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Essays on Religion

The Effect Of The Russian Orthodox Religion On The Cult
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... and brought meaning to the cycle of seasons and sowing in the subsistence society. Russians possessed a deep religious faith and from it they derived a sense of purpose in the universe and the promise of salvation. The church nourished and preserved the culture of Russia during centuries of internal strife and foreign intervention. Orthodox people feel a strong sense of community and brotherhood towards one another through a shared bond of faith. As a result of this emphasis on community, the rights of the group tend to take precedence over the rights of the individual in Russian culture. The Orthodox and Catholic faiths had an adversarial relationship fo ...

Mark's Theology Reflected In Writing
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... and the Eye of a Needle). It is doubtful that these things happened at the same time; however, they are GREY in The Five Gospels anyway ... and probably didn't happen as Mark describes. This brings us to Mark's writing style. Mark seems to tack-on sentences to Jesus' teachings to make themmore "Christian." This really changes the meaning more than any other tactic! Who knows what Mark may have edited-out to accomplish what he wanted to impress upon his readers? In this, he tries to interpret the meaning of Jesus' actions ... and does this in a misleadingway! For example: Mark 2:19, Jesus regarding Fasting. Jesus makes a strong statement ag ...

What Is Satanism?
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... says that "Satanism is a blatantly selfish brutal religion- It is based on the belief that man is inherently a selfish, violent creature… that the earth will be ruled by those who fight and win." Satanism challenges the biblical teachings regarding mans relationship to others. Young Satanist's believe that the strong will rule with Satan. Power has become an obsession with young Satanists. It is sought after on the physical, mental, and spiritual levels. Gaining knowledge that others do not posses is another aspect of the occult. When an individual has more knowledge it allows them a degree of power over those who do not have access to that knowledge. The Ouija Boa ...

Hinduism And Buddhism
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... In western views, it is similar to a soul without carrying any personal characteristics. (B) Everyone’s Atman is what makes up the ultimate Brahman. So, in a sense, by learning more about the Brahman, Hindus are in turn learning more about themselves and the unity around them. Because the Atman keeps no record of personality of other traits, the reincarnation cycle continues through a person’s karma- which is the actions or deeds that one committed during their past life. By building good karma, one can draw closer to ending the cycle and release his Atman. Buddhism also believes in this Hindu concept but has several differences as well. Buddhists believe ...

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... Of course this power can only be given by God, and Sufi's in no way equal to God's power. In fact, Sufi's that claim to be at the same level of God cannot be classified as a Muslim. (Frager 11) Sufi's stress love, because they believe that love will help you in the Day of Judgement. That the people who you truly love, will give you their good deeds, so that you may enter Paradise. Normally these people who give their good deeds away are known as dervishes (this is quite different from the belief in Islam). Sufi's also stress the remembrance of God, which is called Zikr. They try to get close to God, to be one with God. They define God as something that is ...

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... on. This paper will explore some of the different views of baptism, and discuss and Biblical backing they may have. BAPTISM: A DEFINITION Translation or Transliteration Our English word “baptism”, comes from the Greek work baptizo, meaning to dip or immerse. However in our English translations of the Bible, this Greek word is transliterated (the Greek letters are replaced with English equivalents) instead of translated. Vine’s Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words defines “baptisma” (translated “baptism”) as “consisting of the process on immersion, submersion, and emergence.” Is water needed to be immersed? Baptism does not always mean “dunking i ...

God’s Expectations
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... Canaan. When Saul did not kill all of the Amalekites, God made David ruler instead of Saul, and Saul also died in battle. God told Adam and Eve not to pick the forbidden fruit, but Eve did and the punishment was the Original Sin. The Original Sin was when the serpent, woman, and man were given different punishments, because of the woman. The serpent would have to crawl on his belly, be enemies with mankind, and always have to fight with humans. The woman would have to bear children in pain, and man will dominate women. The man would have to work for a living and be no longer immortal. There were also people who did live up to ; they were usually rewarded and ...

Episcopalianism / Anglicanism
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... of the King of Paris. She was a Christian and was granted permission to bring a Bishop, her chaplain, to Kent. They encouraged the King to allow Christian missionaries to come to Kent (Wakeman, 2-9). In the year 585, Gregory, a missionary, saw some white skinned, blue-eyed, blonde haired slaves for sale in Italy. He then sought permission to leave Rome and devote himself to missionary work among the heathen English. He was not allowed to leave until years later when he became pope. He then chose his friend, Augustine, a monk, to be the one to go to England. Augustine and his group met the King of Kent and were allowed to make converts. Eventually, the King ...

Religion In Public Schools
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... in god why should their child be forced to pray? On many different occasions questions similar to this one were brought up and complained about. That is what started it all real big. When complaining, arguing and fighting all started over the silent moment. In 1978 a few lawyers got together and considered a constitutional law. The original law said that public school teachers in gr ades 1-6 "shall announce that a period of silence, not to exceed one minute, shall be observed for meditation." This law did not work for long, because it still allowed oral prayer in public high schools. Later in 1981, the Alabama State Senator Donald G. Holmes successfully passed a ...

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... (4) The path to the destruction of suffering is the Noble Eightfold Path. The Eightfold Path consists of (1) Knowledge of the truth, (2) the intention to resist evil, (3) not saying anything that will hurt someone else, (4) respecting life, (5) having a job that doesn't injure anyone, (6) striving free one's mind of evil, (7) controlling one's feelings, and (8) concentrating properly. Buddha preached that the life was a continuing cycle of death and rebirth. The well-being of oneself was determined on your behavior in your previous life. Buddha said that by ridding oneself of worldly things he would be in nirvana, peace and happiness. After Buddha's death, his follo ...

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