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Essays on Music

Music And Its Effect On People
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... will somehow change the way in which they think, act, and fell on or about certain things. Some of the things hat are changed are important, like long-term life decisions, but others are not so important, like "What should I wear?" I think, that whatever type of music you listen to, you effect it and it effects you. LET IT BE ~ The Beatles ~ 1970 When I find myself in times of trouble Mother Mary comes to me Speaking words of wisdom, let it be. And in my hour of darkness She is standing right in front of me Speaking words of wisdom, let it be. Let it be, let it be. Whisper words of wisdom, let it be. And when the broken hearted people Li ...

Music And The Global Perspective
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... These styles include pop, folk, country, and rock. Other styles, including jazz, blues, and various ethnic music, are the result of a blending of cultures and traditions. All these styles constitute an important part of music in American society, styles that constitute “ American music.” The ethnic diversity: part of the cultural richness of our nation is derived from its ethnic diversity and its large number of ethnic groups. Immigrant groups may have partially assimilated into the mainstream of our society while retaining the songs, dances, instruments, languages (at least accent and inflection), fashion, food, and lifestyles of their native cultures. In many ...

The Beat Generation
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... was first read at the Six Gallery in San Francisco in October 1955, defeated all odds by letting be known and writing about the fact that he was of Jewish heritage and a homosexual. William Burroughs, who also was very much into drugs, wrote such novels such as Junky, and “Naked Lunch, which made Burroughs an underground celebrity, and is widely considered his best work.3” Burroughs is in fact though, “the only major beat figure not strongly influenced by Buddhist thought.4” Jack Kerouac, who had wrote the great novel, On The Road, contained great reference to jazz. It contained the idea of spontaneous prose which Kerouac thought of while listening to ja ...

Daniel Johns
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... Ben Gillies, and he, were bored. So they decided to start a band. When they did they made up a song called "Tomorrow." They entered it into a contest that was held in their city. The judges loved it, so they got to record a single with the song "Tomorrow." Their first single. Then they played it on the radio and everybody loved it. Everybody went and bought the single. A music company called Epic records came to them and they signed a record deal. They made their first album "Frogstomp." They started to put a band together in 1992. They started in Australia. All of them lived about 5 minutes from each other and went to the same school. They were only 12 and 13 ...

Dave Matthews' "Dancing Nancies"
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... new instruments combined with the old ones: acoustic guitars, the electric bass and the drums, the new band created a sound that almost laughed in the face of modern pop rock and quickly rose to the charts. The debut of “Dancing Nancies” on the band's first professional album entitled, Under the Table and Dreaming, was a prime example of what Dave Mathews Band was capable of. “Dancing Nancies” encompasses life in its theme by raising an important question about it, “Could I have been anyone other then me?” Some people would read this question and see nothing more then a simple sentence. Perhaps focusing on the media exposure, they are often the ones who fail t ...

Behind The Doors
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... sister Anne. In 1946 they moved to Washington DC for six months and then to Albuquerque, New Mexico for a year, according to Irwin Stambler, author of The Encyclopedia of Pop Rock and Soul. In 1947, when Jim was four, the Morrison family was driving through a desert in New Mexico when they came upon a car wreck. “The first time I discovered death,” said Morrison, “me, my mother and father, and grandmother and grandfather, were driving through the desert at dawn. A truckload of Indians had either hit another car or something – there were Indians scattered all over the highway, bleeding to death. So we pulled the car up…I don’t remember ever seeing a movie, and sud ...

History Of Rock And Roll
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... The fact that groups were spending months, weeks, or hours in a studio, writing 15- minute songs, and playing elaborate shows with spectacular stage performances in front of thousands of people in large arenas really angered punk bands. Punk songs were generally simple and rather short. The lyrics told the way the members of the band felt. They played small shows and did not put on any elaborate performances. The Sex Pistols were the epitome of a punk band. They were discovered in an antifashion clothing store in London called Sex by Malcolm McLaren, the store’s owner. Johnny Rotten, the band’s lead singer, was found while singing along to the jukebox. Sid Vicious ...

Rap Music
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... controversial things rappers must rap about to get "Mad loot" (money). Its bad enough we grew up in a era where the slightiest thing could upset any one,like teaching masturbation in public schools or teaching about the creation of the world in christian point of view. We, the society are trying the screen everything, to protect are children from being harm. But its harm we are inflecting on are soon to be leaders of the world,for example tring to banned sex education from the schools,screening the TV from harmful life scaring scenes of nudity,music being edited because of the used of the word "NIGGER" "BITCH" "JEW" "HOE" etc. Now rap singers are just telling ...

Music Censorship
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... like that in real life, for the most part. Today, performers take on challenges, like the dare of a child. . . "Betcha won't do it!" These rock performers cannot turn down a dare or back away from even the slightest bit of public notoriety. By listening to one of their "questionable" albums, it is easily noticeable how they thrive off of it. All of these performers do have one thing in common, at one time or another, censorship made them victims because of their social unacceptable actions or the content of their music and lyrics. While censorship is slightly more realistic and open-minded (no more censoring performers from the waist down, like Elvis Presley ...

Paul Simon: I Am A Rock
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... says that he "has no need of friendship." The person in the poem wants to be left alone, like an island, or a rock. In the second stanza, he says "I've built a wall, a fortress deep and mighty." He has built a mental block to all outsiders, and he compares this to an inpenetrable wall. Inpenetrable walls keep unwanted things out: bad feelings, love, etc. Then, in the third line of this stanza, he says "I have no need of friendship - friendship causes pain, It's laughter and loving I disdain." He said that he doesn't want friendship because it just causes pain, and that the laughter and loving he hates or despises. He wants to be left alone, like it says in th ...

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