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Essays on Technology

Improving Cyberspace
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... 2. The government could destroy the address for inappropriate material. 3. Existing federal laws regulate BBS's from inappropriate material. III. Censoring the Internet would establish moral standards. A. Pornography online is more harsh than any other media. 1. The material out there is highly perverse and sickening. 2. Some is not only illegal, but focuses on children. B. Many industries face problems from illegal activity online. 1. Floods of copyrighted material are illegally ...

Computer Crime: A Increasing Problem
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... at an incredibly fast rate, and the information stored on these computers has been increasing even faster. The amount of money, military intelligence, and personal information stored on computers has increased far beyond expectations. Governments, the military, and the economy could not operate without the use of computers. Banks transfer trillions of dollars every day over inter-linking networks, and more than one billion pieces of electronic mail are passed through the world's networks daily. It is the age of the computer network, the largest of which is known as the InterNet. A complex web of communications inter-linking millions of computers together -- and t ...

A Long Way From Univac
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... 1977, at the First West Coast Computer Faire, in San Francisco. In 1981, the International Business Machines Company introduced the first IBM PC. Unlike Apple, IBM used a policy of open architecture for their computer. They bought all of their components from the lowest bidder, such as the 8086 and 8088 microprocessor chips, made by a Intel, a Hillsboro, Oregon company. When IBMıs computerıs design had been finalized, they shared most of the inner workings of the computer with everyone. IBM hoped that this would encourage companies to manufacture computers that were compatible with theirs, and that in turn, would cause software companies to create operating sy ...

You've Got Mail
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... ears, and written words, people have found ways to share and exchange ideas. With the birth of the Internet, the world has found new ways to communicate with one another. Just a few short clicks of a mouse, and people can send e-mail, talk in a chat room, and look at personal or corporate homepages. People in one country can talk to people in another country over the telephone and even see them, in real time, through video conferencing. What people need to communicate is no longer limited by the size of the paper, length of the tape, or cost of the call. As with all forms of communication, people are always concerned with how secure things are. With traditional ...

Production Planning
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... (OM) systems first came to prominence in the early half of the twentieth century. Frederick W. Taylor is considered the father of operations management and is credited in the development of the following principles. a. Scientific laws govern how much a worker can produce in a day. b. It is the function of management to discover and use these laws in operation of productive systems. c. It is the function of the worker to carry out management's wishes without question. Many of today's method's of operation management have elements of the above stated principles. For example, part of Material Requirement Planning system (MRP) is learning how workers to ...

Modernization Of Air Warfare
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... were the first planes to accomplish this. With all the planes we know of, there are also top secret programs probably going on right now. A new fighter that has never been heard of before has been spotted. As John Welch, the assistant secretary of Air Force said, "Stealth gives us back that fundamental element of war called surprise" (Goodall 9). After it was found that aircraft could be very useful in war, it was used for large scale reconnaissance. Then people started to add bombs to aircraft and then airplanes started to become an essence of war. After World War 2, new bombers were developed with fast speed, and could travel far distances. They could ...

The Future Of The Internet
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... use it (Dunkin 180). Phillip Elmer-Dewitt stated it perfectly, “It is a place for everyone.” The rapid growth of the internet has many positive aspects to it. The new technology that is developing with this rapid growth will help keep computers up to date with what is being developed on the internet. With these technological advances, systems will be faster, more powerful, and capable of doing more complicated tasks. As more people with different interests, thoughts, and ideas get involved with the internet, there will be more information available (Elmer-Dewitt 64). As the number of internet users increases, the prices will gradually decrease on internet s ...

The Internet
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... government, to the universities and so on. The World Wide Web or WWW, is an information service that is on . The WWW is based on technology called hypertext, and was developed for physicist so they could send and retrieve information more easily. The WWW basically is a tool for exploring or surfing . The WWW is an attempt to organize so you can find information easier moving threw document to document. Why do I need to know this? Well now that I got threw all the techno-babble, let's get down to it. If you know how to utilize the Net, in just five minutes you could trade information and comments with millions of people all over the world, get a fast answer to an ...

Isdn For Small Business
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... to the telephone company. There are many considerations and alternatives to ISDN. This can range form regular phone connections to a digital satellite dish. The article is offers a worthy discussion for anyone contemplating a higher speed internet connection in the near future. ABSTRACT ii LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS iv INTRODUCTION 1 ISDN DEVELOPMENT 2 INTENTION OF ISDN 2 USES OF ISDN 2 TYPES OF ISDN 3 INTERFACES 3 Usage of PRI 3 How BRI Works 4 USAGE CONFIGURATION 4 EQUIPMENT NEEDED 4 RATES AND CHARGES 6 EXPLANATION OF CHARGES 6 CONFIGURATION CONSIDERATIONS 6 USAGE CONSIDERATIONS 7 AVAILABILITY OF SERVICE 7 ALTERNATIVES 8 SUMMARY 9 WORKS CITED 10 ...

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... When air flows around the wings of an airplane, it generates a force called "lift" that helps the airplane fly. Wings are contoured to take maximum advantage of this force. Wings may be attached at the top, middle, or lower portion of the fuselage. These designs are referred to as high-, mid-, and low-wing, respectively. The number of wings can also vary. Airplanes with a single set of wings are referred to as monoplanes, while those with two sets are called biplanes. To help fly the airplane, the wings have two types of control surfaces attached to the rear, or trailing, edges. They are referred to as ailerons and flaps. Ailerons extend from about the m ...

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