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Essays on Legal Issues

Why Do Parents Abduct?
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... is quoted from Geoffrey Greif and Rebecca Hegar. In the article, Greif and Hegar explain how they attempted to fill in the gap of information about the trauma of long-term abduction. Their findings appear in the book When Parents Kidnap. Each parent, child, and abductor may deal with the kidnapping differently. For some it is very frightful and requires years of psychological evaluation to overcome. According to Greif and Hegar, abducted children develop extremely close bonds with their abductors. Often the abductors lie to the children about the other parent. They may say that the other parent does not want the child or is dead. The longer the child i ...

Speeding Is A Dead End
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... could have been involved. Moreover, not only did I not comply with the speed limit, I did not obey my mother. Unfortunately, I learned my lesson one gloomy day when I got caught for speeding on a city street by a police officer. It was the typical setting to be accused for a driving offense. The clouds were gray, the roads were slick due to a recent rainfall and there was not many cars on the road encouraging me to drive faster. I had just gone through a yellow light at a major intersection and when I looked straight ahead, there was not a car in sight. Due to the fact that the road was “all mine”, I was encouraged to travel twenty-five kilometers over the s ...

Letter Regarding Young Offenders And Threat Of Public Exposure
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... in magasines and newspapers to be known by the public.In other words he suggests that these young troublemakers should be exposed and shamed. And I agree with him 100%. The threat of public exposure will encourage young offenders to face up to the effects of their crimes.This will also have, hopefully, some effect on the parents too, who will be forced to be more strict and control their children because, as the ministers believe, parents are the key to reforming youngsters' behaviour.And that has to be done before they grow up, because there will be no conrolling them then.So no more anonymity, and no more "Blitz Boy" kind of nicknames which only glorify the ...

Falsely Accused
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... the whole thing . How much worse could it get? I mean what should people start to think ? He said that he felt like an animal being stalked , just waiting to be killed . Now who are we to listen to ? This innocent man or the media , who obviously will print what it takes true or untrue , to make a story . I think that we as Americans owe the accused of there legal right of innocent until proven guilty before we can start accusing them publicly. There is no reason to believe what is being said in the media until there is some definite truth in the case . I mean just because the cops may have beliefs that there is guilt means nothing . After all the FBI gave the me ...

Study On Juvenile Psychopaths
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... and those of the 1970s and early 1980s was the difference between the Sharks and the Jets of West Side Story and the Bloods and the Crips. It is not inconceivable that the demographic surge of the next ten years will bring with it young criminals who make the Bloods and the Crips look tame." (10) They are what Professor DiIulio and others call urban "super predators"; young people, often from broken homes or so-called dysfunctional families, who commit murder, rape, robbery, kidnapping, and other violent acts. These emotionally damaged young people, often are the products of sexual or physical abuse. They live in an aimless and violent present; have no sense of the ...

Juvenile Justice
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... under eighteen increased by seven percent in 1996 (66). In light of these disturbing statistics, it may not be surprising that the general public is starting to believe its children are getting meaner and more violent. The media, politicians and the American public want something done, and they want it done now. Right now we are beginning to relize that if the situation looks bleak now, it could deteriorate even more in the future. The U.S. Census projects that the juvenile population, reported to be 27.1 million in 1994, will rise to 33.8 million by the year 2004 (67). At the heart of this controversy: the juvenile justice system. For the past several years th ...

Misconduct In Police Departments
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... says Samuel Walker, a criminal justice professor at University of Nebraska, Omaha (Reichel 110). Police officers usually accept money from criminals to over look their offense or to ignore it when its happens. With this happening it can cost them their whole job if they do accept the idea of ignoring the law: When police officers see dealers with $300,000 in the back seat of their car and know that if they arrest them the court's going to turn them out anyway, it may seem better form of justice to hit them in the pocketbook and take their money--especially if the policeman has a big mortgage. (110) An officer with a f ...

Dumb Criminals
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... one of the beautiful people; the rest of us will just have to try and suppress what common sense we have. To accomplish goals we need to have a plan, but because we’re , plans are optional. No matter how big or small the job is, the plan is up to the individual. Just remember not to be thorough, and improvise as much as possible. When doing the actual crime, make sure that the victims or the police have some way of identifying who robbed them, a link missing from the chain mail so to speak. Some examples of this would be to sign a ransom note or to rob a bank without a disguise. Another nice thing to do is to smile for the camera when robbing a place ...

Capital Punishment
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... that the death penalty was needlessly cruel, overrated as a deterrent, and occasionally imposed in fatal error. Along with Quaker leaders and other social reformers, they defended life imprisonment as a more rational alternative. By the 1850s these reform efforts began to bear fruit. Venezuela (1853) and Portugal (1867) were the first nations to abolish the death penalty altogether. In the United States Michigan was first state to abolish it for murder in 1847. Today, it is virtually abolished in all of Western Europe and most of Latin America. In America, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East (except Israel) most countries still retain the death penalty fo ...

Brown Vs. Board Of Education
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... may be equal, deprive the children of the minority group of equal educational opportunities? We believe that it does...We conclude that in the field of public education the doctrine of 'separate but equal' has no place. Separate educational facilities are inherently unequal. Therefore, we hold that the plaintiffs and others similarly situated for whom the actions have been brought are, by reason of the segregation complained of, deprived of the equal protection of the laws guaranteed by the Fourteenth Amendment.” The Supreme Court’s decision that separate but equal is not equal began the desegregation of public schools. The decision resulted in forced busing of s ...

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