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Essays on Religion

The Roots Of Judaism And Christianity
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... a collective name for all Jewry and since 1948 for the Jewish state. (Citizens of the state of Israel are called Israelis; not all of them are Jews.) In the Bible, Hebrew is used by foreign peoples as a name for the Israelites; today it is applied only to the hebrew language. The origin of the Jews is recounted in the Hebrew Bible. Despite legendary and miraculous elements in its early narratives, most scholars believe that the biblical account is based on historic realities. According to the Book of Genesis, God ordered the patriarch Abraham to leave his home in Mesopotamia and travel to a new land, which he promised to Abraham's descendants as a perpetual inh ...

The Symbolism Of Religion And Comparison
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... was similar to Ozzies, but also different. Jackie had a problem with his sister Nora. Nora believed that Jackie was always lying and being bad. On his confession day his mother sent Nora go with Jackie. Nora ordered Jackie to tell all of his sins, including how he was mean to the grandmother who lived with them. Ozzie seemed troubled to Rabbi Binder in "Conversion of the Jews". In reality Jackie wasn't bad at all, he was just a boy who wanted answers to his questions. And that was proved when Ozzie asked a question in class and Rabbi Binder went crazy and hit Ozzie because he thought Ozzie was trying to be a wise guy. So Ozzie tried to prove a point to Rabbi B ...

Christmas History
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... from the English Victorian Christmas, such as that described in Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol." The caroling, the gifts, the feast, and the wishing of good cheer to all - these ingredients came together to create that special Christmas atmosphere. The custom of gift-giving on Christmas goes back to Roman festivals of Saturnalia and Kalends. The very first gifts were simple items such as twigs from a sacred grove as good luck emblems. Soon that escalated to food, small items of jewelry, candles, and statues of gods. To the early Church, gift- giving at this time was a pagan holdover and therefore severely frowned upon. However, people would not part wi ...

God And A Divine Plan?
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... didn’t know exactly what I believed at this point, all of these people are Christians, yet they had different belief’s on how their lives are laid out. My family is Christian, my father was raised as a Catholic and my mother was raised as Baptist. My family doesn’t go to church every week, but when we do go we go to a Baptist church. We have also attended Lutheran and Protestant churches with friends. I feel that I have a close relationship with God even though I do not attend church on a regular basis. I was really never told by my parents that everything in life happens for a reason, nor was I told that what happens in life happens because of blind fate, they ...

Christ: VICTORY!!
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... true, but God will forgive and forget them if we repent. You see this is not possible without Jesus dying for our sins. In Romans 5:6-8 it says that Christ died for all of us. Even the bad ones, ALL. This is a sign of the Victory that Christ had won a victory here. The reason is because of all of the lifes that he saved and will later be saved. In Romans 5 it says that Jesus died for All Sinners! We are all sinners so his death was for all. When Jesus says that "It is finished", he can also be reffering to the older predictions of Christs' life. There is one in particular that it might have been talking about in Isaiah. That is the one in which Isaiah talks of th ...

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... they just can not understand. No, the people of this land do not believe in Mithraism, but they do have their own god to worship. In fact it is all my wife can speak of, this Christianity. The faith the people of Rome are demonstrating for this man Jesus and his teachings is very uncanny, and it is only hurting my creed. The nerve these Christians have, putting their most holy of days on the same day as ours (197). This must be some sort of conspiracy in trying to finish off a dying religion. If that is not enough, they even tore down my place of worship and built a church of their own in place of it (197). Now I must travel two hours by horse just to fulfill ...

Buddhism, Hinduism, And Christianity
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... upon Hindu Beliefs and apart of Indian society. There are four main cast groups: Brahmans which is the religious class, the Kshatriyas which was the warrior class, the Vaisyas which were the landowners, Merchants, and Herders, and the Sudras who were the laboring class made up of the servants and peasants. Hindu’s believed in Reincarnation also. It is the rebirth of the soul in another body after death. Hindu people believed the action of the people in their life were rewarded or punished in their next life. The Social affect this religion had on its people was that the caste system and its believes provided an organized society in which people believed social mo ...

What Is Hinduism
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... a corrupt form of Sindhu given to the Aryans by the Greeks. A way of life that is all things to Hindus, the religion encompasses a vast, uncoordinated complex of sects, doctrines, beliefs and practices set in a social framework. It has the unique distinction of having no single founder, no centralized organized hierarchy and no fixed dogmas. It represents instead countless sages and the truths revealed to them over thousands of years in the Vedas. The sanctity of the four Vedas—Rig Veda, Sama Veda, Yajur Veda and Atharva Veda—is the ultimate authority for all Hindus. While the Vedas is a very important aspect of Sanatan Dharma, the Bhagavad Gita is Hinduism ...

The History Of The Catholic Church In St. Augustine
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... follows the development of Catholicism in St. Augustine. The history of St. Augustine is a long and intricate past. It is full of take overs, battles, and religious triumph and competition. The first explorer to reach Florida was Christopher Columbus. It is said that Columbus left San Salvador, the first island he landed on, and came to Florida, on a short voyage being the first explorers to find Florida. While Columbus was here, he was impressed by the Aboriaines, or the natives, and by the rich waters that supposedly were to perpetuate youth as well as vitality. (Now seen as a tourist site, The Fountain of Youth.) On March 27, 1512, Palm Sunday, he and the ...

An Analysis Of The Jehovah's Witnesses' Religion
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... pile into the building. Slowly conversations between members and nonmembers, including myself. After about twenty minutes, the talking reseeded and people started to seat themselves. The inside of the room was well lit up with no pews, but there were many chairs connected by metal bolts on the bottom of each chair. Amazingly though there was no cross and no altar. First the service started with singing, as any ordinary church would. We sung out of a book of songs that they provided for us. After the singing there was a guest speaker from Bagley, Minnesota. The speaker spoke to the congregation about topics in the bible, his speech lasted about three fourth ...

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