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Essays on Legal Issues

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... concentration and energy, decreases fatigue which causes insomnia, and increases restlessness. With higher doses a person may exhibit a pattern of psychosis with confused and disorganized behavior, fear, hallucinations, and paranoia. Physical affects are profound loss of appetite, leading to severe weight loss and nutritional imbalance. Also increasing athletic performance, heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperature. Many people have suffered from seizures, strokes, heart attacks, and death. If is taken through the veins, unsterile needles can cause infections and diseases. These diseases can include Hepatitis B, blood poisoning, and of course, AIDS ...

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... the “source of happiness” and the “laughter-provoker” which historians believe to be (U.S. 9). has a long history in India and middle eastern countries where it is said to have been used for thousands of years in medicines to relieve pain, tension, and various physical ailments. From India, the use of spread to other parts of the world. It was first introduced to Europe in the 1850’s, but its use there was very rare until the last few years. has a fairly long history of use in Mexico and Latin America. It was first introduced into the United States around 1910 by Mexican laborers. During the Vietnam War many drugs were easily available to the soldiers in t ...

Capital Punishment
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... for a crime, were outrageous. This leads to the reason that should be legal in all states. Amendments were made to reflect the changes in the society's views on the morality of . That resulted in the narrowing down of the list of one hundred crimes to twelve, punishable by the death penalty in 1833, and in 1869 it was cut down yet again to just three: treason, rape, and murder because of violent nature of these crimes (Steele). These crimes, even today, are still viewed as violent and should be punished with the highest degree of discipline available to achieve justice. After much public pressure, was suspended on a trial run in 1967. This proved to be ineff ...

The Fatal Addiction
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... not exactly know how they feel or where they are coming from. He also expressed that he was horrified that he was capable of doing something of such great damage. Some people may have forgiven him, but he will never be forgotten. What pushed him over the edge and how did he deal with it? The disturbing influence of violence in the media, alcoholism, and the ambition to let go, pushed Mr. Bundy too far. He learned to accept what he had done and lived his life the best way he knew how. Even though he did not want to die, he was still forced into the electric chair. Before he was put to death he said that killing him would not restore the people he had already ...

Marijuana: Persuasive Essay
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... in terminally ill cases. This proposition was on the November ballot and was voted into effect. The federal law that was put into effect no to long ago, states that using marijuana for any reason including medical reasons is illegal. This law was put into effect by the president Bill Clintion. I feel that the law enforcers in California should ignore the federal law or appeal it in court. There is another drug that is illegal to use in any way but for medical reasons. That drug is morphine, it is used in hospitals to relieve the sever pain of any patient. The reason I know this is that recently my mother was in the hospital for a brain aneurysm and ...

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... dishonest. To understand fraud you first have to determine the contributing factors to why people commit fraud. Some people commit fraud for the sport and thrill of it. There are other recognizable reasons why honest people may commit a breach of trust. Need is the most common reason. A desperate financial need is usually the cause of most frauds. Still some people commit fraud to pay for an elevated life style which other wise they could not afford. Needs arise from a number of locations these include: Drug or alcohol addiction, Marriage break-ups and/of extravagant love affairs, Gambling Debts, Business losses, Unexpected family crises, Mounting debts, and the des ...

The Effects Of Organized Crime
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... about Mafia activities and absolute obedience to the hierarchical Mafia authority. Until recent years--and despite the efforts of the Italian Fascists to destroy the organization in the 1920sand '30s--the Mafia flourished in the Sicilian countryside. When the Fascists fled Sicily during the Allied invasion of World War II, the Mafia--the only remaining governing structure--worked closely with U.S. forces. Today it dominates much of the business and industry in Sicily's cities. With the Sicilian immigrations of the late 19th century, the Mafia began to operate in several large U.S. cities. Two of the strongest mafia gangs in New York where controlled by Joe "The Bo ...

White Collar Crime Vs. Street Crime
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... inflict bodily harm upon people. Multi- million dollar corporations can be twice as deadly as a gang member. When a woman dies of lead exposure from her job, it is murder. Whether a man is murdered by a gun or by an unsafe gas tank in his car, it is still called murder. In both scenarios, there is a defined victim. The one answer that our politicians give for solving street crime is more money for the Justice system. More cops, more judges, and definitely more jails and prisons. There are shows, such as "Cops," that shows America the "truth" about crime in the US. All the attention is given to street crime. Unless it is a huge scandal, you will seldom hear ...

Reviving The Death Penalty
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... for the United States to mandate the death penalty for the crime of murder in all 50 states and to carry out the executions of those sentenced to death. Capital Punishment is the lawful infliction of the death penalty. In England, by 1500, only major felonies carried the death penalty: treason, murder, larceny, burglary, rape, and arson. The American colonies adhered with Englands' view on the death penalty, for there was little they could do about it. However in the 1750's reform movements spread through Europe, and in 1847 they reached the United States. In 1847, Michigan became the first state to abolish the death penalty for murder. Beginning in 1967, ...

Death Penalty
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... issue over many decades. The problem lies between, is the death penalty being accepted in murder cases or ruled out completely. While some people feel that Capital Punishment will not discourage crime, Capital punishment should be legalized in all states, because it is morally just and it will deter crime. The many opponents of capital punishment who are against it feel that the death penalty is not a deterrent and that it is barbariaertic of the past. It has no place in a civilized society today. One of the biggest arguments against capital punishment is people feel that it violates the eighth amendment which forbids cruel and unusual punishment. People again ...

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