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Essays on Religion

Old Testament Vs. Hellenic Divine Intervention
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... in the Hellenic texts and the Old Testament are similar because of the interference in human affairs, yet they are different because of why certain people are chosen to fulfill a destiny. For instance, in the Old Testament, God chooses Noah and his family to be the only survivors after the flood that wipes out the earth. His destiny was to build the ark and take a pair of every living creature to help repopulate the earth after everything is wiped out. This is similar to Oedipus at Colonus, in the Hellenic texts, because the gods choose Oedipus to save the city of Colonus from his own sons. They differ because God, in the Old Testament, chooses rather blindl ...

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... Americans define themselves and establish their unity." The author means to imply that unity is something we all strive for. To be American is to be part a huge family, no matter what gender, color, or background. We stick together. We fight together, we laugh together, we grieve together as Americans. Terms like democracy, individuality, self-reliance are all words we relate to as Americans. We teach our kids that we should be grateful everyday to be Americans. In this country we can choose our own destination. We can be whatever we want. I think that being a secular country brings us together and makes us stronger.We don't have questions we can't answer. We don' ...

Who Is Jesus Christ
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... norm of truth, that is, when the Enlightenment becomes a rationalism, there is little room for Christianity in the traditional sense. For example, Locke had exhibited a desire to empty Christianity of that which reason cannot account for, the miraculous and the supernatural, and to build a religion within the limits of reason alone. But it was with the German Enlightenment that the seeds of the biblical revolution were being sown. Under the influence of Deism, radical criticism of the fundamental beliefs of Christianity as enshrined in the gospel story of Jesus formed. Many theories arose pertaining to the belief of Jesus. Apparently, the first scholar to question ...

The Truth About Physics And Religion
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... in the statements made by physicists. Furthermore, I will show that only physicists can really know the truth of physics, and only religious followers can know the truth of that religion; everyone else has to take it on faith. Many people believe that physics and religion are entirely separate. They claim that physics is only concerned with discovering what is true or false, while religion is concerned with what is good or evil. Scientists appear to agree that “physics is the manner in which we argue about the objective side of reality.” Religious followers, on the other hand, agree that “religion is the way we express the subjective decisions that help us choos ...

Separation Of Church And State
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... New Hyde Park, New York. The problem in this case was that school officials were allowing a school prayer at the beginning of the day. A main political issue within public schools involves the First Amendment, how the school system enforces certain things and how schools can get around the separation between church and state. The First Amendment is being violated by allowing public officials(teachers) to direct prayer in schools. The reason that this is a violation is because prayer, bible readings and moments of silence are prohibited in public school systems. The First Amendment has many different interpretations that people are attaching to it. People to ...

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... wishes, he married at an early age and participated in the common life of the court. Buddha found his carefree, dishonest life boring, and after a while he left home and began wandering in search of "enlightenment." One day in 533, according to tradition, he met an old man, a sick man, and a dead body, and he suddenly realized that suffering is the common part of humankind. He then met a beggar monk who was calm and peaceful and decided to adopt his way of life and family, wealth, and power in the search for truth. This decision, known in Buddhism as the Great Renunciation, is celebrated by Buddhists as a turning point in history. Gautama was then 29 years o ...

Religion In Our Lives
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... these religious symbols, there exists a common thread uniting all religions. The aspect of community becomes the "heart and soul" of almost all religious groups around the world. It is this upon which George Weckman focuses his article. The author defines the characteristics of a community in a number of ways. For one, he claims that some sort of initiation or "entrance ritual" needs to occur in order to mark the acceptance of an individual into the community as a whole. In addition to these entrance rituals, the individual will, most likely, participate in other types of rituals throughout his life. This may include his eventual departure from the community ...

Alcohol And The Church
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... under control we as a society need to teach our children the risks of using alcohol, not only in the home but in the schools as well. To reach the heart of the problem is to face the problem head on. As a social drinker myself (I put my self in this classification) I don't feel I have an alcohol problem just because I enjoy a drink now and then. I do not abuse it and would never put myself behind the wheel of a car to take the risk of taking someone else's life. You don't need to be drunk to cause an accident, it's been proven in many cases only a few drinks can impair someone's stability. If more thought of this there would be less tragedies on our highways ...

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... popular name for the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, a Hindu movement founded in the United States by A.C. Bhaktivedanta. the popular name derives from the mantra Hare Krishna("O Lord Krishna") chanted by members of the group. Devotees of the Hindu god Krishna, the members are divided into two classes: brahmacatin ("students"), who live in temples and vow to abstain from sex, meat, intoxicants, and gabling, and grihasta, or lay members who marry and have families. They are proselytizers who actively seek converts. In the mid-1980s the Hare Krishna movement had more than 200 centers in the United States, Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Africa. ...

Saint Thomas Aquinas: Proof Of The Existence Of God
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... a place where they went after their death, as well as performing rituals before going on hunts - presumably in order to receive blessing and aid from somewhere or someone . They have also been known to bury their dead in the fetal position, reproducing the way in which they came into the world in order to accelerate the journey into the next world . The views of the ancient civilizations of the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans have been well-documented. All three of these ancient societies believed in numerous Gods, who each held domain over certain aspects of that particular culture. These Beings were represented as being somewhat human, extremely powerful, and somet ...

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