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Essays on Technology

Where Did UNIX Come From And Why Are There Different Versions Of UNIX?
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... multi-tasking small operating system and they chose the name UNIX. Their initial goal was simply to operate their DEC PDP machines more effectively. In 1971, UNIX became multi-user and multi-tasking, but it was still just being developed by a small group of programmers who were trying to take advantage of the machines they had at hand. (In other words, this operating system that they were developing did not run on any machine made by Bell!) In 1973, Dennis Ritchie rewrote the UNIX operating system in C (a language he had developed.) And in 1975, the portability of the C programming language was used to "port" UNIX to a wide variety of hardware platforms. For ...

Internet Pornography: Freedom Of Press Or Dangerous Influence?
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... Internet all together. All arguments for an uncensored Internet all cite the basic rights of free speech and press. While arguments in this paper are international, almost everyone of them cites the First Amendment of the United States. In many of the papers it is implied that the United States sets precedent for the rest of the world as far as laws governing the global world of the Internet. Paul F. Burton, an Information Science professor and researcher, gives many statistics showing that presence of pornography on the Internet is not necessarily a bad thing. He gives one example that shows that "47% of the 11,000" most popular searches on the Internet are ...

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... article is the question of whether the Web should be used for information purposes, or for a new marketplace in this expanding goldmine of information. The potential for businesses is enormous. Fifteen million people is a very large consumer marketplace. Consumers are not the only ones "surfing" around for info. Businesses also focus on other companies to sell their products. General Electric sold machine and appliance parts using a new business to business technology called "extranet". GE used its successful "extranet" to roll in 1996 online sales of one billion dollars. Another very successful type of business on the net is the coming of services backed by resear ...

Modernization Of Air Warfare
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... planes to accomplish this. With all the planes we know of, there are also top secret programs probably going on right now. A new fighter that has never been heard of before has been spotted. As John Welch, the assistant secretary of Air Force said, "Stealth gives us back that fundamental element of war called surprise" (Goodall 9). After it was found that aircraft could be very useful in war, it was used for large scale reconnaissance. Then people started to add bombs to aircraft and then airplanes started to become an essence of war. After World War 2, new bombers were developed with fast speed, and could travel far distances. They could also carry nuclear bom ...

The Electronic Computer
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... a powerful, general-purpose mind tool, , has become widely available. In almost any shopping mall we can now buy a machine that will not only do our arithmetic. In addition, this machine helps us think, write, draw, play music, learn, keep records and retrieve information. It is that we are using every day. The idea of an automatic computing machine can be traced back to the mid-nineteenth century. But it was only in the 1904s, when electronics was applied to the task of automatic computing, that fast, reliable computers became possible. Early computers were used mainly for scientific and technical calculations. In the 1950s, businesses, universities and gove ...

Dna Identification System
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... If you were rushed to hospital from a car accident and you are unconscious the doctor will know if you were allergic to the anaesthetic or if you were a private patient or not. This would also help in the crime department, as it would store the whole of the Australian population of individuals over the age of 18. This would have all the information about each individual these would include their DNA, and other vital statistics. At the scene of the crime there is usually fingerprints or some kind of DNA trail left behind. The police would use this DNA to log into the database to track down the criminal. It would also tell the location of where that criminal is to ma ...

Beam Me Up Scotty: Teleportation
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... able to teleport over to a friend's house for dinner simply by stepping into a scanner that would record all the information about the atoms making you up, With all the data collected, the machine would then vaporize your body and relay the information to your friend's teleporter, which would rebuild you using basic molecular elements. Some people don't try to think of a scientific answer to it, they just know that they can move something from point A to point B. There are many kinds of teleportation, one kind is transferring a picture of an image to a piece of film in a special camera called a tele-camera, the teleporter sticks the lens of the camera to h ...

The Growth Of The Internet
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... be rerouted automatically to other links. This was the birth of the Internet. In order to use anything on the Internet, it is required that you learn to operate a separate program, one for the mail, one for news groups, and several different programs for accessing databases. This all changed in 1989. A researcher at CERN (a big European physics laboratory) named Tim Berners-Lee started to work on hypertext. By using hypertext he could link together all the different kinds of information available on the Internet. Berners-Lee called the software pack the World Wide Web. For the World Wide Web to work, each page has itís own address that the web recognizes using ...

Does Microsoft Have Too Much Power?
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... influence and power but is that enough to practically own the computerized world as we know it? Usually, when we mention Microsoft in any form, we must have the registered trademark symbol right the word. The name is a well-known word in virtually everyone's life. Although it is the super-empire it is today, Microsoft was once a small software business ran by a young Bill Gates in a tiny office. Consisting of a few young adults, they were not progressing as much as they would like too. Their competitor, Digital Research, created the first operating system, known as the CP/M-86 system. Though, not glamorized, CP/M did exist. Their competitors had it a little wo ...

Computers As Medical Treatment Devices
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... what we "see" to the brain (called the optic nerve). Generally, the main difficulties with sight are from either a misshapen cornea, which fails to focus light properly unto the receiving plate, the retina. Early treatments included the wearing of lenses, which corrected sight abnormalities, or even physical surgery with the scalpel which could release the tension on the cornea and allow it to form into it's proper shape. Now, with the help of modern science and computers, it's possible to use lasers in surgical procedures to reshape the lens. The procedure consists of creating a "flap" on the outermost layer of the cornea, and folding it back, all ...

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