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Essays on Government

Haig V. Agee: Power To Revoke Passports
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... based upon later provisions, the Secretary can withhold applications if the party is involved with illegal activities. If the Secretary of State can grant and withhold passports, was it implied by the Congress that the Secretary has the powers to revoke passports? "The Secretary of State may grant and issue passports, and cause passports to be granted, issued, and verified in foreign countries by diplomatic representatives of the United States . . . under such rules as the President shall designated and prescribe for and on behalf of the United States, and no other person shall grant, issue, or verify such passports." 22 U.S.C. 211a (1976 ed., Supp. IV). Since t ...

AIDS Related Stigma
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... Examining the existing literature and putting it into societal context leads one to believe that there is no one cause. Instead, there would appear to be a collection of associated factors that influence society’s attitudes towards AIDS and PLWAs. As the number of people infected with HIV increases, social workers are and will be increasingly called upon to deal with and serve PWAs. Although not all social workers chose to work with PLWAs, the escalating incidence of HIV infection is creating a situation in which seropositive people are and will be showing up more often in almost all areas of social work practice. This paper aims to examine and the stigmatizat ...

When The Government Stood Up For Civil Rights
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... were the people who led the greatest movement in modern American history - the civil rights movement. It was a movement that would be more than a fragment of history, it was a movement that would become a measure of our lives (Shipler 12). When Martin Luther King Jr. stirred up the conscience of a nation, he gave voice to a long lain dormant morality in America, a voice that the government could no longer ignore. The government finally answered on July 2nd with the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 is historically significant because it stands as a defining piece of civil rights legislation, being the first time the national government had dec ...

An Analysis Of The Term Actually Incurred In Section 11(a) Of Income Tax Action Act No 58 Of 1962
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... and income and expenditure in financial statements. Specifically the following paragraphs need to be considered: Recognition of liabilities: 91. A liability is recognised in the balance sheet when it is probable that an outflow of resources embodying economic benefits will result from the settlement of a present obligation and the amount at which the settlement will take place can be measured reliably... Recognition of expenses: 94. Expenses are recognised in the income statement when a decrease in future economic benefits related to a decrease in an asset or an increase of a liability has ar ...

Gun Control Is Needed
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... of the Constitution (See Appendix). In their magazines, American Hunter and American Rifleman, they say "The NRA, . . . believes that every law-abiding citizen is entitled to the ownership and legal use of firearms, . . . " The NRA does many things to help display their beliefs and persuade others to their beliefs. This association also has a strong pull on legislation, because it has many lobbyists and supporters in government. This group has many members in Congress, and former presidents George Bush and Ronald Reagan are NRA members. The NRA lobbies for several types of legislation. For example, the NRA is currently trying to repeal the ban on a ...

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... one woman who has contributed much time and effort to the feminist theory. Her beliefs and ideas are based upon difference . In this essay I will tie the ideas and beliefs of Carol Gilligan with information from our text, the packet read in class and the book, Faces of . Carol Gilligan is a lecturer and assistant professor at Harvard University as well as a psychologist. She has many theories that deal with moral reasoning and development. In her influential book In a Different Voice, she sets forth the idea that women make decisions “according to a criteria of ethics of care and that men make decisions according to an ethic of rights.”(3) In her book, Carol Gilliga ...

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... Building bombing or (anti) abortionist supporters, and countries-Iraq. can come in all shapes and sizes of bombs, people, and verbal threats. I will try to touch on each of these subjects throughout the paper. A survey of politically motivated crimes since April 1995 reveals a dramatic increase in terroristic activities. At least thirty-nine cases have been documented. Many have not been as sever as the federal building bombing, but they have been in the forms of pipe bombs, police stand-offs, bank robberies, attacks on abortion providers and many others. (Terror from Within-MSNBC) However, some terrorist attacks are not preformed by Americans. An example of one ...

Mercy Killing
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... violently, is over the hotly debated issue of euthanasia. Euthanasia, or “,” as it has been called, is certainly not an issue with just two sides, there are many side to it. Euthanasia, after all, ranges from simply allowing an individual to die naturally without life support or “pulling the plug” (passive euthanasia), all the way to Jack Kevorkian’s suicide machine (active euthanasia). To complicate things further, there is also voluntary euthanasia, “Cases in which patient requests to be killed, and dies as a result of action taken by another person,” involuntary euthanasia; “cases in which no action is requested because the patient is unco ...

Capital Punishment Should Be A
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... by a Northwestern University professor and students. The evidence gathered suggested that Porter had been wrongly convicted. Were these new revelations and the subsequent release of Porter a lucky break or a freak occurrence? Not likely, reports DeWayne Wickham, also of USA Today. He points out that since the reinstatement of the death penalty in the United States in 1976, of those sentenced to death, 490 people have been executed while 76 have been freed from Death Row. This calculates into one innocent person being released from Death Row for every six individuals that were executed. This figure correlates with the 1996 U.S. Department of Justice report th ...

The Search For A Better Tax System
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... one percent and going up to seven percent (Tyson 8). The sixteenth amendment to the constitution which enacted this system, was first proposed by Teddy Roosevelt and was later pushed through by his successor William H. Taft, both of whom were Republicans (Tyson 8). (This must have been before the term "anti-tax-and-spend" was commonly associated with Republicans.) Today, personal income taxes account for about 85 percent of federal government revenue (Tyson 8). In contrast, the states generate only about thirty percent of revenue from personal income taxes, relying instead on taxes generated mostly on sales transactions (Murray 2). In 1932 Mississippi introduced ...

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