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Essays on Social Issues

Views Of Gangs
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... drugs from smoking cigarettes to sniffing cocaine. There are many gangs who buy, sell and even make drugs. In many gangs to join you have to be jumped in meaning about 30 guys from the gang come and beat the crap out of you.Or they give you some kind of test like to kill some rival gang member or rob a bank. Many of the guns gang buy come from the streets you can usually buy a gun from the back of a truck for bout 50$.Even old gangs are starting to be reorganized. Also with each type of gang comes with slang from the gang members countries such as "ehh vato u messin wid me esse dont u know im loco" .Alot of gang members are rich from selling drugs and things like ...

Concern Of The Health Care System
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... is assigned a gatekeeper, a general practitioner who will decide if the patient is in need of a specialist. If so the gatekeeper will make a referral to a specialist. Providing the patient chooses to follow the gatekeeper's referral he or she will be granted the health care benefits covered under the managed health care plan. If they are to go against the referral and see a doctor not recommended they do not receive the coverage that they would under the plan. When asked how this would affect the pharmacy aspect of the hospital she said "Pharmacy must become involved in the schooling of the patient about the medicine, where this was previously the job ...

Blacks Treated As Lower Class Citizens
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... The first example that the black community has been treated as a lower- class citizen was when they couldn't get a good education. "Besides, those doors are always open to them…But most are deprived of education…This gets easier and easier until she comes up with still another child to abort or support, But none of this is 'Negro-ness'" (Griffin 92). This quote shows that the blacks were deprived of an education, and a good education is usually a symbol of middle- or higher- class citizen. "They are so close to their ancestors learned to read and write at the risk of severe punishment, that learning is almost a sacred privilege (Griffin 125)." This quote shows ...

Welfare Reform
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... but to the many generations to follow that family line. The consists of two major ideas. First, there is revolutionary change in basic goals set by the federal government. Second, a dramatic change turning what used to be a federal, centralized system over to the states. At this point welfare rules require most recipients to work within two years of receiving assistance, limit most assistance to five years total, and let states establish family duration by denying additional benefits to mothers for children born while the mothers are already on public assistance. Traditionally the federal government set eligibility guidelines on a national basis, then ...

Against Censoring Harmless Obscene Language
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... of speech. Article I of the United States Constitution states, "Congress shall make no law…abridging the freedom of speech." Translated, this asserts that I can say what ever the !@#$ I want to.† Ooh, I'm sorry, I hope you closed your eyes and washed your ears out with soap. If not, too $%@# bad! My belief is that nothing should be censored. Nothing. It is every person's right and responsibility to shield him or herself from any language and other audio and visual provided I do not say anything false which could hurt another person's reputation messages that is found demeaning to the individual. One person may find my !@#$%& language offensive, yet anot ...

Television's Positive Effects On Society
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... to day basis, the television keeps us informed with plenty of helpful information. We are informed through the television of the latest news, weather, and information which are important in our daily lives. The television often acts as an almanac, dictionary, and an eye into the world around us. It informs us of the most recent happenings around the world within seconds. Such as the O.J. Simpson trial, the Oklahoma City bombing, and the wars taking place in the Middle East. Through TV we can be warned about almost anything from a hurricane approaching to the fact that the stock market is falling. The television in today's society has become one of our most ba ...

The Crucial Role Of Mass Media
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... than highlight dramatic episodes of crime and violence, spectacular personal scandals, and the triumphs of prominent celebrities. In other words, the definition of news has been. The two sides on the ability of the mass media to fulfill it’s role recognized by the Bill of Rights can be categorized into either the supporters of Jarol Manhiem’s essay on the ineptness of the media to realize it’s privileged role or the supporters of Douglas Rushkoff’s essay on the ability of American people to see past the distractive sensationalism of modern day mass media. The debate that was engaged in class rested on these two contradicting sides. On one side there is Manhie ...

The Problem Of Domestic Violence
Download This PaperWords: 1920 - Pages: 7

... families men and women do not engage in physically abusive behavior" (The Brown U.), but because the media feels that it is their public duty to deceive us into believing that this problem is an "epidemic" (Domestic V.) we feel that, that is the case. Webster's dictionary defines epidemic as "a rapid spreading of a disease; to many people at the same time", this is not the case with domestic violence, one it didn't just happen overnight, it has just been popularized overnight, domestic violence has been going on from as far back as anyone can remember and probably farther than that, and two, this is not affecting many people at the same timem, because, as I've st ...

Different Images Of The Wife Between Sixteenth Centuries And Today
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... together in sixteenth centuries. In "The Taming of the shrew", Katherine needed to live in the Petruchio's house. When she pointed out the mistake to her husband, her husband would call her who came back to their home. We can see that the respect of Katherine " Forward, I pray, since we have come so far, and be it moon, or sun, or what you please." 1 In fact, she needed her husband to support her life. If Petruchio didn't support her life, then she couldn't live only herself. Oppositely, many wives have their new style of life today. They don't need their husband to support their life. They can take care themselves. In article "Men, women more confused about ...

Cultural Diversity & Intergroup Relations: A Glimpse Into The World Of The Disabled
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... realize how fortunate I am to have healthy legs. As I was walking with the walker toward the cafeteria, things started brutal. My hands and legs started hurting and getting sore. It usually would only take me about 2-3 minutes to get to the cafeteria from the Academic Building, but instead, it took me about 15 minutes with the walker. People were kind enough, however, to open the doors for my partner and I. As we entered the cafeteria, I noticed people looking at us sympathetically and some very arrogantly. One person in particular couldn’t stop starring at me. The way he was looking at me upset me and made me a bit annoyed. In my mind I felt like hitting hi ...

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