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Essays on Music

How To Listen To Music, Not Just Hear It
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... effect). A good room to listen in, is a typical family room with sheet rock walls and four ninety degree corners. The second consideration is placement of speakers. The corners of a room are the perfect spot for your speakers. You shouldn't position them flush against the wall, but put the back of the speaker into the corner, so each side of the speaker is against each wall. For this reason, the bass is extended (louder), and the tweeters, mid-range, and woofers give you their undivided attention. Where to sit is simple, but it takes some easy calculations to find the perfect spot. There is a common rule for a person to experience the full e ...

Woodstock 1969
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... a result of the mud produced during the rain. Most of the gates and fences were not put up which allowed many people to enter the festival for free. The mud also created a major cleanup project after the festival ended. Woodstock gathered an unexpectedly large attendance. Only 50,000 to 100,000 people were expected to arrive at the site. These numbers seemed small compared to the 400,000 to 500,000 people who converged on the area on August 15, 16, and 17 of 1969. Many expected singers and bands could not arrive due to traffic backed up for miles along all the roads leading to the area. It was said that nearly one million people could have attended the concer ...

Eddie Vedder Is A Vampire
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... or he is leading a fictional double life, from which he draws inspiration for his lyrics. What exactly is a vampire? Numerous myths, folk tales, and works of fiction exist on the matter of what makes up a vampire, but if they do exist, vampires have been incredibly careful to conceal their presence from most people (supposedly following a law known as the Masquerade), and very little is known about them definitively. However, some basic facts are common to most sources. These are: vampires drink blood, vampires live forever if not killed, and vampires undergo grievous bodily harm if exposed to sunlight; this normally kills them. Many other things about vampir ...

The Verve Pipe: The Freshman - Analysis
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... he says We've tried to wash our hands of all of this we never talk of our lacking relationships and how we're guilt stricken sobbing with our heads on the floor we fell through the ice when we tried not to slip, we'd say When you are young you always think, well that would never happen to me . Or even almost have a view that you were indestructible. You could never die, I am too young. We have everything worked out, everything planned. This was kind of the story between this girl and guy. The girl was stubborn and no matter how many people told her she was wrong in here was, she though she knew everything. Nothing bad could ever ...

The Emergence Of Heavy Metal
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... involved politically, but he did disband his original band, "The Experience", because it had a white rhythm section, and created his all black "Band of Gypsies." Politically, this may have seemed necessary, but musically it was a mistake, the Gypsies were never as solid as the Experience. Increasingly, the effects of the music being produced, both by Jimi, and other acts relied heavily on the use of volume as a musical component. Most bands of the 70's would hold true to the mantra and turn their amplifiers to the symbolic ten. Lyrical messages were also changing. The main themes of sixties music were peace and unity, the 70's brought a loud cynicism, songs becam ...

Who Are You?: Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder
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... industry hangers-on have been barred. It's a hand-picked crowd of the faithful who have waited a long time for this moment. Apart from scattered dates on their abortive 1995 tour, Pearl Jam have not sustained a tour in more than two years. The scene is set, then, for a legendary show -- the band's triumphant return. You'd never guess it from Vedder's scowl. "Have you heard the new album?" he asks in his husky baritone. The applause is scattered. "Well," Vedder mumbles, "you're about to hear it again." With that, Pearl Jam edge into "Sometimes," the fragile ballad that opens No Code. "Seek my part," Vedder sings, pushing out the lyrics in a pained rasp. "Devote m ...

Origin Of Musical Instruments
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... instruments emphasizes the fact that the musical art was at a high level in those ancient days. cylinder-seal of a queen of the land of Abraham's birth, who reigned about a thousand years before his time, reveals the fact that timbrels were being used at banquets and at religious gatherings. Jacob's father-in-law Laban, lived in Babylonian territory, and when Jacob left him in haste, he said to him: "Wherefore didst thou flee away secretly . . . that I might have sent thee away with mirth, and with songs, with tabret, and with harp? (Gen. 31:27). This suggests the possibility that some of these musical instruments as used in Babylonia found their way into the life ...

Censorship...Who Gives A F**k!!!
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... When I was old enough to go out with my friends I became confused when my parents said I could see an "PG-13" rated movie but the theater wouldn't let me in. When I argued that "my parents said I could go see it!!", the theater management always said things like I need to be 13 or must be accompanied by a parent and so on. I then proposed this question, my parents said I could see it, now why can't I see it? The answer to that question is the government doesn't think I am old enough. My mom said live with it, there is nothing you can do. I think that made me more inquisitive. That was just the beginning, I was too young to go on certain rides and too you ...

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... music. They played alternative music. Their first album was Bleach. It was releases on June 1989. It was a big hit. From the success of the album the went on tour in England. Then the released another album called Nevermind. It was released in 1991. The album just went platinum. For the album they went on tour to Europe. Nevermind album hits the number 1 charts for the second time. Then one day Kurt Cobain meets a girl in another band called Hole. Her name is Courtney Love. The ended up getting married in Hawaii in February 24, 1992. Then in August 18, 1992 they have a kid and name it Frances Bean Cobain. There next album Incesticide is rele ...

Air Pollution
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... and liquid aerosols suspended in the atmosphere. These arise from the burning of coal and from industrial processes. It hastens the erosion of building materials and the corrosion of metals, interferes with the human respiratory system, and brings toxic materials into the body. The small particles cause chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, emphysema and lung cancer. The second type is sulfur oxides, which come from the burning of coal and industrial processes. Damage to materials, to vegetation, and to the human respiratory system are caused by the acid nature of oxides. The third type of pollutant is carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, ...

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