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Essays on Music

Adam Sandler's "What The Hell Happened To Me?": How Music Affects Culture
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... and what we subject them to. Our methods of education and entertainment both affect how we turn out in the long run. The song shows how these traits affect how people grow up, and what they value in life. For example, the song talks about selling lemonade, eating popcorn, and watching parades. Then it goes on to say he's "only happy when [he's] drinking JD" The point is that people are changing because of society and our culture's lack of certain elements, such as respect and discipline. Values. The values presented by this song include the value of respect and discipline, and the need for more strict ways to keep a young mind safe of destruction. These val ...

Song Analysis: "Betterman”
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... kinds of different emotions someone can have. The lyrics are very important in a song and in this song they express really strong feeling. Love is symbolized in the song through the words that are song. The words help say a message and tell you how easily you can fall in love but how painful it can be to fall back out. It lets you understand love more I think and shows you how strong love is. It really lets you hear the pain love can cause and how much you go through when love is destroyed. The song symbolizes anger and how angry you can get when things break apart. The lyrics tell you how easily you can lie to yourself to try to make something better and h ...

Tricky's Pre-Millenium Tension
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... question...but is it? Is the music itself really arousing such strong feelings in me, or is it merely the means to bring those emotions out of me? The beats don't have any sentience. It's driving, it's hard, and it sure as hell makes me want to get up and dance, but does house music have anything more than electronic beats at it's core? Coming from a HUGE househead, it's sad to admit....but the answer is definitively NO. Let's forget the specific genre of house music. Is any type of electronic music based on more than samples and beats? Well...thanks to one innovative performer, that answer may just be YES. is a revolutionary album, defining the new bound ...

Basquiat And Davis
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... Masses, which was associated with the Ash-can School, and exhibited watercolors in the Armory Show, which made an overwhelming impact on him. After a visit to Paris in 1928 he introduced a new note into U.S. cubism, basing himself on its synthetic rather than its analytical phase. Using natural forms, particularly forms suggesting the characteristic environment of American life, he rearranged them into flat poster-like patterns with precise outlines and sharply contrasting colors. He later went on to pure abstract patterns, into which he often introduced lettering, suggestions of advertisements, and posters. The zest and dynamism of such works as Swing Landscape r ...

The Conspiracy Behind The Beatles
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... the Beatles career though many conspiracies arouse. The most remembered of all of them was the conspiracy on Paul McCartney's death. In 1969 Russell Gibb, a Detroit radio Disc Jockey, announced that Paul McCartney, a member of the Beatles, had died. He claimed he had received a phone call about it and evidence could be found within their albums. Both other radio stations and the media picked up on the rumor, and it spread quickly. As the word spread, the story also got changed. Two different stories are best known for Paul's death. The first one as stated from a webpage dedicated to the conspiracy goes like this: The story that Paul McCartne ...

Instrumental History Of The Drums
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... instrumnet gradually increased size, about the 15th century. It was so often combined in a performance with a fife that these two instrumnets became closely associated with one another. A fife is a small flute having from six to eight finger holes and it also has no key, used mainly with drums in playing marches. The tenor drum is closely related to the snare drum. It is somewhat larger in size and it has no snares across its lower skin. This drum is played with sofft felt covered sticks and it produces a huskier sound. While it is occasionally used in the orchestra this type of drum is found more frequently in military marching bands. The largest drum in th ...

Jimi Hendrix: A Reflection Of A Man Through His Music
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... an abrupt end, he decided to go into the music field. By this time he had become an accomplished guitarist, and was soon to become known as the greatest guitarist ever. Unfortunately, on September 18, 1970 he was found dead in his room from a drug overdose. He was only twenty seven years old. His music has not been forgotten, as it is still popular today. If his addiction had not overcome him, he could still be revolutionizing the style of rock today On November 27, 1942, Jimi Hendrix was born as John Allen Hendrix in Washington at Seattle General Hospital. His childhood was not a privileged one, however, he did indulge himself in one particular way: Jimi loved t ...

The History Of Jazz
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... in the South. Some of the first New Orleans musicians were among the most stirring of all jazz artists. They include clarinetist Johnny Dodds, clarinetist-soprano saxophonist Sidney Bechet, pianist Jelly Roll Morton, and cornetist King Oliver. The first jazz record was made in 1917 by a New Orleans band the Original Dixieland Jazz Band, made up of white musicians who copied black styles. The New Orleans musicians discovered that audiences were eager for their music in the cities of the North and the Midwest. In the 1920s Chicago became the second major jazz center. White Chicago youths, such as tenor saxophonist Bud Freeman and clarinetist Benny Goodman, were ...

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... Lars first began playing at the age of 13 when his grandmother brought him home a cheap set of drums which he pounded in. He was inspiried and began to like music after his father took him to a Deep Purple concert. His family migrated from Denmark to Newport Beach, California in 1980 to find the sunny climate to play tennis. After that he met the band as friends and then began to play. Hetfeild went to Downey East Middle School where he started playing in the auditorium on the stage with friends. Three years later his mother died of cancer. There was a song written in memory of her memory titled "The God that Failed." Then he moved to L.A. where he met t ...

Rock Music
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... into four sections: Rock of the 50's, of the 60's, of the 70's and of the 80's. Within these sections I'm also going to discuss several sub-topics such as famous composers and groups, and characteristics of the music. The first section of this essay is Rock n' Roll of the 1950's, when Rock n' Roll was born. It emerged from rhythm and blues, a music similar to jazz played by blacks. This kind of music started to attract white teenagers. Disc jockey Alan Freed was the one who introduced this music and later gave it the name of Rock n' Roll. Record companies distributed records played by whites but composed by blacks. Whites were frustrated because there weren' ...

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