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Essays on Music

History Of Rock And Roll
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... 2 and 4 of the measure). Black gospel music was very popular and given the label of rhythm and blues (R&B). This music was carried on radio and popular with the disc jockeys. In the mid 50's, Chuck Berry and Little Richard were popular and changed the face of music, which was named rock and roll by the D.J.'s. 1956-1962 At age 21, in 1956, Elvis Presley was introduced to the public with his rockabilly style of music. His first record, "Heartbreak Hotel" was recorded. It was the first of a consecutive 14 records to sell over one million copies. He inspired other country singers to sing rock and roll. This started a trend for "cover" recordings. Thi ...

Music And Stress
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... past studies to learn specific Œstress styles' and most importantly, what music reduced what symptoms of stress. There are six separate forms of stress that can be experienced. These are symptomatic in physical, behavioral, emotional, cognitive, spiritual, and relational aspects. Physical symptoms I personally experienced were: headaches (specifically tension headaches), nausea, dizziness, sleep difficulties, tight neck and shoulders, racing heart, trembling hands, and restlessness. Behavioral symptoms I felt were: a definite excess in smoking, bossiness towards others, compulsive gum chewing, I became critical of others, grinding of my teeth so hard that I am ...

Jimi Hendrix's "Purple Haze" And The 1960s And 70s
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... great emotion in the lyrics. Hendrix was especially popular because he himself was a young anarchist. His wild guitar skills were almost a reflection of his personality. I am not sure how accurate he was at describing the times, but, from the information acquired in my interview, the 60's seemed to be more carefree than dangerous. In my opinion, Kansas probably wasn't exactly the hippie capital of the world. If I had interviewed someone who had lived in a major city during the 60's I'm sure the danger would have been more noticeable. A majority of the drug usage took place in the cities. Jimi Hendrix is a perfect example of a hard-core hippie. He was a drug ...

Count Basie
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... out. The band often made up riffs—short, repeated phrases—that were usually played as a background for soloists. Another musical hallmark of the Basie style is its reliance on the blues, both blues chord progressions and blue notes, certain flatted notes in a musical scale. After World War II ended in 1945, changes in the economy and in Americans’ musical tastes sent most of the big bands into commercial decline. Eventually, the changed economic realities of touring with a band affected Basie, and in 1950 he was forced to dissolve his large ensemble. For a time he toured with a small group of six to nine players, but by 1952, he had reassembled his big band. This ...

Neil Young In Halifax
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... him. He is an entertainer. He is a healer. He is a Canadian. He is a man. When I picture myself at fifty I picture myself like him. We left for the concert on Tuesday morning and we arrived in the city at about noon. My uncle drove me and my cousin Edward up. We bummed around the city for a while and then we went to Jen's place where we were staying. There were a few other people from Inverness staying there as well. My uncle, Edward and I left for the concert at around quarter to seven. We kind of got lost. We got to the show at around seven thirty. While we were in line waiting to get in I could here the band that was performing. It was th ...

Jazz Age
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... only by sacrificing the old. Jazz had been centered in three or four major cities for a good part of the twenties. By the late twenties, improvisation had expanded to the extent of improvisation we ordinarily expect from jazz today. It was the roaring twenties that a group of new tonalities entered the mainstream, fixing the sound and the forms of our popular music for the next thirty years. Louie Armstrong closed the book on the dynastic tradition in New Orleans jazz. The first true virtuoso soloist of jazz, Louie Armstrong was a dazzling improviser, technically, emotionally, and intellectually. Armstrong, often called the “father of jazz,” always spoke with d ...

Native American Music
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... music. Bells are tied around the legs of the dancers for an added effect. The Zuni Lullaby illustrates a contrast with Plains singing to assist in confirming that there is not an individual style to . Through the Native American styles of music, repetition becomes a prominent feature. This is not because the Native Americans can’t find words to fit into the music, but because repetitions with slight variations are often too insignificant for outside listeners to notice. In the Iroquois Quiver Dance the first thing to strike the ear is what is often known as a “call and response” form. One singer announces a phrase of “lexical text,” known as the call, the o ...

2Pac Shakur
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... sister. He always led a violent life; April 5, 1993, he assaulted a fellow rapper with a baseball bat. October 31, 1993, he was charged with shooting two off duty police officers. The charges were later dropped. November 19, 1993, he was convicted of sexual assault (“Death”). In November 1994, Tupac himself was shot during an attempted robbery outside a music studio in New York. Tupac did, however, mention this; “Thug life to me is dead. If it's real, let somebody else represent it because I'm tired of it.” Shakur told Vibe Magazine. “I represented it too much. I was Thug Life”(“ Associated”). Tupac had a very promising career. His first album “2pacally ...

The History Of Greek Music
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... have survived. It is impossible to fully understand the notation to make an authentic performance. For the Greeks, music was of divine origin. According to Greek mythology, the gods themselves invented music and it's instruments. Many of the early myths told of the powerful effects of music. Music played an important part in both the public and private lives of the Greeks. They believed it could deeply affect human behavior. Greek music was built up of a series of distinct modes, each with it's own name. According to the doctrine of ethos, each mode was so powerful that it gave music the ability to influence human actions in a precise way. The Phrygian mode expr ...

Alanis Morissette's "Ironic": Isn't It Ironic?
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... haunting backup singers, Alanis successfully sets the stage for the telling of her story. The real beauty of Alanis' song is her use of a bagfull of ironies that the average person can relate too. Maybe not all, but at least a few will make you remember an experience or two from your past. A good example of a common irony found in this song would be the line Aten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife@. It always seems that things we need are never readily available. But I think we can take this beyond just material things in life to the important ideals, such as our dreams and goals. Usually we have to go through so much more that we do not ...

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