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Essays on World History

Arab-Israeli Wars
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... UN plan. Jewish forces prevented seizure of most settlements, but Arab guerrillas, supported by the Transjordanian Arab Legion under the command of British officers, besieged Jerusalem. By April, Haganah, the principal Jewish military group, seized the offensive, scoring victories against the Arab Liberation Army in northern Palestine, Jaffa, and Jerusalem. British military forces withdrew to Haifa; although officially neutral, some commanders assisted one side or the other. After the British had departed and the state of Israel had been established on May 15, 1948, under the premiership of David BEN-GURION, the Palestine Arab forces and foreign volunteers were joi ...

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... they are by far not the only ones. Radiation can be carried in many products, including food which is the most common and easy way to become sick from radiation poisoning. Cattle in the area of radiation may appear to be healthy but the milk they produce and the meat they give should not be eaten. As you can see, radiation can very easily be transferred from one point to another and ingested by someone without even their knowledge that there is a problem. The government of the Soviet Union was the owner of the nuclear power plant in Chernobyl. When there was a problem, the government immediately sent soldiers to surround the plant and only two days later d ...

Events Of The Civil Rights Mov
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... Hope you liked it --------------------------------- Events of the Civil Rights Movement The United States Civil Rights Movement of the 1960's was the centerfold of the 1900's. The Movement came about because not all Americans were being treated fairly. In general white Americans were treated better than any other American people, especially black people. There were many events of the Civil Rights Movement some dealt with black people not getting a fair education. Some events came about because people were advocating that people should be able to practice their American rights. The term paper that you are about to read is composed of events that occurred a ...

Explain How The Inherent Stren
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... the small states and also started getting more powerful, because those areas were very rich. This was the first step made by Prussia in order to complete the unification of the Germanic states. However the facts that brought Prussia and the states closer were the wars that fought together. The first one took place in 1863, against Denmark, which threatened the Germanic states. Prussia and Austria-Hungary formed an alliance and were able to defeat easily the Danish. The reason that Prussia allied with Austria-Hungary was that, she wanted to prevent the confederation of forming an army, thatís because Prussia wanted those states to be week. However the wars werenít ...

Ku Klux Klan 4
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... Klan to spread across the south. New members had to be over 18, pay $1, sworn to secrecy, recruits pledged to "protect the weak, the innocent, and the defenseless, from the indignities, wrongs, and outrages of the lawless, the violent, and the brutal." The highly centralized plan for expanding the KKK, spread so rapidly that most chapters operated alone. The founders of the KKK lost control, and it became impossible to talk about a single KKK. Yet Klan activities still followed a common pattern throughout the south. (Ingalls 11-12) The Klan now started to spread across Tennessee. At first the Klan used tricks to keep blacks "in their place". At first, the Klan wou ...

Russia In 1910
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... Czar Nicholas II, ruled of his disorganized nation. His government of appointed officials and men of inherited positions did not represent the people. All of Europe had experienced the industrial revolution, Russia had precious little machinery. To obtain more advanced machines, the government traded grains to other countries in exchange for machinery, though it meant more people would now starve. Compound this with the devastation and desperation brought on shortly thereafter by the first world war, and there was no confidence left in the government. Liberal constitutionalists wanted to remove the Czar and form a republic; social revolutionists tried to p ...

Gothic Cathedrals
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... oneís eyes upwards toward the heavens with the awesomeness of God. These cathedrals were built with towering spires, pointed arches and flying buttresses giving impressions of harmony and luminosity. One of the major accomplishments of the 12th and 13th centuries was to develop the engineering mastery of the ribbed vault, pointed arch and flying buttress to create a great cathedral that is at once taller, lighter, wider, and more elegant than the ones before. Even though the pointed arch could support more weight than its predecessors, there was still the problem of finding a way to support the heavy masonry ceiling vaults over wide spans. In order to suppo ...

History Of Cleveland
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... Cleveland grew, becoming more of a populated city then others. Just 40 years after being the 45th largest city in the nation it was the 12th. When the 20th century came around Cleveland was proud to be the 7th largest city in the nation with 381,768 people. Although Cleveland never became the largest city in the nation, the closest they got was 5th with 900,429 people. Interesting enough, even though that was the highest position Cleveland ever got, that wasnít the highest the population ever was. In 1950 the population was 914,808 which put them in 7th place. With large populations came major events. The first major event for Cleveland is one that now is a regular ...

America At The Turn Of The Cen
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... rich and the poor is disturbing the financial status of the country. There is a big increase in school violence that is scaring many parents in this nation. If this isn’t stopped the free education aspect of our country will not be offered in the future. Therefore, many historians believe that these few weaknesses could make a fairly self sufficient country fall. President Clinton is a perfect example for the political scandals of our country. In January of 1997 it was announced to the country that President Clinton allegedly had an affair with one of the interns at the White House. Over the period of the next few months President Clinton not only denied t ...

Political Economy Of The Ancient India
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... authority 12. Development of the notion of transmigration Nagarjuna and Sunyavada Contributions of Vasubandhu and Asanga 13. Indian sculpture India from the Paleolithic Period to the decline of the Indus Civilization The earliest periods of Indian history are known only through reconstructions from archaeological evidence. In the late 20th century, much new data emerged, allowing a far fuller reconstruction than was formerly possible. This section will discuss five major periods: (1) the early prehistoric period (before the 8th millennium BC), (2) the period of the prehistoric agriculturalists and pastoralists (approximately the 8th to the mid-4th millennium BC), ...

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