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Essays on Music

Porgy And Bess
Download This PaperWords: 1932 - Pages: 8

... known example of this trend. As dramas about black life took on greater importance in the 1930's, they often borrowed from the musical comedy traditions of the 1920's. Serious drama, about black life in the rural south or in northern cities, managed to blend music into its structure. In the 20's many of the dramas that had to do with black life, music became a necessity. In the 30's this trend prevailed, musical elements of Afro-American culture were showcased primarily in dramas rather than in musicals. In Hall Johnson's "Run, Little Chillun!", a folk drama about the conflict between the Christian and African religious heritage in black life, critics prais ...

Tupac Shakur's Last Album: Makaveli
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... and aimed at specific individuals in Makavel: The Don Killimunati The Seven-Day Theory. Because of the added themes of violence and revenge, this album does stand out from the rest of them. All his albums appear to get more aggressive and violent from one to the other. He didn’t necessarily start out being so violent and lashing out against other specific people. He started out with his first few albums by lashing out against society and some of its norms. He discussed the hardships of being a black man in a society that has a tendency to discriminate and single out black males and accuses them of criminal activity. As he got older and did more albums, ...

A Touch Of Jazz
Download This PaperWords: 1920 - Pages: 7

... not the absence of any of these four characteristics but simply the different relationship between them? Most West African languages had evolved not only from vowels and consonants but also from a third element of articulation which was based simultaneously on variation of pitch, timbre and timing. West African drum language was not a primitive sort Morse code but a phonetic reproduction of the sound of words; only languages dependent on pitch, vibrato and timing lend themselves to such treatment. The time element was the easiest to reproduce on a drum had, changes of vibrato were effected by vibrating the knees while holding the drum tightly clasped to the armpit, ...

Adam De La Halle And Ars Antiqua Time Period
Download This PaperWords: 554 - Pages: 3

... 3 voices or instruments. If a piece of music is monophonic, then it has only a melody line and no harmony. Much of the medieval music was monophonic. If the music is homophonic then there is only one melody line, but it may be played by two or more instruments. Many of the songs that were originally monophonic were easily transformed into homophonic by add extra voices or instruments. Polyphonic is the type of music we hear today. Polyphonic is when there is a melody line accompanied by harmony. A considerable amount of Adam de la Halle's polyphonic work was designed for plays. One of Adam's manuscripts contains the oldest known existence of the sharp sign. In 1 ...

Coro Concert Experience
Download This PaperWords: 591 - Pages: 3

... Amadeus Mozart, was considered to have been written for the anniversary of the coronation of an image of the Virgin. Mozart wrote this composition in 1797 at the age of twenty-three. The six works of the Coronation Mass are: Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus, Benedictus, and Agnus Dei. My favorite piece was Gloria. It was louder and more powerful then the rest. The parts were sung by women then men in a beautiful combination. The music was soft and intimate then quickly getting louder and more powerful. “Gloria” was trying to make a point in a almost begging manner. My favorite was the Amen at the end, and how it was equally distributed between the female an ...

Coparison Between Two Guitars: Ibanez 453 RVC And The Gibson Les Paul
Download This PaperWords: 930 - Pages: 4

... of the neck and the bottom of the bridge. The purpose of a pickup is to "pick up" the sounds of the notes or chords that are being strummed. There are many different types of pickups; for instance, the Gibson Les Paul has pickups that are called Humbuckers, which are much higher and of a better quality than the pickups on an Ibanez. The Ibanez comes with regular music store pickups that are not bad but do not have the quality of the Humbuckers. So having better quality means that the pickups are more sensative; being more sensative means that the guitar can put out clearer and higher quality sound.Moving to the lower part of the guitar, both guitars have ...

Silverchair: Neon Ballroom (epic)
Download This PaperWords: 478 - Pages: 2

... Then, again, maybe they're in on the joke. I mean, c'mon leading off an album as bad as this with a track called "Emotion Sickness!" Someone is pulling our collective legs here. Sure enough, the boys deliver on the promise of that title, creating a miserable mishmash of Nirvana in a soft mode, Zeppelin playing "Kashmir" on a bad drug day, even throwing in a little flatulent. Yes-ish prog-rock to boot, all of which staggers around a bit and then proceeds to fall flat on its sunburnt face. Silverchair's leader Daniel Johns has been thinking long and hard about what's happening today, and through he's made a killing off the record biz and never has to work another d ...

Origins And History Of The Dulcimer
Download This PaperWords: 513 - Pages: 2

... back to the Middle Ages, describe the instrument as a rectangular box with strings stretched over two bridges. Both the single and the double bridged dulcimers are common in traditional Irish music. It is played by striking the strings with padded wooden hammer. It is commonly believed that the dulcimer came to Europe from the East sometime in the fifteenth century. This cannot be true. The dulcimer is closely related to the yang ch'in from China. However, the yang ch'in was introduced to the Chinese around 1800. A similar traditional dulcimer found its way to Korea in about 1725. The dulcimer originated as the santir in what is now Iraq from a Greek instru ...

The Classical Period
Download This PaperWords: 406 - Pages: 2

... a form of a large orchestral ensemble. The symphonic pieces generally had three movements, the sonata, the minuet, and the finale. Building of the achievements of earlier composers, Haydn, and Mozart brought the symphony to it's peak in the last 20 years of the 18th century. Haydn excelled in rhythmic drive and development of theme-based music. Mozart also added to the symphony by contrasting memorable lyric themes in very full sounding orchestral settings. To satisfy the middle-class amateur, classic composers supplied a ton of new chamber music for all imaginable combinations. The piano sonata became a very important form of chamber music, especially aft ...

Ralph Vaughan Williams: Symphony Number Five
Download This PaperWords: 1227 - Pages: 5

... is in four movements: a "Preludio" first movement, a Scherzo, a "Romanza" slow movement, and a "Passacaglia" finale. First Movement : Preludio From the very beginning, RVW puts the key signature of this movement into doubt. The movement opens with a horn call in D, set against a firm base (or bass?) of octave C's. Could it be that in the great traditions of British musical 'amateurism', RVW got his transposition wrong? Or is this a deliberate feature of the music, intended to blur the tonality? Musicologists prefer the latter explanation. This is by no means an unusual feature of his music, when he was asked what the 4th symphony was about, RVW replied "It is a ...

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