, Trieste, Taranto, Venice, Savona, and Naples. Italy has been historically important since Roman times, and millions of tourists are attracted each year to its ancient cities and art treasures. Modern Italy is an important industrial nation and a leading member of the european community, also known as the "EC". Italy's principal trading partners are other members of the EC, espe ...

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... in Jamaica rises to 2256 m or 7 402 feet. They are made up primarily of limestone. Farther to the west in the cockpit country the limestone has eroded over many years to form large depressions, narrow valleys, underground caverns and rivers. Most of the surface rivers are short, swift flowing and descend quickly to the coast and consist of a series of rapids and waterfalls. The island is ringed by plains separated by mountain and sea. The country is divided into three counties. They are Cornwall to the west, Middlesex is central, and Surrey is to the east. Middlesex is the largest county. Jamaica is also divided into 14 parishes which are basica ...

The Five Themes Of Geography
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... analysis on the part of the students and teachers. Most importantly, this article provided the Five Fundamental Themes in Geography, which have evolved to become an integral element of social studies education, because they take the world of geographic study beyond the realm of basic memorization, and into a new plane of analysis and implementation. These five themes include location, place, human-environment interactions, movement, and regions. Location answers the question of "where?". If you plan to meet someone at a specific time, and a specific place, the question of "Where will you meet?" must first be answered. To resolve this situation, Geography empl ...

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... Koumbi was established as the capital. Each trading city including the capital were divided into two sections; one half for the Muslims, and the other for the Soninke and other African natives. fell out of Soninke rule in 1076 when a group of Islamic converted West Africans called the Mandinke overthrew them. Meanwhile, another empire called Mali was slowly beginning to gain power and eventually conquered the Kingdom. An ideal location is what led the ians to be so prosperous. They grew very wealthy from their control of the southern gold fields, and even wealthier from tax collected on traded goods. The people in the gold fields of Wangara happily traded their ...

Research Essay, East Timor
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... time native political parties emerged with the two most popular being Fretilin (Revolutionary Front for an Independent East Timor) and the UDT (Timorese Democratic Party). After a time of political awakening the two parties during January to May 1975 formed a coalition. While on the border of East Timor, Indonesia looking on saw the emerging colony and sought to cleanse and destabilise the area with outcomes designed in favor of Indonesia. While still in that year only a few months later in August the situation deteriorated dramatically with Indonesia stepping up its campaign. During this time there was a split in the coalition, that had been formed only months ea ...

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... was around P36.9 million. The government’s budget that same year was estimated around P17.9 million. depended on the British because of their grants, and aid to help their economy. Six years later the GDP had quadrupled to P197.5 million and ten years later it was P1, 390.9 million. The Gross Domestic Product in 1991 was P7 billion since then, the economy has been rising at 13 percent. has one of the world’s highest foreign exchange reserves in terms of per capital income. The main cause of economic growth is due to diamonds, minerals, and beef exports. The most important source of income in is from diamonds. In 1967 the discovery of diamonds changed the ...

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