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Observation Report Of A Child At Elementary School Recess
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... this program experience some form of emotional and/or social deficit. In addition to John, there are nine other students enrolled within the program at present. John currently attends a mainstreaming class three times per week, where he has developed several friendships with his peers. This observation began as the students in the day treatment program were let out for recess following lunch. After leaving the class John ran to the designated play area with another student. The designated play area of the playground where the students of this program are restricted to consists of a "jungle bar" set ; This play structure consists of "monkey bars" with tall ...

Freud Civilization And Its Dis
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... and reality principles. The pleasure principle is explained as pain out, pleasure in. This results in the human desire of trying to obtain as much pleasure in life as possible with the least amount of discomfort. Once the ego is formed, a person gains a sense of understanding that there is an outside world and that they must conform their actions to fit those boundaries, which are set by society. In addition, they begin to understand that when they can't always get the object that gives them pleasure, they must adjust their desires to fit that environment. They begin by altering their physical environment and then their social environment. The ego not only ...

Freedom And Reason In Kant
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... only by considering them as principles which contain the determining ground of the will because of their form and not because of their matter". Therefore, the morality of a maxim is determined by its functioning as a universal law, applicable as a general rule to every rational agent. Since a moral will must be so in virtue of its form alone, the will must be capable of a purely formal determination; that is, it must be possible for a man to act in a certain way for the sole reason that willing in this way is prescribed by a universal law, no matter what the empirical results will be. A will to which moral considerations apply must be, in the strictest sense, ...

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... decides on the fate of the person who stands before him. He listens to the information presented from the defendant, who is the accused, and the plaintiff, who is the accuser. Once all of the information has been presented, either the judge makes a decision or the jury does. In a small court, usually a judge makes the decision, but if the defendant was a mass murderer, and had eye witnesses seeing him kill a person, but had a virtual air-tight case for him that would get him out scot-free because he was the prime minister's son, there would be a jury. A judge also passes sentence, which is how long the accused, if found guilty, should be punished. A jud ...

Witchcraft And Effects On Lite
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... can be described as heretics and anarchists,” most of which follow the chief of demons, also known as the Devil. Obviously Mr. Summers, along with many other people, takes a pessimistic view towards the realm of witchcraft. Among these anti-witch enthusiasts was Henry VIII, who was the first king of England to pass Statute against the practice of witchcraft. Many kings who ruled after Henry VIII also created statutes against witchcraft. James I made one in 1604, which was repealed over a century later in 1736. Throughout the centuries in England, strict laws and numerous trials were held against suspected witches. Some of the more notable tria ...

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... (Emerson). This means that no matter how much man thinks he needs other things in his life to bring him peace, the only thing he really needs is himself. Individualism is the belief that states man should be his own individual, not what is popular, but what really matters to himself. Thoreau asserts that, “If a man does not keep pace with his companions - perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer” (Thoreau). Thoreau is saying that just because a man does not conform to society, it does not mean he is weird; he is an individual. Transcendentalism emphasizes the fact that man should be his own individual and rely only on himself. Emerson states, “Soci ...

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... had established the early kingdom. Trained for civil service by the French, they are the best educated; literacy is 25% among school-age children. In the N are the nomadic Fulani and the Somba tribe, hunters with no political organization; E are Baribas. 90% of the population is rural, and 65% practices animist religion. French is the common language. Government Benin has been under military rule since 1970. The constitution of 1977 instituted a national assembly, whose members belong to the sole legal political party, the Benin People's Revolutionary Party. History Benin's history dates back to three principalities-Allada, Porto-Novo, and Dahomey-in the S area w ...

'Spanglish' Presentation
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... to, second and third generation Mexican and Puerto-Rican Americans. If Spanglish is thriving in a community that speaks both languages why isn't it developing? Granted some that are new to the country use it as a sort of survival language. But It's widely used among those who are Bi-lingual. Spanish on one hand is emotional and very descriptive. For example the word 'hot' in Spanish is three different words; caliente (hot to touch), calor (hot weather) and picante (hot food). Were as in English is much more concise and efficient and often confusing. The word hot can mean many different things: hot property (stolen), hot body (sexy), hot food (spicy), hot to th ...

Werewolf Legends
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... first werewolf stories ever. According to legend, Lycaon was a cruel leader of a cult. Rumors of the atrocities committed by Lycaon and his cult made their way back to the God Jupiter, who decided to investigate. He found these rumors to be fact, and decided to reveal his identity to the cult. The members immediately paid homage to Jupiter, however, Lycaon didn't believe that he was a real God and prepared a feast for him consisting of human flesh. If Jupiter truly was a God, he would recognize the meal and decline to eat it, since cannibalism was a great sin. Jupiter immediately noticed what the feast consisted of. To avoid Jupiter's wrath, Lycaon fled to the coun ...

Bilingual Education
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... and write in English and Spanish when they reach the business world (Anderson 1). In many metropolises, the top-rated television station broadcasts in Spanish, the top-ranked newspapers publish a separate Spanish edition, and many top civic leaders speak fluent Spanish (Anderson 1). According to a 1995 survey of businesses in Miami and surrounding Dade County, more than half did at least 25% of their work in Spanish. Also, 95% of those surveyed businesses agreed that bilingualism has great importance in the work force (Anderson 3). Not only will our system help our children to get jobs; it will also help them to make more money. A geographer from University ...

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