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Essays on Legal Issues

Capital Punishment
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... to prison shortly after being released. There are about thirty-three hundred people on death row. Fifty to sixty percent of inmates are now executed each year, most after having served ten years on death row (Senna and Sigel 430). While inmates are on death row most will appeal the courts, which taxpayers also pay for. Inmates have their lawyer paid for the first time he or she appeals the court, after that it is up to the inmate to pay for his or her own lawyer. Now, after exhausting state appeals, most prisoners are allowed only one appeal in the federal courts (Regoli and Hewitt 544). I think if the inmate wants to appeal his or her case they should have to ...

Capital Punishment: Right Or Wrong?
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... these murderers with the harshest punishment, we are pretty much telling them to go ahead and kill people, because there will be no real penalty for it. Which brings me to next point, if a potential murderer knows that if he is found guilty of murder, he himself will be killed, then he is less likely to commit the crime. The saying, “eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth” comes into play here. For example, New York State has a “zero tolerance” policy for murderers. Since this policy went into effect, the murder rate has been cut in half. This is because the killer knows he himself will be killed if he committs the crime. Also, no one has been put to death i ...

The College Scandal
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... athletes should not receive extra gifts to play at a four-year university because the college and the players are given unwanted attention, all college athletes are stereotyped, and there is no longer an amateur level. Collegiate athletics have gained an exceptional amount of attention because of many incidents involving college athletes accepting gifts from agents and coaches. These incidents happen because agents will do anything for money. They know that if their prospect makes it big, they will get a cut of the earnings. Marcus Camby is one of the many athletes to accept gifts from agents even though it is a complete violation of NCAA rules. Sports Il ...

The Legalization Of Marijuana For All Purposes
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... of current laws, if taxed, it could increase our country's revenue. The government could then focus on cracking down on the harder drugs like crack and heroine. The government should also legalize marijuana because of its several medicinal and industrial purposes. Legalizing hemp based products could create a whole new industry. Fuels can be made by extracting oils from seeds and the hemp fiber could be used to make ropes, clothing, or paper of a higher quality because of the strength of the fibers.1 Marijuana is the most widely used illegal drug in Canada. Four million Canadians have used marijuana, including 1.4 million teenagers.2 The large number of use ...

Illegal Drugs
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... law aginst drug is so that the people who use dangerous drugs are putting themselves at a very high risk. They risk their health and their lives. Since they are breaking laws they also but themselves at the risk of getting arrested. They risk their freedom and their future all for drugs. Each year drug use is the cause of a large number of accidents at home in the office and on the road. Everybody pays the price of drug abuse: more cops and prisons more hospitols and treatment centers and many lives lost. But drug users hurt themselves more than anybody because they are supporting violent crimes in the drug world. Just by using drugs they become part of that d ...

Violent Crimes Involving Guns
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... general level of gun ownership.(3) A thorough review of 18 studies of the effects of gun availability among potential victims and criminals found that the overall effect on criminal violence was zero.(4) In one study, researchers found no significant differences in total robbery rates between cities where guns were widely available and cities where they were not; in cities with fewer firearms, armed robbers simply used other weapons.(5)The best available evidence, based on at least eight national surveys of the general adult population, indicates that guns are used about as often for defensive as for criminal purposes.6 The experience of other nations also provide ...

Analysis Of Police Corruption
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... DC, and Los Angeles. Methodology: Corruption within police departments falls into 2 basic categories, which are external corruption and internal corruption. In this report I will concentrate only on external corruption because it has been the larger center of attention recently. I have decided to include the fairly recent accounts of corruption from a few major cities, mainly New York, because that is where I have lived for the past 22 years. I compiled my information from numerous articles written in the New York Times over the last 5 years. My definitional infornmation and background data came from various books cited that have been written on the ...

The Legalizing Of Marijuana
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... marijuana that has medicinal benifits is delta-9- tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Studies have shown that marijuana can ease pain, relieve nausea, and generally relax a person. Marijuana is cheap and easy to produce, so if legalized, it would be plentiful and probably widely used. The problem is that there are as many harmful effects from smoking marijuana as there are benefits. It slows reflexes, dulls the brain, and sometimes causes hallucinations and/or cancer. There's no mystery about why it is illegal in most parts of the world… including the U.S. There is a simple solution that is not being discussed by the hard- headed bureaucracy. THC is easily removed f ...

U.S. Scourge Spreads South Of The Border
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... it has turned into a gangland run by a growing number of ruthless cartels that sell drugs. It is no longer just marijuana (pot), but a growing problem with other types of drugs like Heroin, Crystal Methamphetamine, and Cocaine." I recently visited the neighbor city of Tijuana and rode in a Tijuana taxi and was immediately met with a taxi driver named Jose, a Tijuana taxi driver in an open-necked, baby blue silk shirt, he sizes up the tourists trudging off the footbridge from the United States. “Taxi, sir? You want pharmacy? I get you a good pharmacy,” he urges, stepping from a line of beckoning taxi drivers in big belts and straw cowboy hats. “Good p ...

The Drinking Age Should Be Lowered To Eighteen
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... when intoxicated, for example, perhaps the outcome would be more positive. Stricter law enforcement would also aid in the prevention of alcohol-related accidents. They could enact a zero tolerance policy, which would punish anyone who is caught in the act of an alcohol-related crime on the first offense, such as drunk driving. Raising the driving age to eighteen instead of sixteen could also reduce traffic accidents in general. I think that sixteen is too young to be given power over a weapon as deadly as an automobile. However, since the legal driving age is sixteen, perhaps lawmakers should enact training requirements that are stricter for new drivers. ...

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