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Essays on Music

The Phonograph
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... oriented in the same direction while it moves across the record. When the stylus moves along the undulating groove of the revolving disk, it vibrates, and the vibrations are converted into equivalent electrical impulses by the cartridge in the tonearm. These impulses are conducted by wire leads to an electronic amplifier and then to one or more loudspeakers. The first practical phonograph was built by the American inventor Thomas Edison in 1877. Edison recorded sound on a cylinder, which was then rotated against a needle. The needle moved up and down in the grooves of the cylinder, producing vibrations that were amplified by a conical horn. Because of the vertic ...

Jim Morrison: The Lizard King
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... three years younger than he and a younger brother, Andy, who was six years younger. Morrison’s father, Steve, was “…stationed at nearby Kirtland Air Base where he was the executive officer and number two man at what was called the Naval Air Special Weapons Facility”(Hopkins, 3). His job had something to do with atomic energy but, of course, it was top secret since it was with the Navy and all. Jim’s mother, Clara, met Steve at a Navy dance that was held when she went to visit her younger sister in Hawaii. Jimmy, that’s what his parents called him while he was young; while traveling through New Mexico with his parents in late 1946, “…experienced what he would lat ...

The Way It Really Was!
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... music business and put out a record, they were called Indies. The first Rock and Roll hit The term Rock and Roll was usually used for describing physical sex. Allen Freed was credited with inventing Rock and Roll but that wouldn't be to good for him later in life. The father of Rock and Roll Alan freed was the first white disc jockey to play Rock and Roll. Alan show in Cleveland was very popular with teenagers. In 1954, Alan's show moved to WINS. His nick name “moondog” had to be dropped. He adopted the new title “ the king of rock and roll”. Newspapers ran articles saying Alan was the main wrongdoer in creating Rock and Roll. A riot broke out at one of ...

Mozart And His Music
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... about the orchestra and symphonies composed there. In London Mozart met the son of J. S. Bach. He played before distinguished audiences, and composed a sacred chorus. In 1770, he began to master the two types of Italian opera: opera buffa (comic opera) and opera seria (serious opera). In 1777, Mozart's family visited Paris. His mother fell ill and died during their visit. In 1782, Mozart married Constanze Weber against his father's wishes. In 1783, Mozart and Constanze visited Salzburg, where he helped Michael Haydn out of a difficult spot, by writting some violin duets. He completed a set of string quartets, and in so doing, deeply impressed Josef Haydn w ...

Tone In Music
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... to the adjoining black key on the piano. The function of is an issue left to be explored. The tone in a piece of music is often reflective of the composer's attitude or feelings. For instance when we listen to music, what determines how we classify it? Its usually the tone, either its soft, hard etc. What makes music soft and hard, is the tone in correlation with the manner in which it is presented. For example compare the tones in the instrumental pieces Canyon and Beethoven's 5th symphony. In Canyon, the tone throughout the piece is upbeat and high-strung, very forceful in intensity. Beethoven's symphony number 5 on the other hand is totally the opposite, in whi ...

"On Experiencing Verdi's Aida"
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... I thought that all of the characters were very well casted. I did think that even though they were all very talented singers, they could have used more facial expressions and gestures to play out their emotions to match the scenes and the music. Out of all the characters, I liked Aida the most. I thought that she carried herself very well and gave a fantastic performance. She also had great chemistry with Radames. Radames too, showed little or no change in his voice or actions to display the full range of emotions that he experienced. One of the characters that had no effect on me was Amneris. Her character did not make very much sense to me because ...

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... band experiences made him realize they would need a group of committed players who would be willing to practice intensely and extensively in order to master the complicated music and the improvisational style that they sought to achieve. The first person they recruited was a freshman drummer named Jon “Fish” Fishman. One day, Trey walked by Fish’s room while he was practicing, and asked him to join the band. He agreed but he also played in another band at the time. Fish taught himself how to play the drums by locking himself in his room and trying to copy the sound of bands such as Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin. When he moved to college, he started to move ...

Comparison Between Piano Concert By Barbara Wieman And Sacramento Chamber Orchestra
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... change to pianissimo. The so called Beethoven motif was used throughout the piece, very effectively I might add. Barbara Wieman was very animated performing this piece and seemed to be very emotional while playing. This piece was very distinct and there was an effective use of rests that was displayed. I would call this piece very serious. After Beethoven we were treated to F. Schuberts Impromptu in G flat Major, Op. 90, No.3. This piece was very pleasing to the ear so we could call this consonant. The music seemed to flow and had a great rhythm. This piece was romantic in nature and probably that is why it was written in the romantic era. C. Debussy ‘s ...

Motown’s Evolution And With Emphasis On Its Women
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... of the revolutionary music - the Motown sound. Berry Gordy’s sister Esther transformed the production facility into the “Motown Historical Museum.” The building has been restore to its former glory and most of its facilities look exactly like they did during the label’s heyday. The building was a combination office, residence for Gordy’s family, distribution center, A&R nexus, recording studio, mastering suite, electronics workshop and nursery. Berry Gordy was a featherweight boxer the 1950’s. Who would imagine that there could be such a transition from boxer to record company owner. He wrote that it was in the boxing gym that he saw a poster advertising t ...

Pearl Jam, Everclear, And No Doubt
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... Jack Irons, (drums) and Mike McCready, (guitar). A couple of the songs that Pearl Jam does are Jeremy, Daughter, Smile, Spin the Black Circle and Tremor Christ. Pearl Jam has a knack for writing catchy lyrics that become very popular. Everclear is a band from Portland. They are not as popular as Pearl Jam, but they do have a large following of fans. The three band members of Everclear are Art Alexis, (lead vocals, and guitar) Greg Eklund, (drums and vocals) and Craig Montoya, (bass, and vocals). Their album together is Sparkle and Fade, and it is one of the best albums I've ever heard. Among the may popular songs are Heroin Girl, Sparkle and Fade, and Santa Monica. ...

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