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Essays on Music

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... Hammett for rhythm guitar. The band was one of the best and most well known bands around, and still is. On August 27, 1987, was on their way to Copenhagen to do a show with Ozzy when their tour bus flipped over throwing Cliff Burton from the bus. killing him instantly when the bus rolled on top of him and smashed his body. "I saw the bus lying right on him. I saw his legs sticking out. I freaked. The bus driver, I recall, was trying to yank the blanket out from under him to use for other people. I just went ‘Don’t fucking do that!’ I already wanted to kill the guy. I don’t know if he was drunk or if he hit some ice. All I knew was he was driving and Clif ...

Importance Of Music In Society
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... 1,500 seating capacity, pullout bleachers were stained black and gold. The facility also contained a full-sized training room and fitness center. Bodie, the enthused disc jockey, tested frequencies characterized by ear-splitting electronic music. Revolving red, white and blue lights flashed among the black atmosphere allowing low visibility. Yet, allowing the educators enough perceptibility to hover and catch obscene dancing. Amazingly, cute girls wearing designer jeans or painted-on hoochie-wear Capris escaped a chaperon and slow -danced in the arms of her significant other or less attractive boys in torn blue jeans. There were many types of music played for t ...

Gregorian Chant
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... know nothing about it. The popular belief behind is what people have heard from the enigma CD. Most people that have no music history background and say “yeah, that CD with the cool beat and the monks singing in the background!” This is not true, simply because it is not signing it is chanting and that’s the big difference. Second, there shouldn’t be any music in the background as in the enigma CD. So what exactly is ? A bunch of notes slapped on a paper that people just riddle off in a deep voice so it sounds good? Of course not. Chant is a specific kind of music. The people of that time didn’t really develop far into music so there was no real back bone t ...

Peoria Symphony Orchestra: A Regional Outlet For Classical Music In Contemporary Society
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... essentially unchanged, "…to enrich the mind, life and culture – the soul – of our community." In 1951 the Symphony Guild was formed. This organization was created to support the Symphony and enhance arts education in the Peoria area. Through the efforts of volunteers and staff, the guild helps make the arts accessible to all, especially area youth. Board of Directors is headed by Joyce Stanisic, President, and Cecile Langford, Vice-President. In 1989, the Peoria Symphony Foundation was incorporated to provide long term financial security to the symphony. The foundation is a 501Ó3 non-profit corporation. Proceeds after expenses that don’t go to the end ...

Hear No Evil: Music Censorship
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... important issue, where both sides must choose their words carefully in order to have the greater impact. By better understanding the ways in which both sides use appeals, the audience can make an informed decision on which stance to take. The audience will know and be able to take into account the ways that both groups use appeals to manipulate the audience to take their stance. One of the founding debates over censorship in music was the Parent Music Resource Center (PMRC) Congressional hearings on September 19, 1985. The PMRC is a Washington women’s group that informs parents about violent or obscene music. The group was founded in 1985 by Tipper Gore, along ...

Canadian Music Artists And Their Impact
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... to your vision". Remember when you labels wasn't feelin' me … Yo people used to say Wes wake up stop dreamin' Your fantasize, f#@! the rappin' it won't happen I paid my dues, brothers seen me sacrifice. 1 In Maestro's lyrics he often refers to the struggles he had to go through as a black Canadian rap artist. He certainly did pay his dues and it showed in his debut album, which made history as the best-selling Canadian rap record. Maestro is proud to be Canadian. He shows this in one of his releases. The record was called "Naah Dis Kid Can't Be From Canada?!!!" Nothing seemed to discourage, Maestro, not even the fact that Canadian radi ...

New Orleans Jazz Band: Dag
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... I boarded a United Airlines plane bound, non- stop, for the "Home of Jazz." My goal in New Orleans was to try and have a comparable experience to that of one of the popular Jazz artists would have had upon his/her first visit to New Orleans in the early 1900s. Bourbon Street, the French Quarter, Jimmy Buffet's Maragaritaville, The Flamingo, the Garden District, and Moolate's all helped me to get into the proper frame of mind of experiencing true Jazz. The focus of this report will be on my life changing experience at a little place known as The House of Blues. This amazing combination of bar and stage created one of the most conducive atmospheres to music ...

Rap And Rock ‘n’ Roll
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... . Rock ‘n’ roll never reached us through black artist, even though they were the ones who created the music. Racism was a big issue at that time, especially with black and white. They were like worst enemies with each other. Rock ‘n’ roll was very popular among many people but not many of them knew that black artists created it. In the past, whites never accepted music from black artists. Through whites was the only way to introduce new music made by the black artists. Here is a quote about how new music created by black artists were treated. When rock ‘n’ roll was sang by black artists, our society did accept it as music. They saw it as devil’s music. When Elvis, ...

Classical Genres
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... three composers that are best known for their symphonies. These are still popular today being performed in rock music, for example, Aerosmith's latest hit includes an orchestra that is playing a type of symphony. The string quartets, on the other hand, are quite different. These are instrumental pieces of music for small audiences with one player per part. Included in the string quartet there are the first and second violins, a viola, and a cello. A quartet does not have a conductor like the symphony does, but they didn't need one because they weren't intended to be played for many people. Mozart and Haydn were known for having "jam sessions" in Mozart's apar ...

The Blues
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... and other variations. Which form is the earlier, more basic one remains unknown but the Fast and Slow Blues are probable because of their African origins. To add to the musical form used to create , musicians innovated three main practices that all have origins in West African musical traditions. Cross-rhythms are multitudinously used in and are the foundation of West African drumming. The most common way of creating this beat was by separating the melodic line from the groundbeat, putting the two in rhythmic conflict. To do so, the musician would sing or play in a manner that emphasized the off beat. The second main innovation was the way musicians expressed ris ...

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