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Essays on Science

Discussions On Darwin
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... their trust in this new “theory of evolution”. Unfortunately, this revolutionary new theory threatened the religious beliefs about creation and soon a new rivalry emerged between the creationists and evolutionists. According to Charles Darwin man began as one of a few species on this new planet striving for survival. However, man was better equipped with certain traits that allowed him to pass through the filter of natural selection. Man was supplied with both physical and intellectual traits that were responsible for allowing him to surmount the other species living beside him. He was able to use his physical traits in order to become the greatest predator, a ...

Genetic Engineering And Its Future Impacts On Society
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... using animals for scientific research is morally wrong that's your belief, I am stating that genetically enhancing them to be better research specimens is not unethical. My reason behind this is that we don't just do research in order to infect and kill off the mice, we do it so one day we will have a cure for cancer and can save hundreds of thousands of human lives. Of course if you value the life of a mouse over a human then you would see differently. Some fear that this science is too powerful, granted we shouldn't let just anyone be able to modify bacteria, or the human genome, but we shouldn't let our fears blind us to the possible benefits of wide-scale ...

Nuclear Power: Cons
Download This PaperWords: 2010 - Pages: 8

... prove that nuclear power is a dangerous technology and with many other sources and the dangers involved, the disadvantages of nuclear power far outweigh the benefits. Alternative sources of energy are making their way into the highly competitive field of electricity production. With the wealth of sources such as solar, wind, hydro or geothermal the dangers involved with fission could be solved by adopting these newer, safer methods. A main source of energy that could lead the way for the near future is solar energy. It is clean efficient and is already a large part of American and Canadian electricity production. "Solar energy already supplies about 6% of the nat ...

The Big Bang And Steady State Models
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... and cooled. Several million years later, it condensed into galaxies. The universe has continued to expand, and the galaxies have continued moving away from each other ever since. Today the universe is still expanding, as astronomers have observed. The Steady State model says that the universe does not evolve or change in time. There was no beginning in the past, nor will there be change in the future. This model assumes the perfect cosmological principle. This principle says that the universe is the same everywhere on the large scale, at all times.2 It maintains the same average density of matter forever. There are observational evidences found ...

Download This PaperWords: 2266 - Pages: 9

... described as a black crust. Comet nuclei can range from 1 kilometer to about 50 kilometers across. The black crust on the surface of the nuclei helps the comet to absorb heat, which causes some of the ices under the crust to turn to a gas. Pressure builds up underneath the crust and causes the surface to bubble up in some places. Eventually, the weak spots of the crust break open from the pressure, and the gas shoots outward; this is referred to by astronomers as a jet. Dust that had been mixed in with the gas is also pushed out, and as more jets appear, a small gas and dust shell forms around the nucleus, and this is called the coma. The coma, also called the he ...

Download This PaperWords: 369 - Pages: 2

... urination, bleeding between periods, excessive bleeding during menstrual period, painful intercourse, and lower abdominal pain. When treated early, there are no long-term consequences of . Serious complications can result, however, when left untreated. Long term complications in men may include Epididymitis. Long term complications in women include Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, ectopic pregnancy, perihepatitis, sterility can be transmitted to newborns. Approximately 2% of persons with untreated may develop Disseminated Gonococcal Infection (DGI). This develops into a fever, skin lesions and arthritis type pain. is treated with antibiotic drugs taken orally ...

Mitosis In Cancerous Cells
Download This PaperWords: 1530 - Pages: 6

... at the poles and the microtubules disappear. The cytoplasm divides, cell membrane closes inward making two daughter cells. This is a very complex process which needs to be completed perfectly, in order for the cell to divide and replicate normally. Very often a cell loses its regulation, and begins replicating out of control, that is it becomes cancerous. Abnormal cell growth is often known as cancer. During which, cancer cells do not respond normally to the body's control mechanisms. They often divide excessively, invade other tissues and, if unchecked, can kill the whole organism. Researchers studying cancer cells in culture have found that they do not res ...

Download This PaperWords: 979 - Pages: 4

... Steven A. Goldman told Reuters Health. In addition, it may lead to the development of drugs that would stimulate the formation of new brain cells in people with Alzheimer's or other diseases where brain cells degenerate, he commented. Goldman noted that the use of drugs to stimulate proliferation of new brain cells will probably result in a more successful strategy than attempting to grow the cells outside the body and then placing them back into the brains of patients, as some scientists have suggested. Goldman, of Cornell University Medical College in New York, and colleagues surgically extracted brain cells from the hippocampus of ei ...

Asimov On Chemistry By Isaac Asimov
Download This PaperWords: 1067 - Pages: 4

... stuffy, women-hating chemist. This man did make some discoveries about inflammable gas and proved water to be an oxide. The Element of Perfection Asimov talks about astronomers in the mid 1800's, and how they made the spectroscope. Only then does he start to mention a element a french chemist belived to be new or maybe just a heavier from of nitrogen. Inert gases and there liquefaction points are then listed along when they when fisrt liquefied by a chemist. Welcome, Stranger! This talks about the rarest of stable enert gases, xenon. It also tells why that in 1962 so many expirements were done involving this gas. Fisrt it defines the word gas, and ta ...

Killer Whale, The Mighty Dolphin
Download This PaperWords: 399 - Pages: 2

... male's dorsal fin can reach seven feet tall and stands straight up off the middle of his back. The female's dorsal fin is much shorter, usually about three feet, and instead of standing straight, forms a crecent arc on her back towards the tail. Although Killer Whales are not used for oil-based products they have over and over again been found with harpoons sticking out of their backs. Research soon found that fishermen were shooting them to keep them from eating all of a days catch. This was not the first time something like this was found. In the 1950's The U.S. Navy used machine guns to slaughter hundreds of Killer Whales off of Iceland to protect fishing. Aft ...

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