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Essays on Social Issues

Creating A Fun Workplace Environment
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... making work fun, exciting, and challenging for your employees, you will begin to see happier employees, less turnover, and higher productivity. Employees generally want to know what is expected from them. A sense of trust and comfort can be obtained when everyone knows exactly what their responsibilities are for each authority. Managers should create a fair and consistent environment for all employees. They should make sure that everyone is treated equally, because the littlest bit of bias or favoritism toward that person or group could cause internal employee morale and possible legal cases. Developing policies and procedures is the easiest way for companies to ...

Personal Writing: Living In Both Texas And New York City
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... taste the variety in culture, way of life, and the school system. I was raised in the central Manhattan of the Big Apple, the city that never sleeps. Mass transit and people had always flooded the streets and intersections. It seemed like everyone were heading for different directions and the citizens of New York City are too busy with their own affairs and does have time to care of what's going on in their surroundings. The citizens of New York City would care less about the traffic safety and reading the traffic signs. The smell of the city reminds me of the honey roasted peanut stands, a sweet scent of aroma that would often fill up the neighborhood. When ...

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... may possess, and then classes them into a certain category. Adopting stereotype ideas, one assumes that the behavior of one represents everyone of that class. If a young Japanese boy is excelling in math, for example, then a stereotype attitude would be to assume that all Japanese boys are good at math. It is quite obvious that this is not always so. Knowing this, does that mean that stereotyping is “wrong”? When is it considered “correct”, if ever? We are provided with prerogative to think however we like, but is it correct in assuming that stereotyping is immoral and unfair? This topic will be more discriptive through the proceeding. Stereotyping As it was ...

Comparison Between African And American Cultures
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... few paragraphs will talk about comparison of our culture and Africa's culture. The culture in Kenya is only advancing in certain parts, mainly the bigger cities. There are also many very remote towns and villages that still have some of the native people left in them. Since there are so many different tribes they have lots of native languages. In America Spanish is one of the only other languages spoken. Some of the different tribes in Africa are the Sanburose, Omallose, and Turcanas. The people in these places use many of the old ways and follow most of the traditions their ancestors did because they haven't been introduced with very much of the modern techn ...

Gay Marriage
Download This PaperWords: 848 - Pages: 4

... is “strictly an institution between a man and a woman” (Hogan, 380). Webster’s Dictionary defines marriage as “the institution whereby men and women are joined in a special kind of social and legal dependence for the purpose of founding and maintaining a family.” This definition clearly states that marriage is intended for a man and woman, not a man and a man or a woman and a woman. However, this argument is not a very strong one. As a United States citizen, everyone is guaranteed certain rights in the Constitution, marriage being one of them. Marriage is “a fundamental constitutional right, or a broader right of privacy or of intimate association” (Price, 1) ...

Affirmative Action
Download This PaperWords: 1476 - Pages: 6

... founded on. However defenders of affirmative action say that the playing fields are not leveled yet. Meaning that granting modest advantages to minorities and women is more than fair, given hundreds of years of discrimination that benefited whites and men. No issue is more controversial or affects more citizens and no program has more potential to divide this nation or the very opposite. My goal for this term paper is to assemble some of the viewpoints both for and against as well as other alternatives. To look at the history and the present to form an opinion whether Affirmative action is really working and is compliant with this modern society. HI ...

The Media's Impact On Life
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... woman with the self confidence to stand up for their rights, and what they believe. The media has only really impacted my life when I was a young child. The perplexing commercials of GI JOE and the unforgettable Transformers were just mind boggling. Anytime a new commercial aired. I would always ask for the newest one. This was of course, before I comprehended the value of the Canadian dollar bill. As the nineties have change the appearance of our currency, my outlook on first impressions of the advertisements has changed as well. Subsequent to the view of both Norma Rae and Pretty Woman, I felt the characters played by Sally Field and Julia Roberts were down to ...

Ethical Decision Making Model
Download This PaperWords: 1510 - Pages: 6

... are as followed: Tom, the supervisor of the shipping department, has informed me that he has a drinking problem. He is aware that this is the reason for the poor performance in his department. He has joined AA and has guaranteed that in the future there will be an improvement. Tom has been with the company for 36 years, and was the supervisor when I joined Blitz. Recently, there have been a large number of complaints in the shipping department, and Tom believes that someone is setting him up. The poor performance in the shipping department has caused many problems. Deadlines have not been met, employee turnover rate is high, and John, my best salesman, ...

Same Sex Marriages? By Definition, It Cannot Exist
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... argue, "Why does every legal and political issue always have to be complicated by making it a moral and ethical question?" If there were no morals or ethics in government, society as we know it could not exist. It is unthinkable how someone can make this point. If these people had some logic and thoughtfulness in their minds as well as in their hearts, they would not be making these ridiculous comments. Arguments of this type are the cause of crime and poverty in our country. People don't know the difference between right and wrong. Children need a mother and a father to teach family values and the difference between right and wrong. The worl ...

Hooked On The Internet
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... academicians, students and computer professionals, the Internet… now hosts a growing number of lay users, and a growing number of addicts", says Sarah Lehrman, a psychiatrist who, realizing the problem, has started an on-line support group for users hooked on cyberspace (58). This new addiction, developed by our technological nation, has become a "condition from which an estimated 5 million Americans suffer, or one out of every nine Internet users", estimates the author of Digital Drug Marilyn Elias (13). According to many experts, it is becoming clear that millions cannot control the habit of spending endless hours in front of the computer screens, and that a ...

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