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Essays on Government

Affirmative Action
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... felt reverse discrimination. Reverse discrimination is the term being used to describe discrimination towards whites. Many of these reverse discrimination cases have been brought to court, the result is just more confusion. This is because there is a lot of gray in the law concerning this topic. Sometimes courts allow someone to choose the minority if they are less qualified, while in other cases they don't allow it. For example in a supreme court decision, it was allowed for a Michigan school district to layoff non- minority teachers in order to hire minority teachers with less experience(Altschiller, p13). If a similar case were to appear again the result wou ...

Gay And Lesbian Adoption
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... they cannot control will persecute them, but their parents can. Even if they attend church they will not get the main Christian value of family. The biggest problem of all is that they might end up thinking that homosexuality is OK or even good, and that is just terrible. All children need the influence of a mother and father (Gay Parent online Magazine). Unfortunately, some children are not able to receive this because of death, divorce, or abandonment, but some just miss out on this because of two greedy homosexuals who what to have their cake and eat it two. The safety of the children is also in question when kids are placed with homosexuals. Forty percent of chi ...

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... You would also see that every state had a much lower rate. But in 1969 when James Hayes of California drafted the No-Fault law, which was then signed into law by Gov. Ronald Reagan. Five years later 45 states did the same, and by 1985 every state had either switched to the No-Fault law or changed their existing laws in some way. The result was a 250% increase in rates from 1960 to 1980 (according to a fifty state survey conducted by the Journal of Marriage and the Family). Also, younger people in the U.S. who are marrying for the first time face roughly a 40-50% chance of divorcing in their lifetime under current trends (U.S. Bureau of the Census, 1992, P.5). An ...

Black Bears
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... as well as her dog by a black bear. I did realize more however upon how much we had imposed our selves on them. If I were a bear I would have attacked back or pushed back as well. It appeared that many of the people in there took this issue to heart, for example the “salt and murdering” man in the very beginning, though some of the people in there were stricken with ambivalency during his presentation. I see no wrong in hunting a bear, be it may a simple task you don’t have make it one. The man who gave the presentation was refereed to as the Jane Goodwill of the bears, I see where they would have gotten that impression, I though that he was very knowledgeab ...

Rebellious, Risk-Taking Youth
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... most likely to smoke in the 12th grade. Targeting smoking in high school students is important since studies have shown that adolescents who smoke daily in the 12th grade are likely to become established smokers as adults. Results of the study, published in the March issue of Preventive Medicine, show a strong association between rebelliousness in males in the 5th grade and daily smoking in the 12th grade. For example, the most rebellious males were three times more likely to become smokers than the least rebellious males. Risk-taking most strongly correlated with smoking among females, the investigators found. To be sure, a youngster who is a rebellious risk-taker ...

Home School Or School House
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... our youth, and home school education should be considered as an effective alternative to public school education. In the past, parents mainly chose to educate their children at home because of religious preference. These parents viewed the public school system as a source of negative influence on children. Violence, sex, drugs, and peer pressure were influences these parents sought to avoid. However, today parents have other reasons for home school education, which primarily all point to a lackluster public school system. Other reasons include a desire to build a strong family closeness, safety, and a handful of parents chose home school for their children because o ...

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... a minor role in influencing the decision. The Roman Catholic Church feels strongly about and prohibits it entirely. A woman between the ages of 16-25 may choose to have an because of the lack of contraceptives and carelessness. Whereas, a woman between the ages of 35-45 may have an due to medical, social, or economic reasons. By definition, is the termination of a pregnancy before the fetus is visible or capable of living outside the womb. It is also defined as the termination of a pregnancy before twenty-eight weeks. In modern society, has become the number one birth control pill. Women who become pregnant often consider as their first option. If ...

Affirmative Action Programs
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... with qualified women-owned companies, as well as programs providing financial and management assistance to women business owners. (National Organization for Women (NOW) Homepage) Many of the statistics that I found showed why affirmative action is definitely needed for women to gain the same privileges as men at the workplace. Women hold only 3-5% of senior management positions. Women held only 6.9 % of the seats on corporate boards of directors in 1994. Of the female senior managers in Fortune 1000 industrial and Fortune 500 service industries in 1992, 95% were white women, 2.3% were African American women, 1.8% were Asian American women and only .2 % were ...

Important Cases Of The US Supreme Court
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... court have led to a significant change in the interpretation of rights in the united states. One important case involving the freedom of religion was Reynolds v. United States in 1879. Reynolds, a Mormon living in Utah had two wives. Polygamy was allowed in the teachings of the church, but prohibited by a federal lab banning the practice in the United States. Reynolds when convicted argued that the federal law violated his constitutional right to the free exercise of his religious beliefs. The Supreme Court did not agree with Reynolds claiming that congress was not without the power to punish violations of social duties or subversive of good order. The court s ...

Drug Legalization
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... in both writing and in major points, the author persuades the reader to give a great deal of consideration to the author’s belief that legalization is the answer to America’s drug problem. In delivering his points to the reader, Hamill effectively makes good use of internal structure. Initially, the point of view utilized in this article exhibits an interesting way that the reader can personalize himself with the article. The constant use of “I” in the article lets the reader know that the author has had first hand experience with the drug issue. The first person point of view also reinforces the fact that this article is completely based on the ideas and belie ...

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