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Essays on Medicine

Premarital Sex
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... of your friends are doing it ( (6) 1). With views like that no wonder our society is in the shape it is in today. There are many physical effects of . The first time that you have sex you loose you virginity. When you sin against your body like that you are also sinning against the body of the other person who is involved in the sexual relation. Once the respect for your body and your partner's body is lost it makes it easier to do it the next time. Once you have begun to have sex it changes your mind and you begin to feel love as the physical love not the emotional love that God commands us to have. The only time that you get the emotional love that you need is ...

Why I Believe In Voluntary Euthanasia
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... is in love with the words 'assisted suicide'. Also, we have to face the fact that the law calls all forms of self-destruction 'suicide.' Let me point out here for those who might not know it that suicide is no longer a crime anywhere in the English-speaking world. (It used to be, and was punishable by giving all the dead person's money and goods to the government.) Attempted suicide is no longer a crime, although under health laws a person can in most states be forcibly placed in a psychiatric hospital for three days for evaluation. But giving assistance in suicide remains a crime, except in the Netherlands in recent times under certain conditions, a ...

Dead End: Teenage Suicide
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... estimate that only about one-fifth to one-third of the people who kill themselves leave notes. In addition, in some cases the police do not find a suicide note because the relatives the friend who found the body destroyed the note. The statistics offer a lot of fact about suicides, but they do not tell why someone wants to die. I believe that many teenagers who attempt and those who commit suicide are really crying out for help. They want the unhappiness and strains in their live to end, but they really do not want their lives to end. When I was in High School at the age of fifteen, I tried to commit suicide. I was looking for a way out of my sad, impover ...

Teen Smoking
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... kids congregate. Kids smoke because they want to feel like they 'fit in' and they want to rebel at the same time. "U.S. News discussed the smoking issue with twenty teenagers from suburban Baltimore. Half were boys, half girls, and all were between the ages of fifteen and seventeen. Over more than four hours of conversation, it became clear that most teens smoked for two seemingly contradictory reasons: They want to be part of a peer group, while rejecting society and its norms. They want to reach out and rebel at the same time."(Roberts 38) Tobacco companies spend four billion dollars each year in advertising and promotional costs and claim there is no health r ...

Euthanasia: People Should Have The Right To Choose
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... effect over due to a terminal illness or otherwise life devastating condition. If a person is in unbearable pain and close to death or is in a vegetable state and no longer able to function, their life is by all practical means over. There is no reason to keep them alive. The only way to end their physical life is by euthanasia. The question is whether to do this by way of active euthanasia or passive euthanasia. Many are against active euthanasia because in this case you actually kill the person rather than letting them die. But both methods are used for the same end which is to end someone's life without further pain for the patient as well as for the ...

Adolescent Depression - The Under Acknowledged Disease
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... in children and adolescents is because "children are not always able to express how they feel." Sometimes the symptoms of mood disorders take on different forms in children than in adults. Adolescence is a time of emotional turmoil, mood swings, gloomy thoughts, and heightened sensitivity. It is a time of rebellion and experimentation. Blackman (1996) observed that the "challenge is to identify depressive symptomatology which may be superimposed on the backdrop of a more transient, but expected, developmental storm." Therefore, diagnosis should not lay only in the physician's hands but be associated with parents, teachers and anyone who interacts with the patien ...

Drug Abuse
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... type of insurance goes up because of , including auto, health and homeowners. Worst of all, the crime rate will sky rocket if we let this behavior continue. Illegal drugs and their abusers are a plague to society for many different reasons.. Drugs have very harmful effects on the user and the people with whom the user interacts. The user is affected in many ways. The most popular drug in America, alcohol, is generally thought of as socially acceptable and relatively harmless. But it can have devastating effects. Alcohol might seem very harmless but it can harm the user very easily. Alcohol is easy to obtain and consume. It is taken as a beverage and, since it i ...

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... that learns differently. During my extensive research of this topic, I have become very interested and sympathetic for people who have it. Dyslexia is not the result of low intelligence. The problem is not behavioral, psychological, motivational, or social. It is not a problem of vision; people with dyslexia do not “see backward.” Dyslexia results from the differences in the structure and function of the brain. People with dyslexia are unique; each having individual strengths and weaknesses. Many dyslexics are creative and have unusual talent in areas such as art, athletics, architecture, graphics, electronics, mechanics, drama, music, or engineering ...

Home Health Care Nursing
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... hospitals, also came the increased demand for more hospital health care workers. Now as we are in the 21st century, the trend is again changing. Caring for the patient in their home is growing at a very rapid rate. In the following pages, I hope to familiarize individuals with home health care nursing. First, I will explain the increasing need for home health care nursing. Next, I will talk about DRG’s and how this type of insurance guideline determines what type of care a patient will receive. Then I will proceed to explain about what type of experience and qualifications needed for home health care nursing. Next, I will talk about how home health nursing ...

Theories Of Knowledge And Psychological Applications
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... of the network models began to appear. These publications introduced the first models of neural networks as computing machines, the basic model of a self-organizing network (Arbib, 1995). In 1943 McCulloch and Pitts published their model theory ( Arbib, 1995). In 1948 Rashevsky proposed a number of neural network models to explain psychological phenomena. During this era not enough was known about the brain, subsequently he was considered ahead of his time. Rashevsky relied heavily upon complex mathematical equations within his model, consequently many people simply did not understand his theoretical perspective ( Martindale, 1991). In 1958 Rosenblatt proposed ...

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