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Essays on Government

Drinking And Driving Offences
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... to give a breath sample if asked. If, for example you are convicted of "Refusing ato give a breath sample" for the first time, but was earlier convicted of "Driving while impaired", your conviction for "Refusing" will count as a second conviction, not a first, and will receive the stiffer penalty for second offences. For the first offence here is the penalty and the defences you can make. Driving a vehicle while your ability to drive is impaired by alcohol or drugs is one of the offences. Evidence of your condition can be used to convict you. This can include evidence of your general conduct, speech, ability to walk a straight line or pick up objects. The penalty ...

Capital Punishment
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... not prove to be an effective punishment. Some criminals may look as dying as a way out. They would rather die than spend the rest of their lives in prison. Also it does not provide peace, justice, or happiness for a victim or their family. Robert Willies raped Debbie Morris and was later killed by lethal injection. Debbie Morris found no peace in Willies death. “Justice didn’t do anything to heal me. Forgiveness did.” (“Dad Man Walking: The Victim Who Survived” Debbie Morris and Gregg Lewis) A death of a criminal will not erase the past or make a victim’s life complete. Another negative of is the high cost. Many dollars are spent during the legal cases and for th ...

Accountability Of Our Government
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... that is used to control the abuse of power by those elected as government representatives. "The government must be able to control and protect its own membership to be able meaningfully to accept responsibility for its direction and impact as a government." Without accountability we are left with a powerful political structure that has the ability to act without conscience or redress and this does not represent a modern democracy. With any discussion which focuses on responsibility within parliament, one can see the varying levels of accountability and the difficulties which arise when attempting to describe power, within the Canadian political system. ...

The Federalist Papers And Federalism
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... of them in fifty-one of the letters. Madison's Twenty-nine letters have proved to be the most memorable in their balance and ideas of governmental power. It is not clear whether The Federalist Papers, written between October 1787 and May 1788 had any effect on New York's and Virginia's ratification of the Constitution. Encyclopedia Britannica defines Federalism as, "A mode of political organization that unites independent states within a larger political framework while still allowing each state to maintain it's own political integrity" (712). Having just won a revolution against an oppressive monarchy, the American colonists were in willing to replace it ...

Response To Wilson's "Just Take Away Their Guns"
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... States. The first part of Wilson's plan is to train police to be able to spot people that look like they are carrying guns. How does one pick someone out of a crowd that looks like they are carrying a gun? I don't think it is possible to look at someone and tell if they are carrying a gun or not. That is ridiculous. Just because of the way someone looks doesn't mean that they are carrying a gun. What criteria should be used to determine if someone looks like when they are carrying a gun? Do they put on baggy pants with a do-rag before they put the gun in their pants or pocket? As of right now, there is not one, and never will be one. I know many people ...

Abortion A Moral Choice Or Leg
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... 3). Law has opened many doors for abortion. It has been debated that abortion should be recognized by law and that it is a woman's constitutional right. The practice of abortion, the termination of pregnancy, before the fetus is capable of independent life, was widespread in ancient times (Judges 84). Therefore the issue of abortion is nothing new to our society and has been debated many ways. American policy towards abortion has gone through several stages. In the early 1800's abortion was considered no crime by common law as clarified in the Supreme Court of Massachusetts' case; Commonwealth vs. Parker (Judges 98). But then in the late 1800's the f ...

A Reborn Nation By A New Democracy (Mao Tse-Tung)
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... came within the old category of the bourgeois-democratic world revolution. Portions of the proletarian-socialist world revolution are caused by the alignment of the revolutionary pressures (Tse-Tung, 1). The socialist system eventually replaces the capitalist system. The flip side occurs when the reactionaries try to delay the course of history, causing the revolution to work successfully. This relates with the communism system of proletarian ideology and a new social system. It is different than any other ideological and social system, and exemplifies many characteristics. It is a progressive, completed revolution that stands as a rational system in human ...

The Question Of Legalizing Dru
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... Wilson stated that during 1960’s, British physicians were allowed to prescribe heroin to addicts until the number of addicts increased fivefold. He argued that cocaine is not a “victimless crime.” Addicts victimize children by neglect and spouses by not providing (370). Wilson upholds that illegality of drugs increases crime because users need to pay for their habit (372). He believes the benefit of illegal drugs is it forces patients who enter under legal compulsion to complete their treatment due to the pressure and drug-education programs in the schools (374). Wilson is convinced the difference between nicotine and cocaine is that while tobacco shortens one’s li ...

Materialism Vs Idealism
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... to form material objects, you and I are made of the same atoms as a chair or a tree. When the tree dies or the chair is thrown into a fire the atoms do not burn up or die, but are dispersed back into the vacuity. The atoms alone are without mind or secondary qualities, but they can combine to form living and thinking objects, along with sound, color, taste, etc... Atoms form life, consciousness, and the soul, and when our body dies there is nothing left of the latter except for its parts, which randomly become parts of other forms. Matter is never ending reality, only changing in its form. In the philosophical system developed by Irish philosopher George Ber ...

Nationalism: Art Of 19th Century
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... Jacques-Louis David, shows exactly that. The soldiers are willingly grabbing for the swords to fight, they're not afraid to lose their head. Whether they're doing it for the country or for themselves is unknown, but the feeling of loyalty is present in the picture. The military was praised in 19th century, almost all big accomplishments were made through war. During much unification throughout Europe, nationalism was at its highest peak. Such countries as France, Germany and Italy were all experiencing nationalism through people and government. "Liberty leading the people" (by Delacroix) reveals the feeling of freedom and fight for the country. People killi ...

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