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The Job Of A Graphic Designer
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... firms, publishing firms, manufacturing firms, department stores, the motion picture industry, and government agencies. A graphic artist must be able to listen to the client and use his input towards an eye-catching design. The tools of a graphic artist The equipment that a graphic artist uses computers, mainly Macintoshes because of their dependability, ease of use, and graphics capabilities. For storage they use Zip disks ranging from 100 megabytes to 250 megabytes, and Jazz drives which can go from 1 gigabyte to 2 gigabytes, and now they even use protable Fire-Wire hard drives, or even CD-R S, CD-RW’s, and nowadays DVD. Training No specific training ...

The Samurais, The Ultimate Stoics
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... for them. The Daimyo or feudal landowners used the samurai to protect their land and to expand their rights to more land. The Samurai would transcend their fear of death, this made them the stoic warriors that they were. As experts in fighting on horseback as well as on the ground they wore two swords. This was called Daisho(World Surfari-www). The long sword was called the daito-katena(Ibid.). It was more than twenty four inches long. The shorter sword was called shoto wakizashi. It was between twelve to twenty four inches(Ibid.). Their swords were the “soul's” of the worship. A good sword was tougher and sharper. The swords were tested before they were use ...

The Very First Wonder Of The World - The Great Pyramid
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... commands. It is well known that some man today have left their home and families, fame and fortune, to journey by land, sea or air. To the awesome base of that Pyramid to admire its wonders and tremendous size and to return in awe to their own countries. The Great Pyramid rises from a huge rocky plateau leveled by man, similar to certain flattop mountains of Wyoming. From the top almost five hundred feet in the air above the base, it commands a view of the surrounding and desolate Egyptian desert. The base of the Great Pyramid covers thirteen and one-half acres, approximately seven square city blocks. What was it that has attracted this man like a m ...

The Newbury Centralized School
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... the needs of the students and the community in 1930. The Newbury Centralized School was a great school, however, building the school and getting the vote for permission to build the school were slow in coming. These goals were delayed due to a couple of reasons. One of the reasons is that the community did not want to pay for the school. At first, in 1925, the future school’s price was calculated at $85,000. This calculation was reached by an architect, whose name was Walter A. Rabold, was hired by the Board of Education to draw up plans and reach an estimate (Bottger Newbury’s One Room Schools) . This price was beyond what the community was willing to p ...

Until All The Men Are Back
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... President. The United States government considers these men and women more easily pronounced dead than becoming stuck within the quagmire of Vietnam investigations again. The majority attitude is to remember them in a past tense manner, a manner of “out of sight, out of mind.” The POW/MIA personnel took an oath upon entry into the armed forces, which the United States government needs to reciprocate. Within the context of this oath are phrases such as “I am prepared to give my life in [my country’s] defense.” There are sworn words such as “I will never forget that I am an American and dedicated to the principles which made ...

Learning Is For Everyone
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... courses are changing to reflect today’s society. It does vary from college to college, but quite often today a student can just about customize his or her own degree program. This allows someone to study a particular subject or learn more about the area of study that he or she prefers, rather than choosing from a limited amount of concentrations. This evolution within the college cirriculum is excellent especially for those who prefer a career that does not require a degree, but would like to study nonetheless. One should be free to learn what one chooses. Many colleges also allow people to take courses without necessarily being matriculated in a ...

Political Socialization
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... Jennings and Niemi selected a sample of high school seniors throughout the country and found that 58.9% of them had chosen the same party as their parents. Another influence on how people are shaped is the Mass Media. Today more and more people are spending more and more time watching television. The average grade school student spends more time watching tv than he or she does at school. The media has been called the "new parent" by some. However, the programs that would influence political opinion the most, such as the news, are rarely watched by the youth of today. The final major influence of people is their formal education or school. Countries have h ...

The Meaning Of Life
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... chosen one of many possible goals that humans can conceive of. This is to say that, if a god like this exists, his goal for life and the universe is not necessarily valid as a meaning of life, the universe, and himself. For instance, the Bible claims that the Christian deity created the universe and placed humans in it that they might be in awe of his power. If this is so, why is worship the correct response? The meaning of the universe as created by God is the entertainment of God, but what is the meaning of the larger system containing God and his creations? We could conceive of an even 'primer' mover, but that simply takes us all the way back into the wall of ...

Christmas, Retailers, And The Santa Claus Conspiracy
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... old fat man in red underwear arrested for putting their child on his lap and whispering to them to tell him what they "really" want (strangely enough there are some parents out there who actually pay money each year to have this abuse inflicted upon their children). The whole idea of Santa Claus is one of the scariest I've come across and yet we embrace it. The entire story sounds like something you should threaten your kid with if he doesn't want to eat his veggies. As I understand it he's supposed to be a fat man wearing red underwear who is capable of sliding down your chimney unharmed in order to quietly slip into your house while you're sleeping. If he rea ...

Relations Between Men And Wome
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... created in Genesis. She serves as a model for all women in Genesis, however not a very respectable one. Eve was supposedly deceived by the serpent. I disagree, Eve knew she was not supposed to eat from tree in the middle of the garden, and in fact she told the serpent this, “It is only about fruit of the tree in the middle of the garden that God said: ‘You shall not eat of it or touch it, lest you die.’ ” (Genesis 3:25). That still did not stop her from eating from the tree. Then after eating the apple and knowing it was the wrong thing to do, she gave Adam some of the apple without even telling him what it was. Adam took the a ...

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