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Essays on Technology

The Future Of Security
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... payday by the companyís accountant. Deposits other than paychecks can be made at any financial institution as long as the creditor has the account number. Purchases will be made by debiting the account upon comparing the customerís retina scan with the one in the database of the account owner and making sure the funds are available to cover the entire purchase. If the purchase is approved the account will be debited in real-time. Transactions can be denied for lack of funds, retina scans not matching, the person has missed a court date or is wanted by the government for questioning or committing a crime. If the transaction is denied, the reason is display ...

Computer Security And The Law
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... at the trial. Computer security law is new field, and the legal establishment has yet to reach broad agreement on may key issues. Advances in computer security law have been impeded by the reluctance on the part of lawyers and judges to grapple with the technical side of computer security issues[1]. This problem could be mitigated by involving technical computer security professional in the development of computer security law and public policy. This paper is meant to help bridge to gap between technical and legal computer security communities. II. THE TECHNOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVE A. The Objectives of Computer Security The principal objective of c ...

Gates World
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... of the Bill Web! The Gates Network will provide you with the Gates Home Mail. It will allow you to send and receive anything electronically. You can forget about having to walk to the mail box, and having to deal with that angry postal worker! Forget about writing checks for bills, with the Gates Network you can electronically transfer your funds directly from your own personal Gates Bank account to any account in the world. The Gates Computer will provide your home with digital clarity sound! And with the Gates Radio Network you can listen to any style of music any time! Forget all those annoying radio advertisements, youíll get interesting and exciting news on u ...

Advancement Of Technology And Science And Its Influence On Science Fiction Novels
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... old romances and fanciful legends of our boyhood" (James 8) observes James. Technology has made what was once thought impossible, plausible and weather or not technology is directly incorporated into a science fi ction story as an obvious vehicle, the author knows that it is always present in the mind of the reader. It is this plausablilty of what conventionally should not be acceptable that has led to science fiction's increasing popularity over the years. As James explains, "much sf is concerned with the future and with the possibilities presented by scientific and technological change" (James 3). Truly, humans exploring and even colonizing other worlds, the ...

Censorship And The Internet
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... communicating on the Internet make up a large and vast system. For inspectors to monitor every e-mail, every article in every Newsgroup, every Webpage, every IRC channel, every Gopher site and every FTP site would be near impossible. Besides taking an ext raordinary amount of money and time, attempts to censor the Internet violate freedom of speech rights that are included in democratic constitutions and international laws.11 It would be a breach of the First Amendment. The Constitution of the United Stat es of America declares that "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the free ...

Windows 95 Beats Mac
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... my PC? With Windows 95, these problems were alleviated with plug and play technology. With plug and play compatible boards, the computer detects and configures the new board automatically. The operating system may recognize some hardware components on older PCs. Mac userw will claim that they always had the convenicnce of a plug and play system, ubt the difference shows in teh flexibility of the two systems. Another set of arguments Mac users use in favor of their sysstems over PCs is in multimedia and networking capabilities. Mac users gloat that the Mac has networking technology built in the system. Even if a user did not use it, the network is included with ...

Even From It's Humble Beginnings, The Internet Has Always Been A Battlefield Between Phreaks And Administrators
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... a wondrous place. Practically anything you could ever want is available on the Net. It's like a big city, it has the highly prestigious areas, and the sex-ridden slums. It has the upstanding citizens, and it has the criminals. On the Net, crime is more abundant than in a large city, though, mainly because of the difficulties in tracking and prosecuting offenders. Even from its beginnings, the Internet has always been a battlefield between phreaks and administrators. The Internet hasn't always been a public forum. In fact, the Internet has been around for years. The Internet is just a new fad ("The More I Learn" A1). The Internet originally began as DARPANET ...

The Involvement Of Computers In Future Jobs
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... We will be able to touch the characters, and feel the characters like they were in the room with you. For people who don't know much about computers, you will be lost in the future. You should learn what you can while you still have the chance, because things will develop to quickly for you and you will not be able to cope with new technological events. Computer consulting is a job, I have chosen long before the advances of technology. And now it has paid off. I now have a business of my own, working as a computer consultant. I assist others in learning about computers to be able to operate more efficently in their everyday jobs. Computers will fall i ...

Radar: A Silent Eye In The Sky
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... and the United States install radar aboard fighter planes, giving them an advantage in plane-to-plane combat as well as air-to-ground attacks. Radar works on a relatively simple theory. It's one that everybody has experienced in their lifetime. Radar works much like an echo. In an echo, a sound is sent out in all directions. When the sound waves find an object, such as a cliff face, they will bounce back to the source of the echo. If you count the number of seconds from when the sound was made to when the sound was heard, you can figure out the distance the sound had to travel. The formula is: (S/2) X 1100 = D (Half of the total time times 1100 feet pe ...

William Gibson's Neuromancer: Cyberspace
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... an account from the company they recieve a screen name and a password. The user then can use his or her screen name and password to log on and use the system. Most of the online systems have chat rooms where users can chat in real time with one another. some users even think of on-line services as a community. The second catagory involves Bulletin Boards or (BBS's). These services allow the user accounts like their larger on-line service cousins. These BBS's have less users because they run on smaller computers. The system operators, more commonly known as sysops, are running the boards. Since most BBS's are hobbies there is usually no charge ...

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