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Essays on Science

Diffraction And The Debye-Scherrer Camera
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... with the fundamental concept of simple harmonic motion as it relates to light waves. Simple harmonic motion is the condition in which a particle that is moving along the x-axis has a displacement function given by the following relation x = Acos(wt + f) where x is the position along the x axis A is the amplitude or in other words the maximum possible displacement w is the angular frequency and f is the phase constant or phase angle and has units of radians per second. The phase constant determines the position of the particle at time t = 0. The quantity (wt+ f) is called the phase. The above function x repeats itself whenever wt = n2p where n is an ...

Electronic Commerce
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... consumers to feel and examine the products. These advantages and disadvantages will probably result in several major changes in the way business is conducted in the future. offers many advantages to both consumers and firms. It is very convenient for consumers as there are no shop hours and orders can be placed any time of the day. also allows companies to have much larger markets, once you are on the Internet you are everywhere. A customer in Japan can buy exactly what a customer in the UK buys from the same electronic store. The capability to purchase products at ease from all over the world would eventually result in the weakening of international boundaries ...

Humbled By Natureís Grandeur
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... about the whales and their habits. It was an interesting change of pace to be my Dadís teacher. This was great because I actually knew something that my Dad did not know, which was very rare. Though that was great, it was not the best part of my adventure. The best part of my experience was in the water. We set out to sea around 5:00pm and returned at around 9:00pm. Those four hours were probably the best four hours of my adolescent life. When I was out on the kayak I saw so many killer whales it was unbelievable. We were in the midst of two whale pods numbering about 90 whales. I had heard that killer whales can attack people. Surprisingly, I was no ...

Multiple Personality Disorders
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... gestures will usually vary. Even the name of the individual will generally change when a personality switch occurs. When a personality switch does occur, the subject's thoughts, feelings and memories are split from the conscious' awareness and control. The condition usually develops as a way of coping with painful and disturbing experiences faced in the individuals early life, such as child abuse, or if an extremely violent act has traumatized the person. Many personality disorders like Multiple Personality Disorder lead to various social problems. According to psychologist, these traits usually arise when the individual is in early childhood, around the age o ...

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... A Cloned Chop, Anyone? They take a somewhat neutral, but also somewhat negative viewpoint of cloning in an agricultural and medicinal sense. They admit some good aspects of this genetic engineering, but they still seem pessimistic of the future of cloning in animals excluding humans. The first thing the article states is the Wall Street opportunities for the biotech field. Instead of phone calls from eager investors only phone calls from reporters were coming in asking about this market. I feel that now would be a great time to invest in biotechnical companies specializing in agricultural and medicinal cloning. This article says nothing about the great potent ...

Ecstasy The Hug Drug
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... who attend all night dance parties have a "mind-blowing time," according to U.S. Customs Commissioner Raymond Kelly, "primarily use ecstasy". The drug breaks down communication barriers and allows a great recipe for intimate contact, which a lot of young people today strive for. The positive feelings that people report are very similar to that of Prozac (anti-depressant drug) and fenfluramine. MDMA is usually taken orally in the form of pills synthesized by independent labs. They come in different colors, shapes, and sizes. The designer drug may also be taken in the form of a powder and injected into the blood stream for a quicker " high". The actual potency ...

Depression 5
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... and suicide may come into play, depending on the seriousness of the depression. People who are depressed may find it difficult and become overwhelmed by simple daily tasks, which is why sometimes they withdraw from daily activities altogether. They may even withdraw from families and friends. Rod Steiger an Academy Award-winning actor who had starring roles in over 72 films is clinically depressed. During a time when Rod was down he wrote a letter to his wife and son: I want to die; I donít want to move. I have no feeling for movement. To be left alone, to disappear. Not to be bothered with washing, shaving, talking, walking, going to the bathroom. If only to get ...

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... rang from 18 to 26 inches (46 to 66 cm) in length and weigh as much as 26 pounds (12 kg). The hare is also noted for its ability to change its fur color gradually to blend into its surroundings. The arctic hare's fur turns completely white during the winter months. During the spring, as the snow melts, the hare grows a new coat of brown fur. Another hare that changes color is commonly called the snowshoe rabbit. The hare has strong hind legs that enable it to hop 43 miles per hour (69 km/h), as fast as a race horse. Lagomorphs must be able to hop about quickly to escape from predators. Another lagomorph, the pika, dwells among the craggy mountain slopes of Asia an ...

Multiple Sclerosis
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... established that MS is more prominent in colder regions and rare in tropical areas. Maine being a colder climate has shown some of the highest rates of MS.2 There is evidence of a slight increase in MS among first degree relatives--parents, siblings, and children. It is also suspected that the same family members may inherent a genetic susceptibility to MS. While it is possible to inherit a genetic susceptibility to MS, it is not possible to inherit the disease. And even people who have all the necessary genes don't necessarily get MS. The disease, experts believe, must be triggered by environmental factors. So MS is not considered a hereditary disease.3 Unt ...

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... be created on impact. The wave would be hundreds for feet high traveling hundreds of miles per hour. It would start to slow down crashing ashore through all coastal city. Then, finally wash up hundreds for miles inland. " The mid-Atlantic Ocean impact ranging from 400 meters to 5 kilometers in diameter. This would generate a tsunami that would sweep across the upper East Coast of the United States to the Appalachian Mountains."(Gottschalk 1) The blast of the impact would equal a 300 gigaton blast of T.N.T. Also, 2.4 seconds after impact, a small fireball with a temperature of 5000'C would sweep across long island. A land fall strike would cause total divistation. Th ...

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