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Essays on World History

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... This was the age when the Hindu ideal of renunciation of family and social life by holy persons seeking Truth first became widespread. Siddhartha Gautama was the warrior son of a king and queen. According to legend, at his birth a soothsayer predicted that he might become a renouncer (withdrawing from the temporal life). To prevent this, his father provided him with many luxuries and pleasures. But, as a young man, he once went on a series of four chariot rides where he first saw the more severe forms of human suffering: old age, illness, and death (a corpse), as well as an ascetic renouncer. The contrast between his life and this human suffering made him reali ...

The French Revolution
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... in need of. The Thomas Hobbes approach which advocates control, could not have provided the people with such liberation, but in theory should be able to maintain the peace among the people, the peace that seemed so lacking during the French Revolution. The French Revolution was a disaster for the following reasons: it happened too fast, it went too far, and it achieved too little. Thomas Paine a radical thinker of the era once said ‘Time makes more converts than reason’. With this quote we can see why revolution was successful in England, but not France. England slowly used the Magna Carta (1213), Petition of Rights (1628), and the Habeas Corpus Act ...

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... of the region in 539 B.C., had a goddess named Anahita. This goddess, like Ishtar, held dominion over love and fertility. Furthermore, Anahita, like Ishtar, not only "ensured the continuity of life" but "was at the same time a goddess of war" (Ghirshman 250). This paradox of a goddess ruling warfare as well as love and life was found among the Greeks as well. Thus, statues of were often worshipped by Greek warriors before going into battle. According to Getty, the beautiful young woman was seen as being a symbol for all that the men were fighting for. Thus, the goddess was "called upon to drive the men into battle-frenzy in order to satisfy their honou ...

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... Bosnia-Hercegovina (Sarajevo, 1970),but it is in Serbo-Croat, so I can only look at the (numerous) illustra tions. What follows is a historical/heraldic account, pieced together from these sources, and a few encyclopedias. Bosnia was dominated alternatively by Serbia and, from the 12th c. onward, by Croatia (in personal union with Hungary) until the early 14th c. Typically, the king of Hungary and Croatia appointed bans, or local governors; and, in typical medieval fashion, these bans took advantage of any weakness of the central monarchy to carve out territories for themselves. In the early 14th c., the ban of Croatia was Pavao (Paul) Subic of Brebir or Breberio ( ...

Reform Judaism In The 19th Cen
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... Rabbis in all of Europe ( 241) The question comes to mind as to what exactly triggered this different belief in Judaism which differed significantly from previous tenents. It started during the time of the French revolution, a time when European Jews were (for the first time) recognized as citizens of the countries in which they lived in. Ghettos were being abolished, special badges were no longer required and Jews could dress the way they wanted, settle were they pleased and work the occupations they desired. Many Jews settled outside of Jewish districts, and began to live like their neighbors and speak the language of ...

Cost Of The Golf War
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... committed was $54 billion but only $52.9 billion had been received. The shortfall was $1.1 billion. •Saudi Arabia provided the US Military with fuel, food, water, local transportation and facilities, accounting for the "In-Kind" assistance. This accounted for 25% of the Saudi commitment to the US Military presence and was 71% of all "In-Kind" contributions. •The US paid roughly $7 billion, less than 12% of the total US cost and less than half what Saudi Arabia and Kuwait paid. Why is the cost of the Gulf War to the US and how the US paid for the war, interesting? •Along with the large scale engagement of international forces (the US had over 500,000 ...

Atomic Bomb
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... alter world politics, as we know it. As World War II expanded to grow more and more destructive in Europe, the war in the Pacific earned its own merits in the eradication of lives (Thomas 76). On December 7, 1945, the Japanese navy launched a surprise attack on Pear Harbor, Hawaii, which was the principal American naval base in the Pacific (Johnson 18). The next day, the 'sleeping giant' took action and declared war on Japan. As the war raged on, and as Germany eventually surrendered, the United States found itself essentially fighting alone against an implacable enemy in the Pacific. In an attempt to undermine the Japanese will to fight, the United ...

The Yugoslavian Conflict
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... and the further south and east you went the population became more Orthodox. Though these are all important factors contributing to the current problems in Yugoslavia, perhaps the most relevant issue is the issue of language. It wouldn't really be proper to say that Serbian, Croatian, Slovenian, and Macedonian are the four major languages because some of the languages are so similar they could be considered the same one. For example Serbian and Croatian are so similar that government policy was to promote through the educational system the idea of a single Serbo-Croatian language. However both the Serbians and the Croatians challenged this idea and went thro ...

Babylonia A Great Civilization
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... as a witness. The husband could divorce his wife and could marry a second wife if she did something wrong. For example, if she did not "give" him any children. The parents arranged marriages-they were recognized legally. There would first be a ceremony, which would be concluded with a "contract inscribed on a tablet." "Children were under the absolute authority of their parents." They could disinherit them or sell them into slavery. But under normal conditions, children were loved and, at the death of the parents, inherited all their possessions. Adopted children were not uncommon and were treated nicely and cared for properly. Thus, this shows that ...

Asian-Americans And Concentration Camps In WWII
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... individuals. They were even a more immediate threat than communists, since they required an eventual takeover, and Germans, since they were preoccupied by numerous enemies. In addition, the Japanese-Americans were concentrated on the Western Coast and could thus organize better. There is also the chasm of culture; ignorance is the key to racism, and the average American knew very little of the lifestyle and customs of the Far East. This led to more suspicion. There were also facts going against the Japanese-Americans. According to the Munson Report, 98% of Japanese-Americans were loyal to the U.S. This is an impressive number; however, in times of war, 2% s ...

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