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Essays on Geography

Gabon: An Example For All Of Africa
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... approximately 1,155,000 (July 1995 est.) There are 11 people per square mile. The majority of the Gabonese are of ages 15-64 years. The average life expectancy is 55.14 years. Women live to be around 58, while men are usually around 52 when they die. This is why only 5% of the population is older than 65. The infant mortality is lower than many other African countries, 92.4 per 1,000 live births. (The World Fact Book 1995) As in most African countries, there are many Bantu tribes make up the ethnicity of the country. There are four major tribal groups. The Fang, Eshira, Bapounou, and the Bateke. (The World Fact Book) The largest of these tribes is the Fan ...

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... with a government comprised mostly of Italians and an army composed of Ostrogoths. During his rule, he brought peace to the country but after his death in 526, the kingdom began to grow weak. In 553, Justinian, the Byzantine emperor who ruled the eastern part of the Roman Empire, defeated the Ostrogoths and expelled them. For a time, the Old Roman Empire was united again. Byzantine rule in Italy collapsed as increased attacks fr om Germanic tribes weakened the empire. Byzantine rule collapsed in 572 when the Lombards invaded. In the 400's and 500's the popes increased their influence in both religious and political matters in Italy and elsewhere. The popes ...

The Philipines
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... are an archipelago,valcanos and mountains.T he main cities are Quezon city,Davao,Cebu,and the capital Manilla.Some plants and animals the Philipines have are dugong,sika,tamarau,anoa,monkey eating eagle,leperouse`s megapode,tinan monarch,and a cologo,some fauna are coconut,rubber tree,redlaun,mahogany,pines,palm trees,papya,pineappleplants,bamboo,bananatrees,cassava,rice,orchids, the national tree narra.Some governmental people are president Marcos,some languages spoken are fillipino,english,spanish,tagalong,and some native languages,some religions are roman catholic,and muslim,the Philipine money is done by peso=100 centavos emper catia =us $770 rounded 8 ...

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... division. They serve a five-year term. The senate has 319 members that are elected for a five-year term. France is divided into 22 regions, 96 metropolitan areas, 4 overseas departments, 4 overseas territories, and 2 collective territories. History In ancient times the Celts and Germanic tribes lived in France. When the romans invaded, they called France Gaul. Gaul was eventually annexed. In 400 A.D. the west roman empire's defense began to fall. After that France was an independent country. Hugh Carpet was crowned the first king of France in 987 A.D. In the 1700's the French Revolution started. The end of the French revolution marked the end of absolute power ...

Distinctly Canadian
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... images, practices, and items that make us one of the best, younger countries in the world. In such a short time for a country to exist, we have many images that make us very culturally rich in everyway. Probably the most important images, practices, and items come for our friend, the American Indians (or Native Americans). They were a definite asset to Canada's cultural growth. The American Indians came into Canada in a series of migrations that occurred during the last stages of the Pleistocene Ice Age, Mongoloid peoples from Asia entered North America, probably crossing the Bering Strait. Gradually they spread over the continent and into South America. By 1600, ...

The Artic
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... oil and fish had been found there was a rush of interest in the land. Fishing in the Artic has occurred for thousands of years but in recent years man has been fishing the Artic; in greater numbers and taking more fish. Professional fishermen are taking all kinds of fish as well as whales and seals. In some areas fishermen have become so efficient at their job that quotas have needed to be put on to limit or stop the capture of certain animals. There are many mineral deposits within the Artic Circle. In Russia: nickel, iron ore, apatite, diamonds, gold, tin, coal, mica, and tungsten. In Sweden: iron ore. In Greenland: lead, zinc, molybdenum and cryolite. Spitsb ...

Culture, And Arts Of Argentina
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... World; satiric writing that comment on colonial society and it imitation of Europeans trends; and works that bring together Native American themes and imagery in an effort to express an experience that is uniquely Latin American. A continuing predicament for writers arises from the desire to define a distinct Latin American identity while not appearing narrow or provincial in terms or European literary standards. Latin American writing can be divided into three broad periods: colonial literature, from the time of European conquest to independence; the literature of independence, which began in the early 1800s in most of Latin American; and modern literature, whic ...

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... empty into the Caribbean. The natural resources of Nicaragua are primarily agricultural. Deposits of volcanic material have enriched the soil, which is extremely fertile. About half the land is covered with forests. The country has some deposits of gold, silver, and copper. About 77% of the Nicaraguan population is mestizo (people of mixed white and Native American descent), about 10% is white, and the remainder is Native American (4%) and black (9%). The population of Nicaragua is 3,745,000, yielding an overall density about 75 per sq. mi. Approximately 60% of the population is concentrated in the western part of the country, and more than 55% is urban. Pol ...

History Of Athens, Greece
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... the country's trade takes place at the port of Piraeus. Tourism is another important part of Athens today. It brought up with the first democratic government. Democracy means governed by the people. The United States started our government democracy from them. The difference is that our type of democracy is "representative" democracy. That means that we take one person to represent all of our interest and thoughts. Athens(Greece) has a "direct" democracy which means that everybody gets to vote for them self(their own thoughts and interest). The Untied States follows Athens ideas on how each individual is important and everybody's idea on freedom and s ...

Immigration To The United States (Maryland)
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... in the United States. Some immigrants will try to hide at the bottom of ship freighters for months with very little food and water just to have a chance of living free in the US. This has become a big problem in that if these people are not allowed in, then they come illegally and become illegal immigrants. No one knows for sure how many illegal immigrants are in the US, but some figures show that they are just as many illegal immigrants as legal oneís coming in each year. Over time, these immigrants find that even though they have many freedoms that they didnít previously have, they still face many discriminations and hardships in America. Obviously, with a ...

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